January 29, 2006

Pastor Gideon said that the last "first day of Lunar New Year" on Sunday is 20 years ago.Well,can anybody go check it out?If it's real,I'll be celebrating another New Year day 1 when I'm 43 years old.

Come to think of it,I'm pretty old.

As normal,we had a church service on Sunday and almost everybody is wearing their new clothes to church.Me?I'm wearing a shirt 3 years ago.

This year's red packets intake is the same as last year.I got alot of relatives and cousins who are married but I can't get red packet money that can exceed $200.So this proves that more relative doesn't mean more red packet money.Instead less relative is better.

The reason?Simply because more relatives means more children and more children means need more red packets and more red packets means rationalise your use of money.So every red peckets is most worth $4 unless one of your relative owns a big company with monthly salary of $25k per month.

But I don't mind.What matters most is the relatives gathering where we get to enjoy one another's presence and look at all my cousin's sons and daughters....Man!I'm old and I need a girlfriend!

It's good to have a babies around,because when you have a babies,all the attention will be focused of him/her and no one will bother to ask you questions like "when you get a girlfriend" or "when you get married" sort of stuff.That's what my brother said,who is yet to find a girlfriend and he's 33 years old!Can you believe it?

Tomorrow will be another red packet hunt day 2 pastor's vistation.Will be bringing my camera to take pictures.Just make sure my hands are not shaking.

January 28, 2006

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year,so first thing first,wishing every of you a happy Lunar New Year.Wish everyone of us strong and healthy,hardworking and red packet full of money(that's something most important).

Today as usual I had a reunion dinner with my family.This year is much more happening than last year because my brother's wife gave birth to a new baby last year.Actually they hope for a baby girl,but it turns out to be a baby boy.

Shhh.......The baby is sleeping.

My brother and his baby
That's my brother with his baby.

Look at his smile.Isn't he adorable?My mother said that his hairstyle looks funny.

Tomorrow still have to go for Church service.Just hope that it won't take too long,because I need to visit my relatives.

January 26, 2006

Another 3 more days to Chinese New Year and our family had yet to finish buying all our new year goodies.I had to help my mother to buy bak-kua,which was a must have every Chinese New Year.

The nearest place to buy bak-kua is Jurong Point for me,where there is Bee Cheng Hiang shop.I can just forget about buying Lim Chee Guan bak-gua.I hardly had a chance to eat their food.

The queue was rather long when I get there.This shows that everybody is doing their last minute shopping of bak-gua and new year goodies.Not only that,I saw even more people queuing up for toto.Who on earth don't want to strike a few million dollar richer?

oh gosh...
As you can see,the queue is long.It took me 30-45 minutes to get my 1kg worth of bak-kua.

red bag
The red bag of bak-kua.We bought 2 bags:1 for our consumption and 1 for the relative.

January 24, 2006

My second time coming to the same primary school for another relief teaching.I had been called to take care of one of the class which I took last time.

As usual,they made a hell lot of noise even when I taught them Chinese New Year song.If I am not a teacher,and not a Christian,I would have pushed that mischievious boy down and hit him until he had a hard time finding all his missing teeth.That is how pissed off I am to that little boy.

I even take care of other Primary 3 class,which is much better class than the previous one,except that there are more problematic students there.With offensive children,to anti-social,to children who tell lies,you name it.

I tell you,children there are out to tell lies to try convince the teacher,like childish act of "he hit me,but I didn't do anything","teacher you see they all run around but I didn't run","I pass teacher something(which I never received anything)",any bloody lies that try to trick teachers to believe in him/her.

So if I'm thinking of teaching,I have to think again.Let's start from bad things first:

1.You'll lose 87398735 ml of blood you've puked out
2.Marking all their work books
3.Dealing with parents who are over-protective over their child
4.The theory of teacher < student < principal < parents and the parents are always right

However there are some good things in fact:

1.Students appreciating you/respecting you
2.The sense of achievement
3.High pay(?!)
4.Maybe some previledge you can possibly get

So after teaching 2 days of relief teaching,I somehow think twice before signing the contract of NIE.Maybe I should take SIM and just get a better job that can make my life better.

January 22, 2006

Browsing Mr brown's website,I happened to find a spoof video of Memoirs of a Geisha.Well you can take a look at the video,but make sure you're not eating anything.

January 21, 2006

One fine day in Singapore HDB flat:

Wife:Darling,I want a car.

Husband:(act blur)Huh?

Wife:I said,I want a car.

Husband:But,darling,I don't have the money right now.We still haven't finish paying installment for our house you know.

Wife:UMMMMMM(try to be manja)I want a car.I see people have car but we don't have I feel very jealous.I don't care.

Husband:But I...

Wife:I don't care.If you don't buy for me I divorce you.

Husband:(Fed up)Ok ok.I'll buy for you.

Wife:Yeah!Darling you're the best.

A few days later:

you want a car?

And you know the ending.

Conclusion for this story/conversation:A wife should be understanding.If your husband is poor,don't bother asking.

Husband and wife should still love,be it poor or rich,and go through troubles together.

January 19, 2006

I went for my interview today.The whole thing doesn't turn out right.

I am so D.E.A.D today.I came slightly late for the interview because of the photocopy of my transcripts and Diploma certificates.That will be a 1 point deduction for punctuality.

Second thing is that I seems to lost touch of the interview.Am I missing something important during the interview?I'm going well with the conversation with them,but I think it's not quite well done.Okay,Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Anyway,that's the end of job interview.You may wonder how come I'm still hunting for jobs when I can still teach?Answer:By the time they called me again,I don't know if I will still have money in my account.

William always pester me to go work in Life Bookshop,as if they desperately need people to take care of the shop.But sorry William,stop asking me to go there again.If I want to work there,I will work.So quit asking.

Everybody have weakness(es),including me.

Well,my weakness is that I'm poor in expressing my personal view to others.Sometime I don't have a mind of my own either.

For example,yesterday I had an interview of job in Raffles Place.When the interviewer asked me some questions,I find myself unable to express myself interested in this job.I was like bombarded by alot of questions and not able to question him anything.

For interview,you had to make it a 2 way conversation instead of 1.Which means,you cannot just wait for the interviewer to ask you questions and you simply answer him.You have to make it like you're having a normal conversation with him,or else you'll be having a hard time finding job.

Another example will be buying clothes.I always have a hard time finding a right clothes for myself and had to let my friend to choose for me.

This is not a good way of finding a right clothes for myself.If you let your friend choose it for you and yet you don't like it yourself,what's the point of buying this clothes?

What important most is that the clothes you're going to buy is comfortable for you and you really like it yourself.

Frankly speaking,I quite like the design they choose for me.But I'm not going to buy it basically it's overbudget.

Okay,next time I must choose some for myself and try it out.

Weakness will forever be a weakness if you don't overcome them.Not just a simple remedy,because it won't works.Remedy is just something temporary,but overcoming will be something permanent.

Don't let your weakness becomes your greatest nightmare/nemesis/mildstone.That will be my super late New Year Resolution for 2006.

January 17, 2006

Today I went Jurong Point to take a walk.There was this acrobatic performance there.I managed to take some photos of it with my....well,a camera phone.

one on swing
That is a girl on the swing balancing a pyramid of oranges.I was so afraid that she will fall,because there was no net below.

now 2 on swing
The performance involved not just 1 person,but 2 person instead.Look at how they balance themselves.

And that's a wonderful performance by the 2 girls.Give them a big round of applause!

January 16, 2006


Aye aye aye you're my little butterfly

A picture I got when typing "blue butterfly" in the montage-a-goggle launcher.

If you want to,you can go Montage-a-goggle to generate your own kind of image you want.

January 15, 2006

Oh sure I will!And I will just cuddle you in my sleep.You are just so adorable!

Okay,I'm crazy right now.I want to adopt a Welsh Corgi but my house is just to small and hot for him/her.

January 13, 2006

Sun is out,so is my relief teaching.

I was awaken by a sudden call at around 6.30pm telling me to come down to school to take over a teacher who was sick today.Eventually I agreed with him and was so excited into going inside the school and feel what is it like there.

The classes I taught was totally chaotic.They were running around playing with one another,screaming and shouting.

One Primary One kid called me uncle.TIAN AH!!!What have I done to deserve this?!

One more time you call me uncle I will choke slam you on the table.

Another class I taught was almost the same as the Primary One kids.2 of them were playing wrestling all over the place.They still got weapon somemore(broom and the leading stick in that case).

Looking at the 2 kids,What I wanted to do is give them both Batista Bomb.NO!What I NEED to do is to break them and tell them to stop fighting.However they didn't listen.In the end they were referred to the vice-principal.

There was also a group of kids who were so fasinated by the garden snail they have caught.At one time one boy told me that the snail is going to come out and I tried to take the snail and prevent it from coming out.They were screaming when I lifted up the snail.

They were like:Teacher not scared meh?Yah,ever since I came out of army,taking a garden snail is simply no kick for me.

Another group of kids are those the quiet ones who listens to the teacher.They take out their books and read when I told them to.And hey,why are you reading "Lao Fu Zi"?I thought story book?Well nevermind,reading is good.

What a first day of relief teaching.You really need alot of patients to teach those bunch of "devil" to become an "angel".But I thank God I didn't lose completely my temper and also thank God it's not raining heavily today!Must be because of my 1st day of teaching,God blessed me with a good weather.

January 12, 2006

Call Me

Finally,I get to call up some of the schools that I'm going to teach.

Of all schools,1 of them had some voice function which I don't like.

Voice:Welcome to XYZ company.For English,Press 1.华语,请按2.

You press 1.

Voice:For customer service,press 1.For Information about our company,press 2.For Enquiry,press 3.

You press 1 again.

Voice:For male voice press 1.For Female,press 2.

You press 2.

For computer....

You decided to hang the phone.

I cannot stand voice function.The more voice function there are,the most money I need to pay for my handphone bill.

Worst still,I even encounter voice function that goes like this:

Voice:Thank you for call the PQR company.For English,say English.华语,请说华语.

You said the word English but somehow it was too soft.

Voice:I'm sorry this is not a valid choice.Please say again.

You said it loud and clear.

Voice:For customer service,say 1.For infomat...

You quickly say 1 before the voice complete the sentence.

Voice:For life saver's plan,say life saver's plan.For retiree plan,say...

You know what,I quit.

Anyway,I called some schools for relief teaching.Now I'm waiting for affirmations from them.

January 11, 2006

Today I went City Hall to meet a friend whom I haven't meet for a very long time.Actually not really,as the last time we met each other was 9 months ago.But at that time I was there to play games while he's the one in charge.

On my way there,I encountered something quite annoying.

I board the bus to Jurong East and just when it was making a left time at the traffic junction to the interchange,a car in front stopped suddenly near the traffic,making the bus unable to make complete turn.The bus driver honked at the car.Then a woman alight the car,giving a "what the hell is the bus honking?Alight here offend you is it?".

Hey,this is very inconsiderate you know?You can stop anywhere but if you stop near the traffic junction,you may cause traffic jam,or even a near accident,because you didn't make signal that you're stopping.

Okay,back to meeting my friend in City Hall.

We had a chit chatting session in Starbuck,but actually he did most of his talking with his Prudential stuff.Yah,he's doing "sales" for Prudential.

Actually getting a plan on Prudential life saving is not a bad idea,since I heard from him that in order for a person to enjoy life in their old age(around 55 years old),we must have like 200++K.

What the heck?!200K?!Are you mad?!At this time our children should be able to support us.

He said how long can we really depend on our children next time?We might as well plan further ahead,so that in the times to come,we'll be able to enjoy life.

However,in order for me to go for the saving plan,I need to have a stable job to put some money every month.So,I told him if I got a stable job,I'll call him.

He's also a "Lobang King".If got anything I want(excluding Apple and Creative),I can get contacts from him.

On my way back taking bus 99,I was disturbed by a school kid who was singing opera even when I get down the bus.Maybe he/she was practicing for choir.

But hey,isn't the bus air-con and weather not cold enough?You still want to make us colder by your opera-ic singing?

January 10, 2006

Just finished from the spring cleaning.There's too many for me to clear up actually.I managed to finished 3/4 of my work today.

While clearing up all the useless stuff I had,I found things like Certificates that I got during my army days.All those Artillery,Combat Engineering and Military Riding.There's even stuff which I still keep it 6 years ago like my art and craft equipment and some exercise books.From here you can guess my age that I'm 20 years old.

Some of the artillery notes I kept.

Ride ride
My class 2B riding certificate.

That's my BRCC certificate.I know it's blurred.I got a shaky hand.

To Richard,if he's reading my blog and I bet he won't,I did have a certicate for artillery course.

I will try to finish my second half of spring cleaing by saturday.

Hari Raya Haji today.By right holiday should be a time where handphone will rings like mad,with your friends telling you to go out for shopping,cycling or 1 day in _____(fill in any nearby place).

But if I look at the current situation right now,with rain all over the island,we're too lazy to shop,too rainy to cycle and too demoralised to go for a 1 day trip.

So what can I do during this free time at home?Spring cleaning.

Yes.Chinese New Year is coming and my mother had been nagging at me non stop to clear up whatever unnecessary stuff in my drawer.By the way,I occupied 5-6 drawers of stuff.

Things to get rid of will be some stuff from the secondary school day and some useless stuff from my polytechnic school days.

Will be doing this for the afternoon.For people who want to ask me out,please do so in the evening.I will be free.

January 09, 2006

Today I went to Yiseng's house to take a look.Before that Yiseng and the rest were like having some feast in somewhere else(think is Maxwell market right?),while I'm still in church going for choir practice.Damn!

James don't sleep!
Yiseng's house is quite big for a HDB flat.James is sleeping on the sofa!

Yum yum
We had some Kuehs for desserts,and a banana ice-cream and teh-tarik ice-cream from Island Creamery.Banana ice-cream is rather common for me,but a teh tarik ice-cream?!Does it sounds wierd?

When I 1st heard heard teh-tarik ice-cream I was so eager to try out the taste,because the ice-cream favor sounds new to me.After tasting it,the result is: taste really like teh-tarik,and it's not so sweet.

However no one dares to try,not because it sounds wierd,but because of some articles which is quite long ago that mention about drinking teh-tarik causes cancer.Well,for me,if you don't over-consume,it would be okay.

Yiseng and Richard didn't know the figure in red just walked by.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
One of the thing I like about Yiseng's house:The crystal lightings.It's so sparkling.

Rain rain go away...
What a view from the top floor.

Another 3 more weeks to Chinese New Year,I have yet to buy a long sleeve shirt.The one I want to try doesn't have medium.

January 08, 2006

It has been raining non-stop recently.Good in the sense it's a good weather to sleep.Bad in the sense I cannot go jogging or swimming in this kind of weather.So,best thing is to rain or shine at the right time.

It's raining man!
A heavy shower came just when I want to go to church.Even my umbrella cannot support the windy rainy season.

Guess where's my thumb?
They were playing thumb wrestling when I came to church.They were now in a fatal fourway match.

Then we had dinner together.I had the chicken fan-tastic burger which taste as nice as the beef one.However according to the nutrition fact,the chicken one is one of the most fattening meal which is on par with McWings.The beef one is the healthiest choice I've seen so far,second will be the chicken foldover.

5 stars for the taste but 2 star for the originity,since Mos Burger did this rice burger first.

After dinner I went to the gig:Emergence at Phunk Bar which is at Mohd Sultan with Kelvin.

Rock the music!
The music was loud but the people are good.Maybe they should consider going for Project Superband.

Rock me!
Up close but not personal.

I rock you!

Rock my day!

Check out their paddle!

BB dry
I had bourbon dry which is not to my liking.

Pink or purple?
A pinkish purple wrist strap.I like that colour

Next week,I plan to go Chinatown.

People's park




Night life of Chinatown

I hope to go there and take even more photos.

January 07, 2006

Woke up very late today.It's like somebody shot me with a tranquilizer or spiked my drink with a sleeping pill.

It was 12.30pm when I woke up!I slept at 2am and supposingly I should be able to wake up at 10am.Nowadays I can really sleep alot.

Speaking of time killing,I cannot always sit in front of the computer playing games and surfing website all day.So that is why I got another time killer,that is:


What is a kakuro?Basically it's the same concept as Sudoku where 1 rows or column cannot have repeated numbers.The difference is instead of dealing with 9x9 squares,they deal with lots of strange combinations of arrangement,like this:

Looks easy right?Anyway this is easy level,but I took nearly 1 hour to solve it.

To complete the puzzle,you have to sum up the number that is provided in the dark triangle,be it in rows or in columns.You cannot have repeated numbers to add up the total sums.

The good thing of kakuro is that there is alot of unique combination.For example 3 squares total up a sum of 6 will be sharing only 1 combination of 1+2+3 and 3 squares total up a sum of 24 can only be 7+8+9.Yah,that really deals with alot of maths culculations and some simple probability.

I hope to finish up the whole easy level by the end of this month,so that I can try out the moderate level.

January 06, 2006

I found a job which is still pending:A data entry job around Boon Lay.However,it would be a 9 months job contract.Which means I cannot teach for the next 9 months.

What if the school suddenly calls me?What should I do?Should I reject the job?Or should I forget about being a relief teacher?

Maybe I should ask them if I can quit halfway,so that I can straightaway apply for NIE.But I heard from my brother that getting into NIE is not easy.You need to be lucky in order to be shortlisted.

Now I cannot decide for myself.

Square One

The job is just not my cup of tea.I just cannot do sales during the roadshow.

Most of the approaching is done by my supervisor,boss and my friend whom I just knew during the training.Seems like I'm not a good talker.I just need to express myself more.

Anyway,both of us quit at the same time.

Looks like I back to where I am:Job searching.

Once again,stay tune for another episode of Job searching:day 4.

January 05, 2006

Job search day 2:The job search was better.At least when I called them,they respond.

However,one of them had a bad attitude when I asked them about the job and location that I reject going to their place for interview.Second one is in Kebangan,which is so far away from my Jurong.If you say any job will do,well you try going Seng Kang from Jurong to work.I'll see how many days you can last.

The third one is okay.He told me to come to Shaw Tower for interview,then call him when I reached there.

We meet outside the Starbuck Coffee.After the long wait,a guy dressed formally came.

"Hello,I'm XXX(for privacy purpose),pleased to meet you,"he said with a firm handshake to me.

WAH LAO EH.Macham like going for a blind date where you don't know a person whom you need to wait,except that the blind date is not a girl.

I find myself too big shot already,having to let him come personally to meet him.

After the talk,he told me to go for second interview,where I need to dress formally.Okay,now the competition begins.I believe there's people like me who is also wanting for the job,but who will take it?Nah,we not playing a reality show "Apparentice".

And this is it.End of day 2.

Went to Fish and Co with Kelvin and William to have our farewell dinner with Yan Liang.He's going to be a commando tomorrow!I wanted to send him off tomorrow,so that I can see how the camp looked like.But I don't know whether if I free if I got the job.

Anyway,we do have a wonderful time fellowshipping with one another and watch a live performance.

William with Kelvin's camera.

me so hungry
My fish and chip,with a combo of kola tonic.

2 guitarist
The live performance.They're not bad as a "dedicate a song and I'll sing for you" performace.

Just as I want to call it a day,a phone rang.A voice of a girl told me to go for a training for the job in day 1.Woohoo!Now I'm drawing near to getting a job!

January 03, 2006

Today I bought myself a Straits Time and right now I'm serious in finding myself a job instead of just scanning through the newspaper and refuse to find a job.

I need a letter from the MOE in order for me to teach in school.Why isn't the letter here?Or is it waiting for me to call them?Or maybe the school doesn't need a relief teacher right now because they're now relief that there are enough teacher to teach the students.

Browsing the classified section,I looked for the part-time job and others section to see if there's a job for me.Try to find those that UNWELCOME students,because they are the one that steal the adult's job.

Most of the number that I called is either not responding or the phone is on the line.One of them goes straight to some kind of recorded voive telling you about the job which I think is those cheat your money kind.

I found a job that is distributing flyers and roadshow.Looking at the 2 jobs,I choose the former one,since it's the easiest.When I went there for interview,I saw mostly the Malays who are look for the job.They are also like me looking for the flyers distribution.

I decided to leave the job that I'm looking for as blank.

Inside the office,I was interviewed by a guy whom I think is the boss of this company.When he told me what kind of job I'm looking for,I told him flyers distributor,then I added the roadshow job.

Actually he don't really need the flyers distributor that much.However,he's urgently need a person that can do the roadshow.So after a long talk,he told me he'll call me if he needs me.I also need to consider about the roadshow job.

If you look at the negative side,once they said that they will call you,90% of the time they don't.

So that marks the end of 1st day job hunt.

While waiting for the call,I might as well look for more jobs.Well stay tune for job hunt day 2!

When one asked for oppinions from people,the worse answer he/she will give is:"I anything,you decide for yourself loh."

This shows that he/she have no choice on their own,and I had to use up all my brain juice to dig out all the ideas I had.Hey,which means everything I said you also agrees?

Me:Let us settle for dinner.Where shall we go?

Friend:I anything.

Me:Hmm....I don't know where can we eat a good meal.Shall we go Orchard?

Friend:I say I anything liao.

Me:Okay,let us settle in Marche.

Friend:I'm ok one.I anything.

Me:(Pissed)Ok you treat.

Friend:I anythi...I what?!

I really cannot stand anything person.At least please contribute the best that you can,so that I roughly get the idea what place you really want to go.Don't go and anything here anything there,or I'll kill you and throw you to somewhere ANYWHERE YOU LIKE!

January 02, 2006

I am so angry right now.I lost all my photos which I took with my digital camera,including the precious photo with Jiemin.So pissed with my memory card that cause memory card error.

Well,only the photos on the phone survived.But there only a few photos.

Some photos I took on New Year and New Year Eve:

Good words
A sofa in Bugis Junction electronic store.Thanks to the warning,no one dares to sit on it.

So many people
I went out with William,Jiemin and Kelvin to Esplanade.The place is so flooded with people that we are unable to find a place to settle ourselves.

Cannot move!
So many people!I bet Orchard,Marina South and Habour Front is worse.

We decided to give the firework a miss.I can always have a chance to see fireworks every year.

Because we give the firework a miss,we managed to take the MRT without any problem and best,we can get seats anywhere we want.

Logan wearing a Adidog.

Diana and Logan
Diana and Logan.

The picture was taken in East Coast,where I had dinner with Richard and the rest.The place that we went to is where Sylvy works,and we had a wonderful time eating delicious food and talking cock.

Getting an approval to be a relief teacher is not enough.I shall look for a job tomorrow.


A changing blog,another new beginning.

Another new life,new start.

New foundation,new hope.

A year 2006.What will happen?Only time will tell.