April 28, 2008

Just got addicted to this cute Japanese drum game which I happened to "find the demo" of it.Though the Taiko got this simple looking face in it,I find it very cute.

The control is rather simple: just have one hand controlling the base while the other controlling the side.Wait till you try the hard mode,I had difficulty completing it.

After playing Taiko no Tatsujin DS(the game name),my love for Japanese song is starting to pick up.Maybe it's because of the catchy tune,or maybe is their creativity.I hope to gain back my love for Japan culture,as well as my Japanese language.

Oh,just in case people tell me that Utada Hikaru had just released her new album,I'd actually bought it.Hohoho.

April 27, 2008

When I was on my way to the bus-stop in Bukit Batok(taking a bus home),there was this guy who was shouting at me.I ignored him at first,thinking that he was calling someone else.But when he shouted at me for the second time,I know he was calling me.

He was trying to ask for directions to one of the blocks(25X).Since I'm not familiar with Bukit Batok,I told him that I don't know this place and I just came out from block(24X).

Then he proceed to change his topic out of a sudden,asking me to open up my bag.I questioned him why and he told me that he need to check some stuff which he had lost,and my bag is exactly the same as his.

I tried to reason out with him,refusing to open up my bag but he insist.After some firm rejection,he decided to give up and apologized.I,in return,apologized to him saying that I don't open up my bag for stranger.

But after incident,I thank God for blessing me with the wisdom to tackle this guy and remain calm in this tight situation.He might be preying for my wallet which he believes is in the bag.

April 23, 2008

One of my ex-camp officer passed away this morning.

When I received a SMS from an unknown person(due to contacts lost),I was going through my mind who this person was.The only name I could think of is my officer during my army day,but I choose to deny it was him.

After knowing who my messenger was and he talked about the sergeants going there,I was right: It was the officer I knew.

It was a sudden news for me.How could it be that a healthy man like him died just like this.I cannot accept the fact that he's dead and I try to cheat myself that it was a wrong person sending message to me.

The cause of death is yet to be known.Maybe I should ask what exactly happened.

It was quite a sad news for me.I rememebered the days when he organised some cohesion and we kinda enjoyed ourselves(with food and relay match),the time when he tekan us with his exercise routine and the time I did shouted at him during my recce course.

There are so many things I could think of and my brain is going to get haywired soon.

Will be going there tomorrow with the rest of my ex-campmate.

April 20, 2008

Ever since my bag is lost,I had a hard time connecting back to the world.I spent almost all day trying to think of the scenario and the expectation of the outcome.

I can't stop thinking.Why am I "blessed" with a thinking-to-much mind?

After all the encouragement and consolation by my friends,group leader and pastors,I'm feeling slightly better now.So the next things I had to do: buy a new handphone and make a new IC.

I must did a compliment on the service from M1.Their service is very good!They delivered my SIM card 1 day after I made a report to temperately canceled my line.Well,apart from the long waiting time when trying to connect the call,the service was good.

When I went to the M1 shop thinking of what phone to purchase,the stuff recommended me to wait for 2 more months,instead of telling me to buy at a retail price(yah lah,sign plan earn more money,but they gave a good suggestion).

So I take the advice from the stuff: wait for 2 months,then sign new plan.Anyway,there isn't a phone which I'm interest on.

POSB/DBS service is exceptional good too.I received my ATM card and my debit card within the next 2 days.Very fast,very efficient.

Next week will be making of my new IC and buying a new bag.Hope that it won't be so costly.

So in closing,can any kind soul here lend me your handphone for 2 months?Pleeeeeeease.

April 17, 2008

I just lost my bag today.

It all started off with a jog with Yan Liang and when we came back from the run,my sling bag was gone.

My whole world collapsed right after the incident.But thank Yan Liang for comforting me and cool me down before I started cursing and swearing at the person who stole my stuff.

Thank God the lost was not so great.Just my wallet,my handphone and my ipod,which contains alot of my favorite songs,but it doesn't matter to me right now.

Right now I'm feeling slightly better.Thinking of all this will end me with a depression.Maybe God is telling me something like "Wei Liang,let this be a lesson to you not to be so materialistic".

God,let me forget the incident but remember the lesson taught.If possible,let me get my bag back and perhaps my keys too.

April 15, 2008

Last Friday we had a great feast in Pastor Kian Cheng/Sharon's house(which eventually will becomes Sandra's house).As everyone suggested potluck,each of us had to bring our own food.

Everyone came for the last HGC gathering,except for Lay Kee and Mark.I wonder what happened to them?

It was such a wonderful feast with all the mee goreng,fried rice,popiah,yam ring,chicken wings laid fully on the table.As I came late for the dinner,I didn't managed to capture the "beauty".

We surprised Yunn with a song called "friends".As I didn't really know the song well plus the lack of rehearsal,all I could do is to lip-sync with them.At least I sang the chorus loudly.Hah!

Yunn was touched by the song and she nearly cried.Well,that's our main purpose right?

Here are some photos taken:

Doing a last rehearsal for our presentation/performance on Saturday.

The last birthday celebration from our HGC to Yuseng.

We gave Yunn a hand-made bag which was done by Clara.Nice eh?

Posing with a Clementi brand handbag.

The all-girls(almost)group photo.

Lastly,a final group photo.Weng Lee is really good at taking photos.

Maybe this will be the last HGC gathering for us,or maybe not.It's a matter of how we want to invite one another for house warming party or other activities.

Looking forward to the new group this Friday.

April 12, 2008

Just finished doing our last HGC performance to church today.But then,let's not think it's the last of our performance,it should be our start of it right?

During the drama part,I was nervous because I didn't managed to catch the emotion right during the rehearsal.Everybody was saying that I smiled/laughed too much during the practice.So before the actual performance,I was going through in my mind the script that I should say,the sad/depressing emotion,the sequence,process process process.Don't forget I am super thinker.

Finally I catch the right emotion during the performance!There may be some flaws in the drama,but at least we had gone through everything.This will be my third performance so far.

Now,because of that drama,I was well known for being the "I only know how to make paper crane" guy.Damn,people might be looking for me to help them fold paper crane.

Church member: Hey,it's the paper crane guy!Let's ask him to make paper crane for us!

*Wei Liang proceed to cover his face with newspaper*

Haiyoh,paper crane so easy who don't know how to fold.It's one of the simple origami to learn.However to master folding a perfect crane is not easy.First you have to...

Wait,I'm not here to teach people how to fold paper crane.Arrrggg!!!!!

Photos of our HGC gathering will be coming tomorrow.Stay tune!

April 06, 2008

Boarding bus 198 is something I hate doing so,but you have to do it simply because it's one of the buses that:

1. Takes me halfway to church

2. Takes me to my cell group

3. Takes me to Queensway

4. Takes me to Jurong Point

The reason why I hate boarding this bus is because it's a chinese/malays/indians beng/lian infested bus,especially at the second floor.In second floor,they'll be sitting in their quiet back area trying to show off their mp3s through their handphone.

Seriously,I don't find blasting music through handphone is hip.Wait till I bring my boom box to blast their ears off.Now that's call hip.

Today,when I was boarding the bus back home,there was this Indian uncle sitting behind me.At first the journey was okay,until he coughed suddenly.

The smell that came from his mouth is rather pungent.It's like DoTA hero with toxic breath level 2 that deals 16 damages per second,last 10 seconds!In Final Fantasy,it's basically Bio level 1.Fortunately,the smell is those kind whereby you've down 4-5 mugs of beer,it's not those kind where you really smell ammonia.

I wanted to change my seat,but I don't want to make it so obvious.So I endure until the bus reached my house.

Sitting at the 1st level of 198 would be a wiser choice for me.

April 05, 2008

Last week's food feast had just provide me with another additional weight of 2-3 kg.Right now my current weight increase to 68kg!I got to get some serious training before my weight reached 70kg.

Proceed with my food photos:Last Saturday I went to Hotel Miramar with Ming Keat and Yan Liang for our dim sum buffet.At first I planned to go Harbourfront for dim sum,but Yan Liang recommended me to go Miramar instead.So I choose the latter.Anyway,they're all from the same branch.

Turn out that the food is absolutely fantastic!The prawns in the dim sum taste fresh,very tender and bouncy.I wonder how did they maintain the freshness of the prawns?Could it be some kind of trick?

Ginseng Chicken Soup for the soul.

Sweet and sour pork.I didn't tasted any meat from this dish,only crispy skin.

We started our dish with fried dim sum.The right one gave a juicier taste.

Eventually more and more dim sum came until the table is full.

The kiasu us ordered 3 trays of Siew Mai.

Tofu with meat.

Prawn with fried bean curd skin.Almost all dim sum have prawns in it.

I love eating Lor Mai Kai or "he ye fan",so I ordered 1 tray.I didn't know it comes in 2,so I passed one to Ming Keat and Yan Liang.

Mango Pudding for our desserts.A little dry for my taste.

Maybe I'll consider going for it again the next time.Bringing my polytechnic friends would be good.

At night,I have Fish and Co with my Clementi HGC members.Well...6 of them.

Note:The font in italic means photos from Clara.

Alright,let's start fishing.

When I flipped the menu to this page,I was tempted to try the New York Fish and Chips,because it has cheese on it.

After much consideration,I decided to get the cheesey fish and chips.

Wooden fish which is not consumable.

Soup of the day:Clam Chowder.Not so nice.A little too sweet.

My New York Fish and Chips.It took me a very long time to finish it.

Pamela,Belinda and I.

Huishan,Clara and Yuseng.

Crispy looking Pizza.

Didn't know that Fish and Co are good at doing sabotage for the birthday boy/girl.So next time if you were to bring your birthday friend for celebration,this will be a good choice.

For me,I was told to stand on the chair with holding 2 sparkling stick while they sing birthday song.Wah lao,how embarrassing!

Somemore Clara managed to take a video of my not-so-well-developed butt.Damn,if only I know the coming,I should have train it.

Anyway,with this "sacrifice" came a 10% discount!Sweet!

A group photo with my ice cream.

The next day...

Went to the Central with my Polytechnic friends to try out the black pig.The restaurant name?Tom Ton.

Black pig should be nice because...

they are free from stress!A relaxing pig provides juicier meat.

We started off with potato salad.The salad was unexpectedly nice.

My premium black pig cutlet.The meat must go with the special sauce they provide,together with crushed sesame.

Glenn's fried prawn and...black pig cutlet.

90% of the menu has black pig listed on it.You can't escape from them.

So throughout the meal,we had mentioned "black pig" for God-knows how many times.Dunno why leh.

The food was okay,the black pig tasted slightly different from the normal pig that we ate,with more tender and fragrance.However,the service was not quite good.We were served by a noob waiter who took some time to understand what we're ordering,and they missed out Raymond's food!Luckily Raymond ask about the dish,or else he'll be starved to death.

The party doesn't end it this way.We had another relaxing time at the Mind's Cafe.

Probably because it's on the Sunday,I don't see any crowd over there.We got our seat with much ease.

They had a wide range of games for us to play.Some of the board were over-abused until the game set gave ways.For example the Deal or No Deal game.

Raymond and Glenn trying to arrange the money.

Done!Let's start the game.

The atmosphere is just too quiet for me.If there were more people around,it would be nice.

Lastly,a group photo before we leave this place.

I really had a wonderful birthday celebration this year.Will there be another time next year?

April 01, 2008

White Boy

When I came back to work after my ICT,some of my colleagues were surprised with the change in my complexion.

"Wah,your face looked even whiter after your reservist!"

Face?Whiter?Hey,I didn't use any face whitening cream.How possibly could my face gets whiter?

Maybe it must be the jungle hat that I'm wearing during my outfield,but with 1 day of sun blocking,it's impossible for me to get white.

Looks like I got to go for a sunny swim in order to make my face tan.

[Edited: Oh yes,happy April Fool Day.More photos coming up soon,and I'm not joking!]