March 31, 2008

Thank you everybody for your birthday blessings.3 food feast and I gaining quite a weight in my tummy,which in the years to come,tummy of prosperity.

To church friends:Thank you for the lunch and dinner treats yesterday.It's been a wonderful time together fellowshipping with one another and not to forget the birthday sabotage in Fish and Co.At least I'm sporty.

To Polytechnic friends:Thank you for the enjoyable time together in a restaurant which I insisted to try.Hope you all like the food,minus the service over there.However both my hands are empty after the dinner,if you know what I mean. -_-|||

To others: Thank you for the SMS and comments left in my facebook and friendster.Really appreciated it.

To God: 25 years of blessings,25 years of pain,25 years of joy and 25 years of sorrow.Thank You for the 1/4 century of grace and love.The bumpy ride do teaches me alot of lesson I never knew.

Birthday wish: Maturity and a fit body to attract girls attention!Hahaha...

March 27, 2008

Just something random: When I was taking the bus to Boon Lay early this morning(for book in),there was our National Anthem playing through the TV mobile.I was wondering,will there be any patriotic soldier who would shout at all the passengers to stand up,sing and end the song with a salute?Most probably he'll be ending up in the IMF.

Okay,back to my training.1 more day to go before I end this low key of mine.That will be another 9 more keys to go!Yeah!I finished 10% of my NS life!

To be truthful,this 5 days seems to be an enjoyable week for me.Not only did I get to escape from the job stress I'm in,I also get to see new friends who are the seniors of my last unit.We get to hear some interesting stories we've never heard before,some juicy ones and some funny ones.In comparison,there are some differences in our courses we and our seniors had went before(such as the POW training).

Our seniors are a bunch of interesting people mostly trying to catch up with one another.Most of them are all Polytechnic batches so that is why we're able to communicate well with one another.

Kinda felt guilty when a sergeant in my team volunteered to carry the signal set all the way for the training and half of the route march.I don't know what to say,thanks for giving us good welfare throughout the whole training.

If my previous sergeant from JC batches join in the same reservist unit we're in,what will the situation be like?

Sergeant A: Hey Wei Liang,we'll do as usual.You'll carry the dua zhong signal set while I do the command.

Wei Liang: Eh,can don't want anot?

Sergeant A: Eh,don't like this leh,can carry it anot?

Wei Liang: (Reluctant)Okay lah.

Maybe the scenario would be different from what I imagine,maybe good,maybe bad.

Quite sad that the fact that almost half of my bunkmate had down pes themselves(C9L1,2,3)just to "siam" the reservice.It must be the trauma state that all of us had went through from our sergeant/PC/OC/CSM,with all the scoldings/punishments/dangerous jobs given to us.

In reservice,things are rather different: They treat you like an adult,in fact,everybody as an adult,so no rank playing was involved in the whole training.The only time when rank comes into play was when you're in charge of something.So no more sergeant this sergeant that.But we do call our master sergeant "encik" during training period.

Public relation also comes into play as well.Most of the people won't want to relate with people like engineers.Instead,they'll be more interested in business related people like the investor and bankers and management level officers.So it's good to have your name cards at all times when you went back for reservice.

Glad that we'll able to relate well with the old birds in our midst throughout the 4 days.It's quite sad that the 5 days of low key will come to an end soon.By saying this,I'm not trying to give people an impression that I'm a "so wasted if you didn't sign on" kind of person.

I hope that I'll be able to see them again for the next high key to come.I also hope that they'll be able to send us to Taiwan for training.

March 25, 2008

Here I am back from the low key training for a while.Like I said,the training takes exactly 5 days and I'm still at day 2.

Time passes very slow during the training.I noticed myself back to the old day of waiting for nothing until further instruction,looking at the clock wondering what time the cook house is going to start my lunch,watching the fan spin so on and so fourth.

For my reservice,I'm back to Pasir Lebar camp where I used to train my recce course.Those were the days when we went through shit together,tekan by our sergeants and kenna scold by our cock-ness.This place do brings back my memories.

However,the unit where I train my recce has shut down,mostly probably is because of the new technologies coming in,recce serves as an outdated unit.perhaps we're the last batch of recce that is trained.

It's sad isn't it?

I kinda like training with the old birds that is with us.Very good welfare,talk nice nice.Of course lah,reservice liao no need to play rank sure will talk nicely to you(unless you screwed up some major exercise or point rifle at him,then you deserve it).

Managed to escape the IPPT because I pass the test.But I kinda regret retaking it because the who test is very easy!Imagine people who had problem with 2.4km can clock 11:40 when they can only run 12:30.Damn!

Tentatively,there will be a high key somewhere in September/December.Hope I can see even more familiar faces there and most of all,cleared all the keys in my reservice!

March 24, 2008

Off You Go

Going back for reservice in another 2 hours time.

This is my 1st ICT after my ORD in 2005.I don't know what kind of training will be installed for me this time.Pray that the whole won't be so xiong and everything will be alright.

God,I know I can do it.I leave myself up to You.

Anyway,it's only a 5 days training.Won't be so jialat bah.

March 22, 2008

There are so many thing I would like to blog about.Well,the Good Friday,the food and my leaving to my reservice.

What a busy 3 days I have went this week.With all the early wake ups,rushing this and that,having a black eyes is never too hard.

Okay,I'll start off with the Good Friday Service.

This is the day when I had to wake up early to get the PA system ready for Good Friday.Eventually the service starts at 9am,but we had to get there by 6.45am!Which means,2 hours of preparation.This is crazy.

And the PA got to wear their PA crew shirt to identify ourselves as the PA member.At first I don't really like wearing climacool tee,because of the color combination.But after hearing some compliments from Sandra,Judy and Felicia,I feel proud to own that shirt!I am an easy satisfied person,repeat after me.

The microphones arrangement is rather screwed up.We had to change quite a number of wires and places in order to get the mikes functioning well.

That's the reason why I(we) dread setting up PA for Good Friday and Christmas service.It's very tiring and the screw up rate is higher.

Being a person who likes taking photos,I will try to "chao keng" a bit in order for me to take photos of people doing performance preparation.Let's check out the make-up room.

The drama people getting ready to do make-ups.

Make-up artist doing make-up for Dai Liang.

William got a terrible face allergy mark on his right face.I thought it was a decoration from the artist.

Wah,William so chio!Make-up really makes wonders!

A table of make-up sets: Toner,face powder,you name it.

Wah,Yan Liang so fit!

Tab Voices + API choir doing some vocal warm-up.

The children were busy practicing.

The children were singing with the Tab Voices(which was not shown on the picture).

Now for the drama...

It was a scene where the roman soldiers bring Jesus to the cross and the people shouting "crucified Him!"

Putting Him on the cross...

Catching His breathes...

And died.

In compare to last year,the costumes are getting better and the roman soldiers get to wear shiny armors.Costume team is awesome!

The message is very clear: How Jesus suffered and died,thus came the term His Via Dolorosa,which means "Way of Suffering" in Latin.Yes,the roman soldiers are very violent this year,with a very sounding whip.

As usual,I don't get to light the candle again,because we had to clear some "Sai Kang".

The clearing up is not as bad as last year;at least we don't have to re-setup the drum set and test the whole thing one by one.Guys,keep up the good work.

I didn't had breakfast on that day,except for secretly eating a banana chocolate chip cake offered by You Cheng.People,say no to 偷吃.

I'm so hungry and thirsty that I can hardly walk.I want food!

We went to Ivins at Bukit Timah.They serve Peranakan food which was quite hard to find nowadays.

My mirror shot again.

Bakwan Kepeting,which is a minced meatball soup.The soup looked transparent,but it taste good.

Tauhu Goreng.Love the crunchy peanuts.

Sotong Hitam: Sotong with dark soy sauce.The taste is so-so to me.

Babi Pongteh:Stewed pork.The sauce is sweet.

Ayam Curry.The curry is hot,spicy and quite salty.

Sayur Lodeh.Vegetable that I will not touch.

Stuff Chilli Selar: Fishes with a spicy attitude.I like the way they stuffed chilli inside the fish.

Terong Goreng chilli: Another vegetable which I will not touch.Eggplant...

Itek Tim: Salted vegetable duck soup.I miss my mum's version;she actually added sour plum to the soup.

Daniel's daughter.Can't remember her name.

To end the good Friday photos,here's a photo of William,Yan Liang and Eugene during the rehearsal.Roman soldiers with Jesus?!

Now for the HGC outing:

We had a food outing at the Northern area of Singapore.It was a time where all stomach break loose for the delicious food that's waiting for us.It was a moment of joy we're waiting for,the food in mouth sensation and the tears that caused from the food.


1st station: Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh in Rangoon Road.Please don't mix up Serangoon Road with Rangoon Road.Even though they may be quite close to each other,they're different.

Display of Bak Kut Teh with all the side dishes.

My bowl of soup with pork rib.The soup tasted very peppery.For those who prefer taste to pepper,this place is not for you.

What I find it amusing is the waiter have a PDA with them to place our order.Talk about technology advancement.

Next stop: Hong Kong Cafe near Novena MRT Station.

Zhiyong joined us for the food outing.It's been a long time since I met her.Heard that she's working elsewhere and was rather happy with her job.

I ordered a cup of 鸳鸯,which is a mixture of coffee and tea.The taste is quite okay.

My 波罗包(with butter).It taste sweet and creamy.I like.

Next time I want to try out the 波罗包 from Crystal Jade.

Third station: Wanton Mee in Lavender.

We took a long queue just to taste the famous Wanton Mee.The Cha Siew tasted just right;not so sweet not so salty,and the mee tasted shiok with the chilli.I wonder if the chilli is self-made?

They're actually stingy when comes to giving wanton.I had only 2 of it in my plates.

Last stop,the place which I occasionally go: Selegie Road Tau Huay.

The main subject of the photo is not about Thomas nor the woman reading her novel.It's about the newly renovated 2nd floor.No more outside seats smelling rubbish.

You Tiao with egg tart.

Goes well with the Tau Huay and Tau Huay Zui.Yummy!

However,the standard kinda dropped.Maybe it's because I ate the cold Tau Huay instead of the hot one.

Being a bad organizer,I shall plan better for the next upcoming outing: Botanic Garden.

March 18, 2008

So often we made a subconscious mistake by repeating a word that was never meant to be made.

A: Hey Wei Liang?

Wei Liang: Yes?

A: Can you return me my book?I need to read it.

Wei Liang: Huh?I have already return it to you already.Please check again.

Actually already is not supposed to put it at the end of the sentence.It's Singlish.But as we keep on repeating the same mistake,we'll get used to putting it at the back.Especially if you're those English-Singlish educated people,you'll put "already" in the middle of a sentence.That makes a double combo.

Think I've made quite alot of this mistake in my blog.Have to get get get get get over it.

March 15, 2008

Is it because Singapore lack of a good restaurant,or is it because the country is too small for the restaurant?

Last Monday,we celebrated Glenn's birthday in Dan Ryan.

Yes,Dan Ryan again.So I don't bother posting any photos of food display.You can simply check out the food by browsing my past entry for last year.

As the year goes,our price of the food went up intensively.Remember the time we celebrated our birthday,we were feasting in Burger King and Hawker centres.Right now in our working life,we earn lots of money,so we can afford to pay such a big amount to celebrate our birthday.

Prices of our birthday gift increased as well.In years to come,I'm expecting to get myself an ipod touch(maybe 2nd generation during that time)from them.I must be dreaming.

It's good that Glenn is happy with the watch we gave to him.Now what do I want for my birthday.Hmm......

March 12, 2008

Few weeks ago,my friend shared with me about his "love" relationship with a girl from other country.The story of how they knew each other,going out together and spending their last night(healthy one).

He even bought a language book to help himself with his conversation with that girl.How sweet is that.

He showed me the photos he took with her.She is quite fine looking,sweet and most of all, a sense.

Long distance relationship is romantic yet tragic loh!Imagine you know this girl from,say South Korea.Let say you know her through facebook or maybe friendster or a blog which she randomly click on to,then she arranged to meet you at your country,then love at first sight,then went back to her country with tears,then har,then hor...

Then then then...

So why do I mention tragic?It's because you never knew when you can really meet her again.You can only get her updated with your facebook/friendster/blog but that doesn't make her happy enough.Perhaps after months of not meeting each other,she may forget about you and find herself a new boyfriend.As for yourself,you may end up waiting stubbornly for someone who has found her Mr Right.

Sad loh.Reminded me of "Better That We Break" from Maroon 5 when I type this.Yes,it's another sad song which I like.

Well as for my friend's case,that last thing I heard from him is that he still keep in contact with her through SMS,and the rest of the story is unknown.

March 07, 2008

After a week of delay,I finally get to do some serious blogging right now.

It's part 2 of Guitars and Pianos!Yeah!For this time I'll just put some of the songs I like after a few months of Internet surfing(this is the price you have to pay for idling too much).

Black Bird/Yesterday by Beatles(Obviously he's not a member of Beatles).The song Black Bird fits into Yesterday very well.Love those plucking and smoothing introduction.

Vincent by Don McLean.I first came upon this song during my Polytechnic days.At that time I was kinda ignorant and thought that it was a funny song about Vincent.It's quite a sad song after listening to it,especially if you check on the profile of Vincent van Gogh(yes,the song is a tribute to him).

The singer's name is Michael Cho.Do check out his other songs,especially Curbside Prophet(from Jason Mraz)and his self-composed songs.

彩虹 by Jay Zhou.My heart was melting when I heard the plucking version of this song.I may sound abit absurd in the melting part,maybe that's me.Check out his finger plucking with an ease,very fluent.

Another song you can listen from him: 蒲公英的约定 by Jay Zhou.My heart melted even more.Silly me.

More Than Words by Extreme.I don't know what to say about his guitar skill,it's damn pro loh!!!For goodness sake,this kid is only 12 years old!

If he were to perform a concert at Esplanade,I'm sure to buy ticket to listen to his guitar.

Another song you can listen from him: Alone Again,Naturally and Canon in D.

March 02, 2008


I must have think too much when I previously posted my entry.

Well,the second interview went quite well.After accepting the job,I got a mixed feeling deep inside me.Been a thinking,I have been thinking what's the reason behind employing me.Is it because they're desperately looking for people?No choice?

After sharing all this to my fellow HGC members,I was encouraged by their words.No company would employ people out of desperation.They told me I should thank God for giving me this job.

How could I possibly be doubting God?I did thank God for his goodness,yet in irony I doubt his wondrous work in my life.Throughout the whole HGC lesson I was thinking about this topic,questioning myself on the "why do I doubt?" part.

Now I feeling much better now after praying to Him.As I'll be starting my job in another 8 days time,I pray for myself that I'll be prepared for the challenges that lies ahead.