July 31, 2008

I got the photos from William yesterday.Looks like I'm back to my blogging business!

But you know what?I'm gonna drag again.Will try to post the trip as soon as possible.

Right now my computer has gone through some tremendous time trying to work in a right manner.Stupid brother!Send virus from Qatar using his hard disk and somemore do some unknown settings to the computer!Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Worse come to worst,I'll have to format my hard disk or maybe buy another new one.The latter seems to be an insane solution.

July 28, 2008

Came back from a Malacca trip yesterday.I would say it was the smoothest trip I have ever had out of all the trips.Thank God for blessing us with the wonderful journey and yes,prayer before setting off is really,really important.

This is the first time we went for an oversea trip with Yan Liang.Didn't shared much about one another's dirty little secret,but well,they're still next time.If only we could grab hold of Kelvin Lee,it would be a 5 men trip,or maybe catch hold of another to make it 6.

I went for a mini crazy shopping over at Malacca.They were having some Malaysia Sales over there,so buying clothes over there is a MUST.When they give you discount,they really mean it.

Night life in Jonker Street is an eye-opener for me.Unlike Chinatown in KL,the flea market offers wide variety of things to buy.I shall discuss this in my next post when I get the photos from William.

Will be planning for another trip soon.This time I hope to go with my Polytechnic friends to...say,Bangkok,where I'll be buying 2 dozens of t-shirts over there.

July 24, 2008

Last Sunday we celebrated Yan Liang and Ivane's birthday.It was a grand one,for the fact that he turns 21.

The birthday celebration took place at Aloha Changi Chalet,which is somewhere near to the commando camp he used to train at.Sadly,I didn't saw any hunky commandos going commando.

Somehow it reminds me of how I celebrated my 21st birthday.It was horrible.I had to go for my 9km fast march even though my birthday was today.The reason why I can't take leave?I was on course.

Enough of sad story.Let us proceed to Yan Liang and Ivane's birthday celebration.

The decoration is kinda...like holding some...ermm...wedding ceremony?

The interior of the chalet is rather creepy.Looks like it's not so well maintained.

Chocolate fondue is soooooooo sinnnnnnfulllllll!

And so was the cake.It was covered with black and white chocolate balls.Everybody loves a chocolate cake,that is why we always have them in every birthday.

Yan Liang and Ivane giving some thanksgiving speeches.

In the midst of a tahnksgiving speeches,someone from the top took pictures of us.

Making wishes...

Puff!Goes the candles.

Yan Liang and Ivane with the cake.

The Tan family.

The church group.It was not so well taken because I was partially covered.Damn!

Lastly,team Malacca!Yes,we are the 4 chosen one who will be going Malacca this Saturday.

2 more days to Malacca trip!

July 20, 2008

Yong Tau Fu with Char Siew noodle and homemade barley drink that I had in Larkin.It cost me RM$4.50(around $1.90) for all this!How can you find such reasonable price in Singapore?

Anyway the store is somewhere near my workplace(another branch).Will be coming here quite often because of some work project.I don't mind coming here for such good food,not to forget the chio yong tau fu girl.Hahaha.

July 16, 2008

Last Sunday was Sandra and Guang Quan's wedding.This will be the 2nd wedding I've attend and it's only a few weeks after Diana and Martyn's wedding.

I woke up slightly late for the 8am service.But nevermind,with the power of being a PA crew(hohoho),I'm able to take photos from the top.

Family members came in for the matrimony.

First off,we have 2 little children coming in to throw flower petals.

Seriously I have enough of 2 little children start off entry throwing flower petals everywhere people crying out how cute this child that child music playing canon in D whatsoever.ARRRGGGGGG,bring me some creativities!

Here comes the bride.

Sandra looks so much different from her dull look when I saw her in church every week.From the first look I thought she was another person who came into the wrong church wedding.

Wedding vows.

Managed to catch a photo of Mr and Mrs Guang Quan.I love my camera phone.

Photo taken with the wedding couple.Damn,is my shirt looks bloated?

Yam paste dessert.I should be able to eat it during my Malacca trip 2 weeks later.

Food was quite alright.The plate was so well designed,except for a few flaws which left me eating with some difficulties.The fish is good,but I don't really like the beef rendang.It taste kinda odd.

Well,we'll be looking forward to another wedding,which will be Zhi Xiong's wedding.

July 14, 2008

I shall delay my "Sandra's wedding" post with this incident I encounter today.

As usual,I took a bus from the interchange back to my house.Inside the bus,there was a Malay student who was sitting opposite of me.He was blasting his music from his handphone,but not to the extent of being irritated,as the bus engine is louder than his music.Having no issues with the music,I went to sleep.

I was actually awaken by my drooling again(It almost dripped.Heng ah!).This time,tere was another Chinese guy blasting his own music.This time I couldn't get myself to sleep as the music is slightly loudly than the Malay guy.

The music simply gets louder and louder,as they compete with one another with "who got the loudest music" contest.The competition came to an end when the Chinese guy used his max volume to challenge the malay guy,which eventually attracted the crowd to look at him.After that,he switched off his music and let his opponent blast his music.

When the Malay guy(together with his friend)got off the bus,I overheard(eavesdropping)the conversation of the Chinese guy and his friend:


Well,I have nothing to say.Glad that they didn't stir up any drama during the music challenge,if not I will be getting home late.

July 09, 2008

1. Bus stopping at almost every traffic lights that it passed

9 out of 10 I would say.Supposedly I was late for something,and the damn traffic lights just flashed red when the bus droved towards a T-Junction/X-Junction.

2. Attendant list not passing down properly

Went for a short course(for my work)in Bukit Batok.The lecturer passed down a file to mark our attendant and I was seated at the 2nd last row of the class.

When the person in front of me finished signing his attendant,he passed it to the lecturer and when he was about to pass it to me,he called another name and passed it to the person behind me.

Just when I thought he will pass it to me,he actually passed the file to the person diagonally opposite me!ARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

I finally got to sign the paper when the file was given back to the lecturer.Wah lao eh,why did I ever have to face this kind of "lucky" encounter?

3. Screwed up job

For dunno have many times.Shall not elaborate much.

4. Lateness

Just thanks to a slow traffic ATM.Shall not elaborate on this too.

5. Almost late for music practice,wasting money on cab

Why do every single passenger just want to enjoy sitting on their seat only until the bus stopped at the bus-stop,took their own sweet time walk down the stairs,wasting 15 seconds of their time alighting off.With that 15 seconds,I could have gotten bus 188 in the next stop.

Looks like it's not a smooth week for me.

July 07, 2008


Just watched "Pushing Daisies" yesterday.This is the first time I watched this show since it was aired few weeks ago.

What I would say is: it's a very damn nice show loh!It's abit of Tim Burton style(even though I haven't watched any of his show,only previews it),maybe slightly lesser.The background color is so rich,my eyes is seeing candies everywhere.

At first I can't really catch the show,because of all the doubt of the main actor's ability(temporary revive a dead person for a period of time and his kiss of death part),but after reading the wikipedia,it somehow clarified my doubt.In order to fully understand the whole show,I have to watch it regularly.

Somehow I missed the first few episode of the show,perhaps I could just download get the preview of the show by browsing through a special website or simply watch it on youtube.

July 06, 2008

Taken from savagechickens

After looking at the cartoon,I was like "Gosh,what they say was like,so true loh!".I was like,like the cartoon so much that I decided like put this website like,into my like,favorite list.

Maybe I will like,recommend this website to you all.Then all of you will like,like this website too.

Yeah,it's so hard not to use "And I was like" in almost every sentence.

July 04, 2008

I love taking bus back home from the Interchange near my workplace.Although it took me 1 hour to reach home,it's a good time for me to take a good short nap so that I won't be feeling so tired when I reached home.

There's many occasions whereby I'll revealed my disgusting behavior when I sleep during the bus journey.First would be swinging left and right then to the front while I'm asleep.The second and the most ugliest ones will be drooling until my whole bag is flooded with saliva,MY SALIVA.

There was one day I board the bus back home and there was this chio bu who sat beside me.Since I'm very tired after a long day of work,I couldn't care less about her and just tilt my head and sleep.

Halfway through the journey,I felt something dripping on my hand.I woke up and realized it was my saliva that dripped out of my mouth!The chio bu is still sitting beside me listening to her mp3s,seemingly oblivious of the situation I'm in right now.

Knowing the fact that she's still there,I immediately took out a tissue paper to wipe off my saliva,then look up at the air-con to make it as if the water drip came from the air-con.I hope she think it this way.

After the whole incident,I didn't learned from my lesson.I still continue to sleep just the way it is,except that I'm more cautious now.Today my saliva almost dripped out but heng I managed to slurp it back.Hahaha.

July 02, 2008

Alright,this post is supposedly to be posted in June,but I kinda oversee it,so I decided to post it today.

Anyway,this is what I bought from a candy shop last Sunday,together with some chewing candies.This 2 things is a craze during the 80s,especially when they made TV commercials with some Malay kids playing with the toys that is inside the box,then proceed to race one another,then confirm got 1 of them will win the race and cheer.

If you were to buy Tora/Ding Dang,a word of advice: Ditch the chocolate,it's inedible.