June 22, 2009

My power supply in my desktop started to malfunction.

When I switch on the computer,it will actually shut off during certain timing,say one and a half hour time.This is rather frustrating when you're actually trying to type some documents and print out.

Is this the end of my power supply?

Yes,I'll have to change it to a new one,unless I received a sponsor from someone else(to give his old supply to me).Think I need a higher power supply so that it won't get spoiled easily.

June 15, 2009

I don't know if it's my camera or is it just me,but I find my camera phone did a better job when comes to macro function.

How I wish I had a Canon G10 or EOS1000D.But then,I've to settle for my study first.Maybe when I graduated,Canon released G12 or EOS2000D.

June 14, 2009

Dancing Man

Yesterday Kelvin Lee,James and I happened to see an Indian guy outside our church after service.He was like holding a mini radio and danced around on a pavement.He got horned by the incoming vehicles for 3-4 times but he's still dancing all the way.

Kelvin Lee tried to entertain him by doing his own move.I told him not to do it and I actually looked away in disgust.

Actually hor,that Indian guy danced pretty well.No pun intended,he should have join the Bollywood dancer.

Or did we actually caught by the "Just For Laugh:Gag"?

We had western meal at a coffee shop where they serve nice XO fish Bee Hoon.It was recommended by Kelvin Lee who told me that their food is very nice.If Kelvin says it's nice,it must be very nice!

I ordered fish and chips.The fish,together with the fries,is smoking hot!I actually scalded my tongue while trying to eat the whole fries.I had to eat it bit by bit.

The service is excellent too.After the meal,they asked us for some feedback and they shared with us how they prepared the dish.It's rare to find this kind of service in a normal kopitiam nowadays.

The price is rather steep,it's $8.90 for my food.But it's worth the price.Next time,I'll try the chicken leg which Ming Keat ordered.

June 11, 2009

1 paper down,5 more lessons to go.Maybe after learning about some basic laws,I have a clear understanding on how the law can be applied.

Anyway,my next lesson will be principle of Management.Should be something easy to understand bah.When will my principle of Accounting and Quantitative Method start?

June 06, 2009

Today was my first day of bridging courses.One word to describe everything: Tired.

I didn't expect going for lecture for 8 hours is a tiring thing to do.1st of all,you got to have the stamina to sustain long hours of lesson,break,lesson,lunch,lesson,break and finally lesson.Perhaps I'll be doing this for another 2 more years or so.

Gladly speaking,the lectures is awesome.The lecturer is humorous,explains everything in details so that people won't get lost.Surprisingly,I didn't fall asleep throughout the lecture.

Didn't get to know the people around me.Blame it on my shyness,or should I say,I'm a hard-to-get?Hehehe.

I'll be going for another 8 hours lecture tomorrow,will be having an exam on Wednesday.Do pray for me that I'll be able to get back my study momentum and also to understand the lecture well.

June 03, 2009

Remote Carrier loves eating honeydew.

He likes his honeydew to be sweet.It makes him want to fall in love with another person.

He bought honeydew to eat everyday.There may be days it taste sweet,and there will be days it taste bitter.When it taste bitter,he had a hard time working.

Sometimes he wonders if romance do taste sweeter than a honeydew?