May 31, 2006

I received a message from Yanliang today.Thank God for him that he managed to make it for the OCS interview.So far he the second person in Crystal Tabernacle who became an officer.The first one is of course Richard Poh.

However what makes him different from Richard is that he's a Commando,and the standard of picking a Commando Officer is rather high.I shall take a picture with him when he went for his commission parade.And I must also salute him.

I SMS him back to congratulate him and hint him to treat us dinner.

And because of the message,I never get his return message since then.

This is definately not worth saluting.

May 29, 2006

Phone or Me?

I received a private phone call from Prudential.It was a female voice and I can't remember her name.Usually I'm good at remember girl's name,maybe I blame myself for been too tired to memorise name after the long run.Excuses.

She was asking me whether I can give her a few minutes to let her promote something.I wanted to tell her off but I decided not to.Anyway,she's trying to do her job.

Just when she was about to share her promotion,there was a moment of silence.I was trying to get her and so is she.But in the end the conversation ended and she never call back again.

Was it because of my handphone or there was some service distruction in M1?Anyway,I'm glad she didn't call back......for the moment.

Maybe she was thinking I purposely hang her call and she's probably cursing and swearing at me right now.I'm gonna have a bad day tomorrow.

May 28, 2006

The recent earthquake in Indonesia has been a terrible one.According to the newspaper,3700 died and over 10000 were injured.

East Timor is also another place of chaos.There were riots everywhere and the Indonesians had to be evacuated to a safer place.

Indonesia has been facing alot of diseaster nowaday:Tsunami,Volcano Eruptions and the latest earthquake.When will all this come to an end?

With all this happenings around our neighbourhood,let's pray for the people there that they'll be able to find a safer place to settle themselves.Pray also for missing people and bodies to be found.

May 25, 2006

Being late for my work,I decided to burn my pocket to flag for a taxi in Chua Chu Kang.If you ask me why on earth I don't do this in Jurong,it's simply because of the frequency of a hired cab at my place is high.

Usually I'll look for Comfort or City Cab.If the TIBS or Merz cab stop for me,it shows that my luck is terrible.And I prefer a taxi driver who can talk alot and introduce all the best food or place they had been.I just don't like a boring driver.

Anyway,7 out of 10 taxi drivers talk to their customers.

And yes,my luck is awful today.I had to take a TIBS taxi.

The uncle is very friendly to me.When I told him my destination,he helped me plot a route that prevents me from getting the morning jam in BKE and PIE.The whole journey is a long way to my workplace,however avoids the annoying traffic jam.

He told me that life being a taxi driver is hard (Or did I proclaim that?).Most of the time the customers don't even trust their sense of direction.When they took them by the short cut,they were rather insecure because they are used to travel in a familiar route and not the route that the driver used.

The night life of a taxi driver is worse.You have to face people who was drunk and been unreasonable to you.They can even want to find fight with the taxi driver or puke inside the taxi,leaving a foul smell for the driver to clean up.

They hardly find time with their family.With them working all day and night like a bull,when can they have the time to go shopping or play sports game with their loved ones?

So if you're one of the many who complains about the attitude of the taxi driver,think again.Only a few of the exceptional cases I met where taxi drivers being rude to the customers (perhaps 1 out of 20).With all those things I mention above,there's no reason why a taxi driver must not be grumpy.

May 24, 2006

In a customer service,please remind yourself that:

1.The customer is always right.

2.When the customer is wrong,you're wrong because the customer is always right.

3.When the customer is right and you think he/she is wrong,then you're wrong because you judge him/her wrongly.

4.When the customer did something wrong,you're wrong because you give them wrong instructions.

5.When you are right and customer think you are wrong,then you're wrong.

6.Nevertheless,the customer must be right and you must be wrong.


If the customer wants to sound out their right by complaining how wrong we are,just go ahead.Compile all complain letters into a joke book and make it a cheap laughter for everyone.

May 22, 2006

Yesterday I went to watch the Singapore Idol Audition with my church friends.We were all laughing at how funny people can be and how dramatic the auditions becomes.

I just don't get it why people cried so much when they can't make it to the next round.The know they will face criticism from the judges,yet they sound as if they can make it.

Not alot of funny audition actually.The whole thing last for 1.5 hours and they will be proceeding to the third round next week.

That's all?!Only 1 episode of audition?!Last time we have 3 episode and now the whole thing is compiled as 1.End of laughter.

And one last thing about reality show:Please stop all the stupid wild card/revivor match.You're making the reality show more like a charity show.Somemore 1 of the wild cards will always make it to the final 2,and we pretend we don't know why.

May 20, 2006

Ang Mo Kio - A place where our PM Lee conquered,a place of good food,a place of construction.

When I took the bus to work,I sometimes encounter a crazy man with whistles.He irritates all the bus stop people with his blowing of whistles.I just don't know why the goodness gracious heck is he blowing the noisy whistles?One day out of faustration I'll just take away his whistles and throw it out to the road.UHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

I also encounter once a malay guy singing at the bus stop.HE was macham like going for some Singapore Idol audition like that.One malay uncle who cannot cannot stand his singing decided to give him incentives and tell him to go somewhere else.And this is the end of the KTV session by the malay guy,and the malay uncle saves the day!

And speaking of singing,the Singapore Idol audition is on TV tomorrow!Can't wait to see how they perform.

I didn't managed to catch Da Vinci Code together with my army friends,because the tickets are selling out super fast.Yah,should have went out with Sylvy instead,but anyway,it's good to with the company of a long-lost touch friends.It's good to be with my campmates again.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
That's me with medic boy George.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My buddy Yiwen and fashionist Steve.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me,George and armskote man Casper.

Well,Casper is still serving his army because he went for distruct previously.He's now full of fury and fire of how our company treated him.Yah,not very good actually,with duties of an armskote man,COS and a guard duty.Is this how a distructee be treated like this?Hey,they're just a HQ and they're just here to serve the rest of their remaining months.Just don't give them so many shit job will you?

We had dinner at Breeks instead.The food there is so-so.I ordered the baked pasta and it taste so sweet.I cannot take the sweetness,somemore it's noodles again!No more noodles for 1 week.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Lawyer-to-be Liwei and Casper.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yiwen,Steve and I.Steve is alway doing the yo-yo man handsign.

Eugene came the latest because of his work.He's now working in Yamaha Music Store.Maybe if I buy guitar he can give me discount?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Our mini group photo.

We went to play pool after that,since our intention of watch Poseidon as "plan B" is also gone.I found out that my pool skill deproved alot because of the lack of playing for more than 3 months.

Last place before we call it a day:MacDonalds for some refreshments.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yiwen with me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Bernard feeding Casper with ice-cream.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wat'cha lookin' at?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yiwen and Casper.

We will be meeting again this coming Tuesday.Let's do some advance booking of tickets before it sold out fast again.

(All photograph is sponsored by my buddy Yiwen.Well,I post your handsome face on the blog as I promise you,and we are such a photowhore!!!)

May 16, 2006

MRT Woes

Travelling a long journey to my workplace by the MRT has been a daily routine to me,in which I don't really mind because I can get to see all the pretty office lady taking the train to work.

However,we may have encounter lots of people all different shapes and sizes doing all the different things and having the different behaviour you can't stand.And yes,behold,for I shall reveal some of the encounter you'll met.

1. The Kan-chiong spiders

These are the person who can't afford to miss the train by trying to squeeze through a legion of passengers trying to alight the train.By doing this,they will secure an empty seat,if any and also won't waste time waiting for the passenger to move out.

Worst still,standing in the middle of the sliding door blocking the poor passengers from going out.They look as if they are the "door god" trying to "protect the evil ones".

2. The smelly bean

Smell-ier than a fermented tofu,as pungent as the ammonia,he was sitting next to me when the MRT arrived at Marsiling.By breathing through the wonderful scent,I can be toxicated within 30 minutes.

I was praying hard that he will just get off the train fast before I faint,but it turns out that I alighted earlier than him.Pity the people who is taking my seat.I wonder how is he/she now?

3. The music blaster

Listening to music is good,but blasting music in places like train and bus?Not good.

And the people blast his/her music through handphone to the max,disturbing the passengers who wants to find peace and quiet.Some of the ah beng/lian also loves to compete with one another with "who got the loudest music","who got the best techno chinese songs","who got the most beng music ever" contests.They seems like enjoy themselves with those "beautiful music" which I find it annoying.

And woe to handphone industries which produce loudspeaker handphone nowadays.Thanks to you,all ah beng/lian bought them to blast their favourite songs and deafen the ears of the passengers.If you wanna blast your music,fine.Please do it elsewhere but never in bus/MRT.And yes,library too!

4. The food muncher

Those who eats char-siew bao and drinks bubble tea inside the MRT.The sign tells you no eating/drinking insdie the train yet you don't care.But little do you know,when one does it,everybody follows and when everybody follows,litters everywhere.

5. The lovebirds

The couple that hug and kiss inside the train,as if the people around them are transparent.If you want to do it,do it secretly because your mom/dad/girlfriend/boyfriend may be watching you.

Oh why oh why is all these things happen around me.All I want is to have a peaceful journey to my destination and nothing much.

And the last 3 situation I mentioned never happen when the first MRT launched.I just hope the MRT staffs do something about it.

May 15, 2006

This has been the fourth time somebody shared his/her insurance with me.I've been thinking very hard whether to take the risk of paying money per month for this insurance/saving plan.

It's just like "buying a lifetime insurance" from God.All you have to do is to place your faith and trust in Him everyday and He will bless you and your family.

Christianity is not just about "buying insurance",it's also about having the personal relationship with Him day by day.

But not everybody believe in the insurance people sell.They may cast their doubt on it.They may walk walking and not buying it.But when something happens to them,they have to suffer with pain and all we can only do is to see them suffer.

If only our faith in the Lord is that simple,we won't be suffer with alot of difficulties in life.

May 14, 2006


Handles all the household chores without having any holidays.

Cooks good food and knows each of our taste bud well.

Don't mind taking one day leave just to take care of us while we're sick.

Mend all our torn clothings with ease.

Happy Mothers' Day!

May 13, 2006

And I'm yet to recover my body.My butt still hurts like mad.This is the one and only after effect of the night cycling I really hate.

Thursday's night cycling is rather not a good one I guess.There's alot of unforeseen circumstances that keep us from stopping.The irregular change of weather,Richard's delay in arrival,flat tires,Jingyi's health conditions and miscommunications.Frankly speaking,I'm also not really well prepared for the night cycling.I'd not been sleeping more than 7 hours for quite some time.

However,I'm thankful that Sylvy and Eugene came for the night cycling with us.This will be their first time(I supposed) going for the night cycling with us.

The start of the journey is a tedious up and down slope.There did more upslope than we did downslope.My legs were complaining whenever I see the upslope.

We did not finish the journey that they plan initially.We only cycle from Changi Airport to Bedok,where we had the famous bak chor mee in Bedok 85 market.This is one of the best bak chor mee even in soup base form.Next time I shall go there and eat again.

This shows that with church people around,finding good food is never a problem.Next time if you're seeking for good food,be sure to look for Yiseng,Daniel and Richard,for those who owns a car is good at finding nice food.

After that,we had to make a split:One group with Edmond where they go to Queensway,the other group go to sylvy's place.Well I choose the latter,I know that my body is not ready for Queensway.

Arriving at Sylvy's place,I went home with Jingyi,who was sleeping in Sylvy house due to her health condition and that is the end of the night cycling.

Anyway,here are some of the photos taken:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Did Eddie just pops out to look at the camera?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
James and Edmond doing the seats adjustment before we start the night cycling.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Edmond drinking the Poccari Sweat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Fantastic Foursome

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Half-way through the journey,we stopped at the bus-stop to wait for Jingyi.Eugene was like so tired.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I love bak chor mee!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is where Sylvy stays.I like the building structure.

And last of all,some suggestion:

1.The starting point

Please stick to East Coast.It helps to get ourselves warm-up because there's not much of upslope to Changi Village.

2.Choice of bicycle

I don't quite like the bicycle.The handle is just to short for me and I find the body of the bicycle too small for me.

3.Water Parade

We should have drink more pure water rather than drinking 100-plus.

Other than that,I thank James,Jingyi and Richard for organising the night cycling.They really put in great effort in making the whole event successful with zero injury.And most of all,thank God for the weather on that day.It was raining heavily at first,but was stop when we start cycling.

Seems like tomorrow is Mother's day,have everybody prepared the gift for their mother?

Even though I sleep for more than 7 hours,my body is still unable to recover my usual strength.

And so I guess I had to post about my experience of my night cycling tomorrow.And yes,include some of my suggestions.

I just came back from outing with Kelvin and William.We had a nice talk with one another talking about 90% army stuff and 10% general things.Will be coming out again probably on Saturday.

That marks the end of my time spent during the holiday.The next public holiday will be in August,in which I can just bang the wall again.

May 09, 2006

After the General Election Fever,what's next for us?

Well,first will be the Singapore Idol,which I hope will blog some opinion out here.The next will be the World Cup 2006,in which I forecast alot of people will take leave on the quarter finals,semi finals and the grand final.

And how can we forget movies like X-Men III and Da Vinci code which will be shown around June?

I can't wait for the next month to come.

May 06, 2006

Today is the day where people go and vote for their favorite party and wait for the result to come.It seems like a longest day for all the 4 parties.

Will the PAP continue to win more seats?Or the opposition started to catch up?We will have to wait for the result at night.Oh man,I can't afford to wait.

Anyway,I went to Serangoon Stadium to listen to the WP(Workers' Party) rally,Just like their first rally,there were full of people consist of supporters,spectators,listeners and atmosphere seekers.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There were shouting and roaring all over the stadium.The sound system was not able to project out,so the sound quality is rather bad.I had to shift to where the direction of the speaker face in order to get a clearer sound.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
So flooded with people,macham like world cup match between Brazil and Singapore in the finals.

The top 3 speakers of the yesterday is none other than James Gomez,Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Kiang.They were cheering,screaming,chanting where they take their speeches.Got don't know which fellow go and shout "merry me Sylvia!" out of somewhere.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
With this "We Love Sylvia" and "We Love Low Thia Kiang" banner coming,they had the priority to move to the very front.That's what we call special priviledge.And hey,why isn't there a "I love Glenda" banner?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The little boy is able to get a clearer stage view with a help of his father.

The speech somehow makes an impact,but a repetitive ones.Talking about the same old thing over and over again.The people behind seems to only follow the flow of the front crowd.When the front cheers,the crowd behind follows.

The end of the rally leads to a heavy traffic jam.I went to the interchange to take my bus so that I can secure a seat for the long journey back home.

For those who are yet to vote today,know who you vote for.Would you want to vote for a better future?Or do you want to vote for the sake of voting?Every single vote counts.

May 04, 2006

Going out with Jiemin and Edmond during Labour Day is great,especially we had wonderful time fellowshipping with one another during the steamboat BBQ at Suki Yaki Japanese Restaurant.

And yes,not to forget the fun part sabo William with highly concentrated salt and pepper on his BBQ salmon.

Talking to George through the phone yesterday brings me hope.It shows that my used-to-be army friends is still contactable.

Heard that he's into some banking job.Will be finding some time meeting up with each other.

Talking to Xiang Kai through the phone today brings back memory.I still remember the time we(all my bunkmates) watched VCDs and played basketball together.

How long,or should I say how frequent do we meet up with our "long lost friends"?Do we still think of them,or are we not bother to call them?

I still miss most of my friends during my secondary school time.I hope we can still keep in contact.

May 01, 2006

The only good thing about having a walkover GRC is:

You don't have to get automatic "alarm clock" from the loudspeaker lorry/pick-up/van that urge people to vote for their parties.If they were to destroy my precious sleep,I'll throw the computer speaker at them.

Anyway,yesterday I managed to break the curse of having a boring Sunday,as what Richard said I will wrote this in my blog.And hey,did I mention boring Sunday before?

I went out for dinner with Zhixiong,Kok Chiem,Jaslyn (Jazlyn corrected me with the difference of 's' and 'z') and Lawrence.If you dodn't know who Lawrence is,he's from the Charis Tabernacle.A crappy person different from what I first saw him during soccer games.

Feel sorry for myself that I paid nothing for the dinner.We went to Gillman Village to have Zhi Cha.Not recommend for those without the patience,as we waited nearly 1 hour for the 1st dish to arrive.But the food is nice anyway,free food always taste better eh?

Then we had some KTV session.I have not been to the KTV for quite a long time.Nowadays I seldom listen to chinese songs and as a result takes time to get the tune right.

This is my first time spending the night time with the adults.When I got home,it was nearly 2am.

As for the dinner,I will "promise" them to treat them back when I first got my real "salary".