August 30, 2006

Watch those idols reject performing "Simply the Best" by Tina Turner inside the stadium.Do check out the spectacles guy with the white shirt.Super funny.

After watching the video,maybe you'll consider Joakim as a better singer.

August 28, 2006

Yesterday the Crystal Choir had our farewell dinner together at Angie's place.Starting from next week,there will be no more Crystal Choir singing anymore.Instead,it will be replaced by another choir which is much more "dua zhong" called the Tab Voices.

However due to financial difficulty,I am unable to join the Tab Voices,as I told Sandra about it.I have made up my choice and I won't regret.

Anyway back to the farewell dinner.

It was a potluck dinner,where each one of us has to bring at least something to share.I bought 2 tubs of ice-cream and I'm afraid that it might not be enought for those hungry people.

In fact not.They only managed to finish up 1 tub of ice-cream(thanks to all the food) and the other one was "donated" to Angie's refrigerator.

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Food!I like the Oiishi Pizza because it tasted rather oriental.

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More food!Arrggg!!!My weight!It has jumped up to 73kg!!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Eunice and Felicia preparing the food.

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Mashed potato prepared by Jerlynn and Vivian.The pickle really spiced up the taste to the salad itself.I love it so much!

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Alan and April's baby.The camera flash shuts the baby's eyes.

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We gave Sandra a bouquet of flower with teddy bear attached as a token of appreciation.

Come to think of the past 4 years we spent the time together practicing songs for the presentations,somehow we have grow so much stronger in our faith in the Lord.Our confidence in ourselves strengthened,our voice well-developed,our bonding grew stronger,perhaps this is how the Lord has guided us throughout this four years.

Choir is nothing without effort.

Effort is nothing without us.

We are nothing without God.

We may have gone in separate direction,whatever obstacle we may face one day,I believe with God's strength,we may overcome all difficulties.

Goodbye Crystal Choir.

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07/07/2002 - 27/08/2006

August 27, 2006

Today is my last English service on Sunday.From next week onwards,10.30am service will be in chinese and there will be another service on Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday service,the "trial run" of the Saturday night at 7 was nice yesterday.Right now they are trying play some hillsong during the praise and worship instead of those usual "retro songs".I'm not trying to say that "retro songs" is not good,instead I'm trying to say that there's a need to advance into another level of praise of worship unto the Lord.

I believe the passion of singing hillsongs can be develop.Adept to the pace of the hillsongs is never an overnight thing.Remember,Rome was not build in a day.

Can't wait for next week to come.I'm as excited as a little kid.

August 25, 2006

I'll be moving to HGC pretty soon,since I decided to take part-time university study and work at the same time.

Few days ago Sandra also called me regarding the Tab voices.Right now I was offered to join the Tab voices since I moved into the HGC in another few weeks time.

But the problem is:Will I be able to take it?

As much as commitment is concerned,I need to balance my work life and studies(provided I got in).Now came another higher commitment,which is the Tab voices.Will I be able to balance up this three?

I got to talk to Sandra about it.I know it's hard for me to let go of this new commitment.Having to serve as a choir/praise & worship ministry has always been something I want to do for the Lord.

So I got to make a choice:Should I reject?Or should I accept?

August 23, 2006

Okay,as said in my last entry,movie comment(No preview,since 80% of the reader watch that show) of "The Fast and The Furious:Tokyo Drift".Well here goes:

1.Surprisingly,when Shawn(the main actor) came to Tokyo,he get to know some "Ang-moh" friends.It seems that alot of "Ang-moh" likes studying in a Japanese school.

2.Most of the Japanese here speak a damn good English.Hmm....promotes Japanese high education standard perhaps?

3.Unlike Japan Hour,where you always see wonderful scenery and delicious food,you get to see some dark side of it.Especially their hang-out place looks kinda...scum-like?Ahhh!!!My impression of Japan!

4.Drifting through the human crowd is kinda outrageous.The power of CG.

5.How on Earth did DK knows that Shawn is looking for his dad(The scene after Han's death)?Mind power maybe?

5.Good observation on the Yakuza,where you see the "Godfather" with his chopped off fingers.

6.If Han died due to car explosion,why can't DK?Their vehicle also go through the same process of been crushed and overturn,but the only different thing is that DK's car is just too lucky to get its oil dripped out.Will DK be back in part 4?

After watching Tokyo Drift,the next movie to watch will be:

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Dead or Alive!

Holly Valance = Hot babe = Must Watch!

And pardon my English nowadays.Been so brain-dead after work.

August 21, 2006

I was being a glutton over the last weekend.It's not my fault,blame it on the food.It was way too tempting for me.

Anyway we celebrated Elvin's birthday last Friday.Supposingly he planned to eat somewhere around Suntec area,but we went to Swenson instead.

And I ordered Salmon with mushroom pasta for my meal.I realised that this is my third time ordering pasta for this year's birthday celebration.

Next time somebody please remind me not to order pasta during Raymond's birthday.

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And why bother coming Swenson without ordering the Giant Earthquake?Oh such sinful stuff.

After the meal,we went to Plaza Singapura to buy tickets for the movie "Tokyo Drift".I shall not do preview of this movie today,probably tomorrow.On our way to PS,we get to see alot of Mediacorp stars and even Hong Kong star(Louis Koo!!!)

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Bryan Wong and Michelle Chia.They were doing some variety show of some sort.And who would have guess the lady with the green tube is Patricia Mok.

When Bryan and Michelle introduced Patricia to the audiences,those who are taking photos put down their cameras immediately.And I mean double quick time.

Come on,Patricia really don't deserve to have her photos taken meh?!

Raymond was like telling us to leave quickly when they try to find people to vote for the contestants.He also told us that the camera man in fact take a shot of us running away.Siao liao lah!My image!

Make sure you all don't watch any variety show hosted by the three of them okay?

There's also another event in PS.That is some Osim health product promotion with guest Louis Koo.And where is the girl who is with Louis inside the Osim commercial?

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There's some dance before the coming of Louis Koo.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Check out their back-kick.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
That Sharon Au apparently trying to show off her cantonese skill.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I tell you,Louis Koo looks gay with this long sleeve shirt.No choice,he wore this for the purpose of promoting the health chair.

I nearly lost my digital camera last Saturday!Just when we finished playing Dota to kill some time,I forget to take my camera and when we went back to PS,I realised something missing in my hand.

With a sense of urgency,I rushed back to Parklane,hoping that the camera is still on the table.Thank God,it's still around when I came back,however we missed the 15 minutes of the show because of me.Sorry guys.

I cannot afford to lose my camera.Like handphone,once it's missing means you lose your privacy.Lose your camera,lose your privacy.Who knows,you may have some nude photos of yourself which you shamelessly took.

On Sunday,I meet my group of army friends for dinner.It's been some donkey year since I last saw Hao Cheng.Judging by his figure,he must have eaten quality food.

We had our dinner in New York New York,which opens not long ago to replace Nooch Restaurant.I heard that Nooch has a bad reputation of serving sub-standard quality of noodles.Wonder if it's true,since I never try it before.

Anyway,when you go to New York New York next time,try order the giant Yankee Burger.I ry you,when the burger were served at the table next to us,I've never seen a burger so BIG before!It's like a freaking 8-inch burger!I think it's enough for 4 person to finish this.

The rootbeer float is very big,but it cause $7.60 for it.I rather go Malaysia's A&W to drink the rootbeer float.

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Yiwen and Me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A group photo which is professional taken by a "floor manager" who knows the lighings and where to shoot.

From left:Casper,Me,Yiwen,Honkee Hao Cheng and Bernard.

We were surprised to see Alain in Marina Square.So we ask his "girlfriend" to help taking a group photo of us together.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The group photo.And Alain looks like he doesn't put on any weight at all!I am so envious.

This may be the last time I see Hao Cheng.The next time we'll see each other will probably be another year or so.

After 2 days of Continuous food feast,I guess my weight slightly increased by another 1kg. (-_-|||)

August 19, 2006

EPL commercing today,and I believe all the people can't wait to bet for their favorite team to win.

All of them don't believe that Liverpool may win the EPL title this season.But according to my lame prediction,I think Liverpool or any blackhorse team may win.

Anyway don't judge Liverpool so quickly just because they draw with Sheffield United 1-1.Probably they're just warming up after a game with Chelsea,somemore since Sheffield United just came up from Division 1,Liverpool may not know their strength and weakness well.

What is the lame prediction I made that Liverpool may win this season?Well,if you check the history records:

Man U won 2 titles,followed by Arsenal with another 2 and lastly Chelsea with another 2.

So that is why I think somebody else except Chelsea will win the title.

Don't tell anyone.

August 16, 2006

I went for my 1st day of work and this was my first time working as a full-time/permanent stuff.

To me,the workplace kinda gives me a culture shock when the working stuff explain about their place.The environment they work on,how the students were rated,and even saw X-Box inside the library!What a hippy library.

I was issued with a personal lap-top,and everyone in this school MUST own a laptop.Since it was my first day of work,I shall not bring the laptop home,somemore I don't quite like the old laptop they give me.I want the tablet form one!

1st day of work went well for me,but I can't guarentee that this will always apply to me everyday.if that's the case,I shall be an angel for the past few months then.

Updates:I received a call from Sandra telling me to be the PA team for the Saturday night at 7.And so I shall say:All is well.It's good to serve.Amen.

August 14, 2006

Just post some videos of the fireworks last Friday and Saturday.

Fireworks on 11/08/2006

Fireworks on 12/08/2006 Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Somehow when I look at the fireworks,all my worries disappeared.

I went for my check-up for my job today.I was rather shocked to see my weight increased tremendously.From a 60 kg from my BMT days to a 71.5 kg now.

I cannot let my weight keep on increasing again.I got to do something on my weight,especially my tummy.

First,I have to cut down my intake of junk food.No more junk food (KFC,McDonalds,Burger King,Long John Silver etc...) for the rest of 1 month.

Next,drink more water to get rid of all toxic waste inside my body.To keep it simple,detoxication.

Lastly,have some discipline to run twice every week and do abdominal muscle training.

My target for this month:lose at least 1-3kg!

August 12, 2006

So to summarize yesterday's event in point form:

-Went to catch the firework yesterday

-Meet Kelvin and his friend Ngu and Sylvy at City Hall

-Did not meet one another there due to unforseen circumstances,so we had to meet up at the Esplanade

-Took some video of the fireworks which is not so well done

-Meet the rest of the gang later

-chill up at the IndoChine Restaurant

-Waiter's poor service

-Took Richard car back home (Thanks Richard)

I'll be catching another fireworks soon with my other friends.It will be the last firework for now from Team France.I will try to catch the best place for videos and photos.

August 11, 2006

I received an unknown phone call in the late afternoon.It's a voice of a female when I pick up.

Girl:Hello.Is this Wei Liang?


Girl:I'm calling from XXX company.Do you still remember you spoke to Mr YYY from ZZZ during the interview?

Me:Ehh...Yes?(Hide excitement.Don't go overjoy first.Relax)

Girl:Okay,remember he pass you the application form to fill up.When can you pass it to us?When can you start work?

Me:Hmm....Probably next Monday or Tuesday?(Almost lost in speech)

Girl:Okay,can you come down to our office on Monday,pass us the application and start work on Tuesday?

Me:Okay sure.Where your office?

Girl:Our office is at Blah blah blah...

Me:Okay.Thank you.I'll pass you the form next Monday.

Girl:Okay thank you.Goodbye.(Hang phone)

Yeah!!!!!!! =D

Finally my missing piece of puzzle has been fixed.Now comes my University study and most of all my spiritual life.

August 10, 2006

I can't believe that I actually waited for almost 1 hour just to see no fireworks.Or maybe because I came late for the firework display?

Oh well,I should check out the timing next time.The next firework will be on the 11th and 12th of August.Anybody keen to join me?

Lastly I want to recommend this song by this band The Feeling entitled "Fill my little World".It has a kind of catchy tune and the video is quite funny.Enjoy!

August 08, 2006

Tomorrow is National Day and till now no one call me to watch fireworks together.I am so sad. =(

Anyway,if they don't want to take initiative,then I will.I shall call each one of my clicks out for outings tomorrow.

I went to the HMV today to check out some new released CDs.In my mind there are 2 CDs that I want to buy.The 1st one will be David Tao(Tao Zhe)'s new album,"Tai Mei Li" and the other one will be local band Electrico's 2nd album,"Hip City".

So far I haven't sample heard their album to decide on which to buy.Now should I buy Tao Zhe's album,or should I choose the latter.Or maybe don't buy them at all and wait for some "friendly" people for download?

Tao Zhe's song may be easy to download,but for Electrico,it may be some difficulty.

Opps,did I promote priracy?

If possible,I'll just buy both CDs,since I support artists who wrote songs for themselves.After buying the 2 CDs I may have problem with Jay Zhou's new album which may be releasing in September.

Oh man,which album should I buy?

August 06, 2006

When I was wearing my jeans for my dinner with my friends,somehow the jeans doesn't fit me.

I looked at it again,no doubt it is my Giodano jeans.What was the reason I can't wear it?

I tried to deny myself that this is not MY jeans,however I'm cheating myself.

My butt is getting fat!I need some serious burning.

August 04, 2006

After my interview in Republic Polytechnic,I went to Causeway Point for a walk.My usual "hangout" section is always the arcade game centre.

Majority of the people there are aunties,uncle and those little rascals.Their usual place will the the "UFO catcher" lookalike section and the driving section.

What caught my attention is the little kid who was playing Maximum Tune 2.I check his class and was kinda shock that he got SSS class in his level.

However,SSS class doesn't mean he's good.He can't play Maximum Tune 2 for nuts!What he does best is drifting but he will always hit either the vehicle or the side.And best of all,he still dare to put his horsepower to 800-815.Cheap thrill.

When he challenged with people with only C and S class respectively,he came in 3rd placing.I tell you,even in a normal road he'll hit the side.I bet he stole the card from someone else.If not,I believe someone else played for him.

August 01, 2006

I have been rather lazy these few days,so these place is constantly not update.

Anyway,there's alot of thing I wanna post today,I'll try to summarize the whole thing as best as I can.

Last Saturday we get to celebrate Kelvin and William's birthday.This is my second time I celebrate at Kelvin's house.Once again,I thank Kelvin and his family for opening up their place to hold a big BBQ party.This year I must say is better than what happened last year.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Jacqueline with the acoustic guitar.Surprise,surprise.She came for the BBQ.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chivas and Vodka.Junwei looked so happy with these 2 bottles around.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The 2 birthday boys men playing the guitars.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The theme should be called:"William gets lucky"

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Durian and Tiramisu cake!Yummy!

Just want to make comment on the 2 cakes,I like the durian cake especially when you can really taste the cream and the meat of the durian itself.

As for the tiramisu,I think I tasted some liquor inside the cake,and that makes a real tiramisu.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A big family photo.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
William and me.William ALWAYS likes to take off his glasses when taking photos without fail.Aiyoh,William,get yourself a contact lens lah!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Joshua before landing into the pool.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The tabernacle hot bods boys.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kelvin kenna sabotaged by his army friends.

The next day about last Saturday(which is last Sunday,duh!) we had steamboat BBQ at Marina Bay,a place famous for fresh seafood and BBQ.

Now it's William's turn to invite his click of friends for the birthday celebration.The place where we went for the steamboat BBQ is not the usual place that I always go.Anyway,the food just taste the same,with chicken and beef being the saltiest.

I happened to see George and his group of friends.Just wonder if he did notice me?

The 2 BBQ sessions makes me a tired man.I feel the fatique level in me yesterday.Must be because I slept late everyday.

Yesterday I went to watch "Dragon Tiger Gate" with my long lost contact secondary school friends.They still look the same,no big different.Kekwei being the same Kekwei and Terry being the same Terry.

The plot of the movie is rather boring,I only like the stuuning CQ effect and the fighting scene.The movie is completely different from what is inside the comic.And the bad guy are all the hip and youngster-looking people.

What I find it amazing is that the scene where Nicholas Tse went to look for his brother Donnie Yen inside a temple.How on Earth did Nicholas know that his brother is there?No one told him about his whereabout.Is it because Nicholas has some kind of supernatural power?

In this movie,the author of the comic appeared twice in the show.Alot of people may think that he only appeared in the later part of the show,but you must take a closer look at the scene where the people were eating in the Japanese Restaurant.

For this movie,I recommend for those who likes fighing scene and pretty boys.

After a series of event,it's time for me to take a rest.