February 28, 2008

How should I start?Let see...

Thank God that He had provided me a job after 3 months of slacking at home.But I had to go for a 2nd interview tomorrow.The HR told me I'll confirm get a job,but I afraid they might cut the idea of recruiting me after the 2nd interview.

I don't know what challenge lies ahead for my 2nd interview.It may be some technical test?Or maybe equipment familiarizing test?Oh man,I'm sort of not ready leh.

Anyway,I'll do my best for the interview tomorrow.

And hello to online shopping again!!!

February 26, 2008

Last Saturday I went for the Singapore Airshow with Glenn,Elvin and his girlfriend.If you ask me why Elvin's girlfriend showed up,that is because I booked an extra 1 more ticket by mistake.

During the 50 minutes of journey from Jurong to Pasir Ris,I got this feeling that the airshow will be quite crowded.However,based on the past experience(Asia Aerospace 2006),I don't think will be that bad.

Man,I was so wrong.

When I alighted from Pasir Ris,I saw a ridiculously long queue outside the station.It's so disgusting that you can't even figure out where exactly the queue started and end.It's such a horrible scene to describe.

Left with no choice,we decided to take a cab there.If we were to join the crowd,I don't think we will get there on time to watch the airplane show.

I even encountered a bad experience inside the cab!I was playing my DSlite to kill time when suddenly Elvin asked me a question.

Elvin : Eh,how come you don't want to buy PSP?

Me: Oh,I don't like PSP mah.

Taxi Driver: Yeah,nowadays alot of people have DS.Even my kids have that.It's meant for kids.

Elvin: Hahaha.

Me: -_-|||

After 20 minutes,he even told me to give my DS to her daughter.I rather waste my DS to whack your head.Bloody hell.

We're caught in a traffic jam.

The taxi behind us.

The taxi driver wanted to overcharge us for not doing a illegally U-turn(in which the TP don't even care in this current situation,I guess)when we caught in a jam.If we did not persuaded him even further,we could have land up paying $20+++.Urrggg!!!Taxi driver meant for the airshow are a bloody money sucker!

See how sick was the traffic jam?Heng we made the right choice.

We managed to get there on time to watch the airplane show.What a perfect timing.

Look,it's the Blackknights!

Check out their plane formation,it's very nice.

Make love,not war.Okay,the heart shape is fading.

A380 doing performance.In real life you won't get to see passengers plane doing such "stunt".

Big bulky A380.

Glenn told me that when the plane finished their performance,they will wave left and right 2 times,indicating that wave goodbye to the audiences.Actually I find it very cute.

Propeller planes from Australia.It's a quiet version of Blackknight.

So peaceful,the ears feel happy about it.

What a perfect formation.

Okay,enough of performance.Let's proceed to the airshow.

As usual we had to go through a security check just in case the terrorist came to disturb us.Fortunately,the queue was quite fast.

Welcome to Singapore Airshow 2008

Wah,so many crowd.Got free gift ah?

No.They're queuing up to get inside the exhibition.Which means,we're not really there yet.

How long do we have to wait?

Realizing that the queue that we were in is actually for those people going out,we moved to the left side.Walla!The queue's getting smooth.

They didn't check our tickets to get in!We actually wasted $20 each for nothing!Nothing!ARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!

So throughout the whole thing,our face were kinda black.Not because of the sunny hot weather,but because we felt so cheated.

Cute looking energy saving plane.

A380 right in front of our eyes.

The plane looked so big,we felt ourselves so small in front of it.

We couldn't go inside to see how the whole plane looked like.It's only meant for those special people.

It's really rare to find a dustbin in the airshow.That why you see huge mountain of rubbish.

An artistic shot of B-1.

We even had people having picnic there!Looks like they have found a good place for food gathering.

A better view of the F-16C

Inside view of a plane in which I don't know the name.


Back view.

What happen if we put something inside?

The 2 little kids playing with the red strap.Looks like one of them is going to perform Tarzan move.

Not only did they played with the red strap,they even pulled the static plug for dunno how many times.What were the parents doing?


The Changi control tower.

This is how the business class of the A380 looks like.

A comfortable armchair...

To watch television.

The bed is so short.I wonder how does it work?

Some Singapore Airforce wall display.If you look at the goggle reflection,you can see 2 hands holding the camera.Pilot doing a self-shot?!

Some model display of planes.

Model inside view of A380.

I never had a chance to take commercial plane.How I wish I can take this.

Going back is as problematic as how we get there.The queue is like getting out of place!There's no proper queue for coach buses(which cost $5)and the normal shuttle bus which results in improper queue.

We were simply like a refugees trying to escape this island.When the shuttle bus stopped in front of us,there were people running to get their seats.Glenn and I ended up standing at the way to Pasir Ris.

Therefore,it's better for us to go for the airshow on the 2nd day,because 1st day of airshow is for those guinea pigs(like us)to test their plan to see whether if it works.

There's a few points I've gathered:

1. It's better to get yourself a trade pass(through friends or what)if you really want to get free souvenirs and to avoid the crowd.

2. Felt sorry for the techicians from Australia.They have to bear with the touching/knocking/banging of their planes from the visitors.They should have put barriers to prevent this from happen.Anyway,it's good that we're able to interact with the planes.

3. Bring your whole family along.We saw a Malay family(consist of 8-10 people)holding on to 2 big bags of souvenirs.

4. Bring big bottle of water.Water cost $1.50-$2 over there,and you don't even bother drinking the few Newater that they gave you.

Well let's hope next year the planning system will be better.

February 25, 2008

Last update since 18/02/2008.If you can count how many days I neglected my blog,that will be 1 weeks!Gosh,gotta write something to prevent the blog from gathering cobweb.

There are so many things I wish to blog,but I feeling kinda moody recently.Moody people writes emo entry,so I decided not to make my blog so emo-ish.

Things I want to talk about(for the next few days):

1. Bad experience in Singapore Airshow

2. Piano and Guitar part 2 (!)

3. Long distant relationship (optional)

So people,do continue to check my blog regularly,I'm kinda neglected all of you.So sorry.

February 18, 2008

I didn't played DOTA last Saturday because Eddie was tired after his training.In fact,we won't be playing DOTA for the next 1-2 weeks as he went for his 7 days field camp in 1-2 weeks time!

Oh,how I missed the days of my field camp which was 4 years ago.Those were the day when we get tekan by the officer and we became so masochist.When you talked about it with your old army buddies,you'll(we'll) be laughing at how garang/stupid/funny we were during those days.

Anyway,today's topic is not about my army days.I'll talk about it when I have the idea.Instead I'll be talking about my dream today.

Remember what I shared about not playing DOTA in my first paragraph?I was so bored that I actually spend alot of time browsing through forums discussing stuff like "this hero sucks","this hero so strong",blah blah blah.Yeah,continuously doing this for a few days.

Went to sleep.In the later part of my dream,I dreamed that I was playing a team match with my friends and their friends(friends and their friends,how English).I was using Sacred Warrior(yeah,sexy Husky...I mean Huskar),while others use heroes I can't really remember.What I know that one of them used Gorgon.

At one point I was chasing this Enchantress(should be her,or else QOP)and this Gorgon was with me trying to hit her.She was shooting her butt for a few seconds and ran back afterwards.I continued chasing her for a short distant until I trapped her to a place and wrack her(+230 gold).Yeah!

After that he message me and accused me for kill stealing,because he was also trying to kill her.You mean you was with me when I was busy killing the half-Man-half-deer?!

Anyway,too avoid making any commotion,I apologized to him.

Chao noob!You think your Gorgon very good ah!Your purge slow is on par with me(except that my ultimate deals damage to enemy while hers dealing damage ONLY to summoned creatures).Mana shield so what?Limpeh,don't give a damn!Come lah,see how I kill you and make you into a snake wine!Huskar is da shiat!Uhahahaha!!!!!!!Oh wait,chain lightning?!Zap!!!*dead*

Too agitated.I must control myself.Just in case people ask me why I played DOTA non-stop and I should stop or what,I didn't really play DOTA for 1 week.The last match I played was on the 9th February.See how well controlled am I.Hahaha.

But then,I had to stop myself from browsing through the forum for a period of time,just to make sure I won't get to dream about it again.

February 14, 2008

It's valentines' day and I'm still stuck at home slacking all day.If I were to go out,I feel even more heart pain looking at all the couples holding hands with girls holding teddy bear/roses/chocolate/diamond ring(!).I'm jealous okay!

I have to tell myself that valentines' day is not all about couple holding hands eat candlelight dinner,instead it's about friendship with our dear friends around us.

By saying this,can any of you give me chocolate as a form of consolation?Hahaha.

After much editing of film that we've made in Pastor's Chee Khim house,I'm now done with the video(yeah!!!).Without delay,I'll post it on my blog.Do help to comment on the video arrangement part.I'm suck at it.

February 09, 2008

Wei Liang's house

10am : After 3 days of rotting at home(including 1st day of New Year),it's time for me to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air.I got to put my new year clothes into good use.

Wei Liang's house ---> Yunn's house

11am : We had a wonderful time chit-chatting with one another and munching new year goodies.I must thank Yunn for opening up her house for visitation.

I simply love the animal cushion at her sofa,especially the dog and the lion.Gotta take the photo of the cute little lion for memory purpose.

I'm a little lion.Hear me roar!

Somehow I'm kinda attracted to the cat family,which I don't know why.

Partial Clementi HGC photo before we leave Yunn's place.Arrgg!!!!The lighting!

Wei Liang's house ---> Yunn's house ---> Pastor Kian Cheng's house

1.30pm : The youth had left when I reached pastor's house.What to do?They came very early to visit the pastor.

I was kinda disappointed because I didn't get to eat curry chicken at Pastor Kian Cheng house this year!You know,of all the food,I love their curry chicken,especially the potato.Without potatoes inside curry chicken is like Bak Chor Mee without the minced meat.

But nevertheless,I did enjoy their bee hoon,seaweed chicken and the fish fillet very much.Oh not to forget the sweet soup to decrease the chance of getting yourself heated up.

Wei Liang's house ---> Yunn's house ---> Pastor Kian Cheng's house ---> Pastor Geoffrey's house

3pm : In order to catch up with the youths,I had to rush off to pastor's house...on the double!

Nah,I had to guide the 2 ladies to Pastor Geoffrey's place,since they did not know how to get there.Isn't me great?

No curry chicken at his place either.Damn!Nevermind,at least there's drinks to quench my thrist.

Took a photo at his place.The photo is just too formal to be honest.

Wei Liang's house ---> Yunn's house ---> Pastor Kian Cheng's house ---> Pastor Geoffrey's house ---> Pastor Chee Khim's house

4.30pm : Took Joshua's van there.Isn't it convenient to have a car?Must thank him for taking us there.

Eat,eat,eat as usual,make funny clips,watched Aragon and Die Hard 4.0;The kids are scary.Arrggg!!!!!

Funny movie starring William,Eddie,Eugene(not in photo)and Junwei(not in photo too).

Seriously what have SAF done to our soldier that make him goes crazy?

Wei Liang's house ---> Yunn's house ---> Pastor Kian Cheng's house ---> Pastor Geoffrey's house ---> Pastor Chee Khim's house ---> William's house

11.30pm : The swimming session is awful.I didn't expect myself to lose form this year.Grrrr...

Alright next time I won't try any fancy moves during my swimming competition.

February 06, 2008

Yeah yeah,it's New Year Eve.One more day will be our new year clothes showdown.People will be going out in the street with some outrageous attire as if Singapore is snowing or what.As for me,I'll be very conservative lah.

But then,my New Year will be different from last year.Grandmother passed away,leaving some boring atmosphere,brother still in Qatar,leaving nobody to stick to when going to my relatives' house for visitation.

Anyway,some random photos which I took:

Some English albums that I bought,just in case people say I'm a pirate king.It's not to show off,just that I happened to take it out when I was doing some spring cleaning.

Sleeping cat when I was on my way to collect roasted duck.This cat will become my cat number 3,think I'll call it Silverwind.

Since it's the year of the rat,Silverwind will have to cease his operation in catching rats...for the moment.

February 03, 2008

I've managed to settle 2 sets of polo tees for Chinese New Year and I've yet to buy my shoes!Maybe I'll have to get it tomorrow,but I afraid that there won't be any right size for me.


Okay should I end my post now?Damn!I'm still suffering from writer's block!

There's nothing that inspires me right now or what?Or maybe I don't feel like posting stuff right now?

Perhaps there's too many things that bother me right now.No,it's not the job thingy.Funny thing is that people are envious of me having so much freedom.Oh...okay.

Alright,I should just do a short story or something.That should give me a wide range of post.