December 30, 2008

Another 2 more days to my Langkawi trip.While all my tour buddies are thinking of what they're going to do over there,I'm much worried about the jam at the causeway that will cause us to miss the flight.

But I shall not worry too much about the jam,just pray and leave everything to God.

The Christmas celebration was unbelievable.I didn't expect the sanctuary to be fully filled with people.Indeed God blessed us with more visitors this year.Amen.

1st off,some photos taken during the Friday service and Christmas Celebration:

The makeup artist trying to apply powder on Alvin.

Ivan's smile brightened the day.

Thomas as one of the 3 wise men.Seriously,he looked like some Mongolian tribes.

The drama was good,the carol choir was fantastic,except for the minor hiccups during the introduction.When Cheng Yong was doing his own solo,everybody clapped for him.This came as a mini surprise to the crowd that the conductor is singing as well.


And how can we not forgetting the youths.Every year they came out with all their power to the people,the light stick in the dark and the special lighting effect done by Eugene.Though the youths did not really project their voices(still),the performance is still a memorable one.

Feel the crowd roar!!!!!!

The Starwar brothers.They are not part of the performance.

After the service,we went West Coast Plaza for dinner.Took a free ride from Richard's car and when James and Brenda joined in as well,I realized that I'm in the middle of the couple,that makes me a light bulb in between.Sylvy was like laughing hysterically,with Richard teasing me.

Oh how badly written this paragraph is that makes it like a form of diary.But anyway,it's really an embarrassing situation that I encountered.

We went to New York,New York for dinner.This is my second time eating in this restaurant.The first one was at City Link.

I ordered half chicken carbonara,which is super worth the money.

William ordered fish and chip.

Seafood platter.The plate is damn big!

Sylvy and Richard with meat platter.

When 2 of them were placed side by side,it makes a horrifying scene.

Poor crab.

My root beer float.It's a very tall drink.

Comparing the glass with a smaller glass.

The meal was okay.I had a hard time trying to finish up the half chicken because the creamy pasta itself can satisfy my stomach.The platters,according to them,are not worth it: $40 for a big plate with manageable portion.

It's present time!As usual,I got less than what what I gave.

A cross bookmark.

Miffy pen.The rabbit is cute.

Toothbrush to...brush my teeth.

Special present from Taiwan.It's supposed to be a malt sweet packed in a syringe.

I love this card.It's packed with alot of cute cute animals such as the seal,juicy fat chicken,lion,fat sheeps,etc...

Most expensive present.

See how it glows with my Razer mouse.

Guess who sent me this card?

It's from my secondary school friend!It's one of the priceless card ever received.He even gave me his name card so that I will not forget his number again.

The front cover.He's really an otaku.

To those who sent me Christmas card this year,thanks alot.I read through all your writings and I'm touched by it.I could just read it over and over and over and over and over and over again.

December 28, 2008

Still no pictures of Christmas celebration yet.Just want to share with all of you a story told by my colleague.

One day,you were at the bus stop waiting for a bus to take you to another destination.It was 2pm and you are supposed to be there at 4pm.It took the bus 30 minutes to reach from one point to another.

At 2.30pm,The first bus arrived.It was an air-conditioned bus with no passengers.Since you had so much time in your hand,you decided not to take the bus.

30 minutes later,the second bus arrived.It was a non air-conditioned bus with no passengers.You decided to miss this bus since it's non air-conditioned.

Another 30 minutes later,the third bus arrived.It was an air-conditioned bus fully packed with passengers.You looked at the watch: It was 3.30pm.If you miss this bus,you are going to be late.So are you going to board the bus,or are you going to give it a miss again?

So do anyone knows the moral of the story?

December 25, 2008

So what is Christmas means to you?

To many,Christmas is about shopping for discounted clothing,going for Christmas countdown in Orchard and Sentosa,or an ordinary holiday to slack at home.

I remembered Simon once ask me this question: How do you feel when Christmas is coming?

Are we excited that baby Jesus is born?

Are we happy to receive Him?

To me,Christmas is about remembrance,that He came down to Earth to save us from our sins by dying for us on the cross.

Christmas is about giving,to those who need more than us.

Christmas is about thanksgiving,for how much He did for us.

I always look forward to Christmas,perhaps is because I could sense the joy and laughter during this jolly season.

December 23, 2008

The youths are doing a Christmas performance "Beautiful One" by Tim Hughes in another 2 days time.

I heard their performance last Sunday and I would say that the band played very well,except for the group singers.Maybe it just takes time for them to fully project their voice,or maybe the drummer should go down softer.Anyhow,I'll hear from them on the 25th December.

December 20, 2008


December seems to be such a busy day for each one of us.I got so many photos(such as Richard and Sylvy's wedding and Liyun's birthday)to post and I got to do it right now.

As some of us have known,last Sunday was Richard and Sylvy's wedding day.But for me,I had to attend 2 weddings on that day.It seems like December is the day when most lovebirds get married.

People getting married in December = spending money like mad due to packing ang pao,Christmas shopping and buying gifts.Therefore December is a month when your monthly savings became a negative.

Waiting for the people to come in.

The Emcees happened to be not from our church,which is rather rare because most of the time,it's always the church members who is the Emcees.

The officers marching in.

The sword of passage,which Richard wanted ever since he saw Alan and April's wedding doing the same thing.Regulars.

Oh yah,by the way,that was the bride and her father walking in.

Tall officers standing firm.

The Holy Matrimony event.

I happened to have a full size photo of Richard and Sylvy,but it was badly taken.Blame it on my shaky hands.I really need a anti-shake camera or a DSLR.

The live band is really good loh!I think it sounded better without playing original songs from the CD.The guitar and the bass simply blends in well.Richard's composed song for Sylvy is quite touching,although the tune is rather familiar,like a cut and paste.Overall,it's a well composed song.

A hand-made flower decoration.

A hand-made birds.It's all hard work.


The buffet is one of the best I had so far.The fried rice is fragrant and not so dry,compared to the past buffet which serves dry fried rices.The friend prawn is good and I loved the beef sauce.The only complain would be that the beef is too hard for me.

I saw many of our old timers coming for his wedding.People like Jason,Michelle and Chun Kiat are those whom I had not seen them for a very long time.Maybe except for Jason who was here for Diana's wedding.Those were the days...

Taking a group photo with the wedding couple.Why do I always looked fat in shirts?Perhaps it's just me.

The second wedding is kinda out of place for me.Firstly it was a Malay wedding in which I didn't know how the sequent goes.Secondly,I don't see any of the familiar faces around,which left me alone while eating.Let's not talk about it.

Finally to Liyun's chalet.Every year without fail we celebrated Liyun's birthday at the chalet.This time,we're at the far end of the chalet and is also well renovated.It looked classy just by looking from the outside.

The Oreo cheesecake.Better not eat too much of it.

Some practice before playing the birthday song.

That's the birthday girl.Gone were the days she looked nerdy.

Your way too beautiful girls.

It's been a long time I did a self taken photo with the rest.This is my attempt with Junwei.

Weixiang,Nicholas and me.

The hunky Yibing and me.

Everybody man stack Jevon!

I didn't managed to stay due to my work tomorrow.But that's okay,I'll try to apply leave for the next chalet.

December 11, 2008

Went for a simple jog yesterday despite the fact that I'm still recovering from my flu.Before going for the run,my stomach was feeling weird,but I ignore the situation,thinking that it was undergoing some digestion process.

My stomach felt much better after a few distant of jogging,so I decided to continue on further.

Unfortunately,when I was jogging half-way back to the starting point,I feel the pain in my stomach.In my mind there are 3 solutions:

1. Find the nearest toilet

2. Walk back to my house

3. Just do it inside my pants

Solution number 1 would be hard as I'm in the middle of a jogging path and the nearest toilet would be......unknown to me.Of course solution number 3 would be something disgusting.Never will I want to do it inside my pants!

So there's only 1 solution I could do:To walk back home which is 1km away.

There's a point of time whereby I can't endure anymore,so I find a place to sit down and say a short prayer to God,a strength that could sustain me back to my place.

Indeed it works.Along the way,I tried talking to God with thanksgiving of how fine the weather are and all sort of thing,until I reached home.Thank God that I did not faint in the middle of a path with shit all over the place.

So I'd learned my lesson: Never eat a light meal of MOS Burger before going for a jog.

December 08, 2008

Nothings beats a demoralizing rain during the precious holiday.It's been raining since morning and the supposedly wonderful outings has been canceled and had to go for the wet weather program instead.

So I spent my whole afternoon(after coming back)idling in front of the computer and took an afternoon nap.No meeting out with others,no shopping.Argggg!!!!!

There goes my holiday.I do hope that the next holiday(Christmas) will be better.

And speaking of rain,I really enjoy staring at the glass window during raining days,with a cup of coffee in my hand.It's the kind of enjoyment I really want watching people running without their umbrellas.If possible,I want a partition with a glass window facing a peaceful scenery even during raining season.

December 06, 2008

1 week more to Richard/Sylvy's wedding

19 days to Christmas Day

25 Days to Langkawi trip

And we'll wait.

December 03, 2008

Wei Liang did not like receiving so many mails everyday.

Especially those forward mails like chain mails,"funny" photos and some must read true story which in fact,is never true at all.

1. Chain mail - You will not get lucky,cursed and die or drop into a pool of acid if you send this mail to 10 or more person!If you do,I would have strike a toto with only 50 cents.

2. "Funny" photo - all those photoshopped pictures are not funny at all!

3. Must read true story - I don't think people will earn $0.05 simply by mail forwarding.Please refer to snopes before you send those e-mail.

However,Wei Liang love receiving email such as promotions and coupons.He loves lobang such as t-shirts or buffet.Perhaps these people should send out more of this to satisfy his "hunger".

Wei Liang don't check out his hotmail everyday.Please send the mail to his Yahoo account.For refer to him for more informations.

Now Wei Liang is back to checking his mailbox.