May 31, 2008

The 4th

Let's see,what do we have's a postage from an online shopping!

Looking at the package,I would say,this is one of the best package I received so far,with my 2nd t-shirt(the one with the wii remote)being the 2nd best.Maybe is the nice postcard I received from them.It's really nice.

It's a t-shirt with all the robots in it.Try identifying the robots display on the t-shirt.I had a hard time knowing all of them,apart from astroboy.The shirt fits just right for me.I was worried when I ordered small and I didn't check out their sizing chart before buying.

Now trying to look out for my 5th t-shirt,that will probably be another 2 months time.Till next time...

May 30, 2008

Thank God for this week.It has been a week of stress(yeah kinda),a week of rushed preparation and a week of worries.But thank God everything went well today.

Just finished a minor project for the machine today.I tell you,this is the first time I'm feeling tense because of all the program writing and troubleshooting.When something goes seriously wrong,I have to be quick to think of the solutions to overcome the problem so as not to delay any possible work.Thank God for my engineer that helped me solve the situation so that everything goes smoothly.

Well,that's all for now,and I managed to finish 25% of the whole machine.I'll be doing another one next month,that is provided I can stay inside this company due to my 3 months probation.Still I need to pray to God that I'll be having a smooth flow in June.

2 more days to June,I may want to do a special posts next month,so stay tune!

May 27, 2008

The jelly drink that Ivan bought for our HGC last Friday.The chinese word is pronounce as "Ju Ruo",which is a 繁体字.

When I opened the cap bottle,it released a very sweet grape smell(and so was the taste).Anyway,I love the design of the bottle,especially the smiley face they drew on the grapes.Simply cute!

The drink supposedly can be found in any MOS burger restaurant(the MOS burger logo on the bottle say so).Wonder if they sell any other flavors such as peach or apple?

May 23, 2008


Last Friday,I had a mini gathering with a few of my HGC members(well 5 of them)at the Botanic Garden.This is perhaps my first time visiting the New Botanic Garden ever since it was relaunch few years back.My last Botanic visit was around 12 years ago,somewhere around my primary school days.


Botanic Garden was greatly renovated since I last came.From a old and boring place it used to be,it was become a place for the families to enjoy a wonderful picnic.

Taken from a mini pond: Be sure to give the fishes quality food,not burger king's fries.

Well,let's go for a scroll.

It was a very sunny day indeed.The sun was shining towards me when I was taking photos,maybe to my disadvantage.But I find this photo is nicely shot,as if it was taken during the sun rise.

Walking down to the swan lake *play Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake"*.

The lake brings out a wonderful reflection.

Tortoise swimming happily in the water.

Kois and other fishes are getting well fed by the kids.

Apparently I don't see alot of swans in the lake(maybe it was taken to the restaurant for swan meat?!).I just saw 2 of them from a very far distance where my camera is unable to capture them nicely.

Ginger garden,reminds me of ginger tea and ginger sweet.Urrgg!!!

Small waterfall.You can simply take a picture of your friend standing behind it.

Another small waterfall.I wish to see a magnificent ones such as Niagara Fall.

A big area meant for rest and relax.

This is a place where they'll organize symphony concert.Right now it's a place for fun and games,like dodge ball if you're able to see it.

Garden where Orchid flower bears.Unfortunately it's not the season for blooming.

Wonderful Cactus.big ones,small ones,everywhere!

Just wonder if there's water in it?

Poor cactus which was abused by the visitors.

Warm and serene looking photo.Kinda love how the sun shines on the grass.

I found my childhood!

Didn't know it was printed on a $5 note.

Taking a photo with the big tree.

Playful children up on the tree.

The sky was kinda cloudless on that day.It was such a humid weather.Anyway,this photo was taken in the evening.

Seems like it was not a best day to take a walk in the Botanic Garden.Maybe next time when the season was right,we'll organize a HGC picnic session.

May 21, 2008

2 nights ago,when I was playing with my DS on my bed,I heard a loud squeaky sound.

At first I thought it was a rat,maybe a big one.I tried to ignore the sound,thinking that it was coming from somewhere else,until I heard a wood tapping sound.It was coming from my bed!

I tried to look around the bed trying to find the big rat but couldn't find it.Thinking that it has gone away,the sound came from my bed again.

Thus from the whole night,I couldn't sleep well and was afraid that the rat may bite my ears off,like the case from Doraemon.In the end I got up with a strain on my neck.It was a very demoralizing day at work with a painful neck.

When I talked to my colleague about it,he told me that the squeaky sound is actually from the lizard,not a rat.A rat wouldn't be existing in a tall area unless it was found in the toilet bowl or it happened to climb up the rubbish chute.

Ah,lesson learned for a person who knows nothing about how a lizard squeak.I didn't know lizards make noise until now.

Anyway,damn you big lizard!Better eat away all the ants you see in my house or I be burning your tail off......That is provided I found you lah.

May 18, 2008

Neighbor This

Yesterday I overheard a conversation between my Mother and my neighbor next door.

Neighbor: I knew you for so long,but I don't know your name.

Mother: My name is XXX.I also don't know your name leh,what's yours?

Neighbor: YYY.Aiyoh,when people ask me about something,I don't know how to mention your name.I always refer you as my neighbor next door.

This is the best I can do to recall the whole conversation.The chat session may be simple,but to me it was a sad one.

We knew our neighbor for 10 over years,yet we fail to know their name by heart.Gone were the times when we had stronger bondings with our neighbor,knowing them one by one and what trouble they gone through and need help from others.

Just a question: How much do you know your neighbor next door,or maybe the one below or above you?

May 15, 2008


There's not much of an update nowadays.

It's kinda boring right now,especially when most of my friends are undergoing the "paper battle(examination)".

William is planning for a trip to Langkawi around July.I just hope at that time my probation period will be over and my company will offer me a letter to continue on.Just keep my fingers crossed and put my hope in God.

Somehow the news for the past few weeks has shocked me: Cyclone in Myanmar and Earthquake in China.Is that something scary going to happen?I hope not.Just pray for the survivors to cling on and that they would be found by the rescue team.

After all these shocking news,I realised that Singapore is so much blessed by God.Despite the inflation and unstable stock market situations,our country has managed to go this far.It's a blessing indeed,but we should not be compromise by that.

Today's post is kinda random to me,probably due to the lack of inspirations?Let's hope not.

May 12, 2008

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's day with a lunch in Din Tai Fung.This is the third time I went there for meal and all I would say is: stick to the restaurant in Paragon.The food is slightly better.

For dinner,we had pizza from Pizza De France,which to me is a next step to eating pizza from other outlet.You know,I'm kinda sick of Canadian Pizza;the former has a thinner crust.

Anyway,the main subject of today's blog is not about Mother's day I ate this and that.It's about a scary encounter when I was going shopping in IMM Giant with my Mother.

When we were in the fruits and vegetables section,there was this promotion of mangosteen at 21 cents per 100g(mangostten season,great deal,go buy it!).In the midst of choosing some nice purple fruit,we saw a LAM(Lau Ah Ma)busy opening up every mangosteen she picked.

she was like enjoying her "free" mangonsteen session with her grand-daughter,and there was a China man(in whom I'm not sure if he is her son)talking to her about the cheap deal of longans,mangosteens,etc.Obviously what they did not know was thyat there was a big English warning that says "No sampling".I doubt they know English.

Once again,I'm not a person who likes to interfere with other people's business,so I didn't stop them,neither did all the shoppers around.Well,this is what we call the SBC(Simply Bo Chap)society.

Moreover,the look of the LAM reminds me of those Hong Kong ghost movie where this old lady kept haunting the male/female actress.She do looks scary when she smiles.Or maybe it's the dark purple mangosteens,it looked like those fruits grew in evil dark forest.

Ghost Movie LAM + Evil forest mangosteens = ?!?!?!?

I really can't imagine.

Till now the LAM still haunts my mind.I was kinda traumatized by the incident right now.Hope I can forget everything I saw yesterday.

May 09, 2008

Every Friday after my cell group,I had to face the fact of squeezing with the people inside a MRT.If you're lucky,you be able to find yourself spacious or barely make it.If not,you'll have to wait for another 4 minutes or so.

No,I'm not trying to complain about the quality of the service SMRT had provided for us.They had done their best in whatever ways they can(increasing frequency,trains,etc).Another frequency less than 2 minutes will lead to a train jam.What I'm actually going to say is: Are we able to take this kind of thing for another 4-5 years?

Given that the population is still increasing(with more foreign workers),and government encouraging us to take public transport,I think boarding the train will be much of a challenge for us.Seriously,how can we possibly take it?

Maybe today is Friday and it is the time people finished their shopping in City Hall and Orchard,so that's why the train is super jam-packed.

But thankfully I don't encounter this situation when I board the train to work every morning.Without fail,I'll be able to secure a seat unless there's some special occasion going on in the North area.

I hope I can have the faith that SMRT will continue to provide a better service for us.

May 07, 2008

2 days since I met up with Yan Liang for some gym session in Clementi.Both my arms are still aching like mad.

Should I just buy a muscle rub to ease my pain?

Anyway the gym session is great,although I kinda prefer Jurong area more(more hunky guys and sporty girls).

Hope after all the intensive training,my shoulder will becomes wider and I'll be walking with both my arms wide step further to become a himbo.Hohoho.

May 04, 2008

Violet Hill

Was doing some search using the google website for some latest update of bands.I searched for "Kings of Convenience",no update,"The Fratellis",album coming soon,"Franz Ferdinand",album coming soon too,"Coldplay",single released,and it's free download.

Free download?I immediately went to their website to get their free song for listening.

The song "Violet Hill" sounded kinda like those World War II song,perhaps it's because of the tune and the lyrics to it.Not bad for a single,but not as good as their previous album.

For me,my current best 3 Coldplay song would be:

1. Fix You
2. The Scientist
3. Clock

Sorry Kelvin,"Yellow" is good,but it doesn't appeal to me.

The song "Violet Hill" is free for download until 6th May(from their website),so which means I sampled their song legally.Will consider buying their album when it released(somewhere around June).Hope that their other songs would be better.