September 30, 2006

It seems like nowadays laptop plays an important roles in our life,especially when places like MacDonalds is WiFi-ed,laptop is here to kill your boredom simple by surfing the Internet to check your daily mails and watch youtube.

Laptop indeed is a good investment for those who are studying.It's somehow a much more personal than a PC,which is ironically calls itself a personal computer.Oh we should call laptop PLT (Personal LapTop)?

So if I were to plan buying a laptop,it would be 2-3 years later,because I had a laptop myself sponsored by my company.So no point having it right now.Well,perhaps I may consider myself a tablet,so that I can just do some crap drawing and post it on the net.

How about buying a MacBook?Oh I don't think so.I rather buy iMac instead.I believe there alot of people in church and workplace own a MacBook.Maybe one day when you are taking the MRT,you try to do a show off by pulling out your MacBook and play with it,little do you know that the 12-year-old kid next to you are also playing with the MacBook as well.So much for a Macism.

Aiyah,wait till I strike toto than I'll immediately buy myself a $5000++ laptop.Yah,dream on!

September 28, 2006

Yan Liang will be flying off to Taiwan tomorrow for his OCT(officer cadet training) outfield.This will be his second time he went to Taiwan for his training.And when December comes,he'll be going for ANOTHER Taiwan trip,except this time is with us for vacation,tentatively.

Yesterday we(Kelvin Lee,Ming Keat,Yan Liang and I) went to Ichiban Boshi at Suntec for dinner.I must admit this is the 1st time I went out with this combination.But anyway,we were having a fun time talking cock and enjoying our wonderful meal.

I personally recommend the fried Shishamo if you happened to come here and eat.It's a kind of pregnant fish with eggs all inside their body.Simply love it!

After dinner,we went to catch a movie "Maimi Vice".It's a remake of Miami Vice which was showed in the 80s,except that the technology is much more modern than the former.In this movie,we get to see Colin Farrell teamed up with Jamie Foxx going undercover to investigate in some drug dealing business.

The gun scene was thrilling,especially the sound of the shotgun/sniper at the head/body stuns me..The whole show at the second half is much more bloody,with 1st half as the start of the plot on how they try to earn trust from the drug dealing gang and not to mention how Colin flirts Gong Li.

I like the scene when Elizabeth Rodriguez confidently tells the enemy that before he can press the button to ignite the bomb,the bullet will just went through the brain before he knows it.When he try to respond,pop goes the bullet to his head.Sweet!And this is how you deal with enemy threatening the hostage and forcing the people not to shoot him.

However the plot is too choppy,and the scene to scene doesn't link quite well.Gong Li is more like a supporting actress rather than the main.Somehow I sense that alot of scene has been censored.For this,I'll give 6.5/10 for the show.

We are so fortunate to have Ming Keat treating us this wonderful meal AND the tickets to watch Miami Vice.Thanks Ming Keat,I must treat you back one day.

Lastly,I will pray for Yan Liang that God will grant him the journey mercy as he depart from Singapore.See you in another 3 weeks time.

[Edit notes]: Yan Liang's SMS just touched me.He's indeed a faithful brother who is willing to do his very best for God.I'll wait for his commision,say,another 1-2 months time?

September 26, 2006

Today I received a message from an unknown person inside my MSN.This person seems to add me by mistake,but I'm fine with it,since I don't have much MSN contacts.

Surprisingly,this person is from a faraway country of Argentina,after chatting for less than 5 minutes.Quite a friendly person,and I didn't know he can speak English (Thought their main language is spanish,or something else).

Thanks to my avatar,he was kinda mistaken me as a female chatter.Well,after revealing myself as a male,he may have turn-off abit.Sorry for that,I shall changed my avatar to a more decent one.

It was nice chatting with him,especially people from other countries.The last time I chatted with a Spanish and a China people.Both were lost in contact ever since.

I hope to chat with people from Australia and England,that is provided if someone else has add me by mistake again,which I don't think will always occur.

September 24, 2006

Ming Keat told me that he's able to make a date for the Taiwan trip at around 29th December to 1st of January.

Well first thing first,is he REALLY sure that he's able to make it on this date?His mind is always changing.First he told me we'll be going Taiwan,then he change his destination to Hong Kong,then he told me last week that the trip will be cancelled.Now what?

2nd thing: 29th December to 1st January,which means we'll be giving the overnight prayer meeting a miss.Are you sure you're going to do this?

3rd thing: I believe this is not the period to go overseas.I'm sure there will be a hell lots of people going overseas for countdown celebration,which means no time for food and shopping.

Just don't be too happy first.I'll wait for further news.

September 23, 2006

My colleague told me that playing with musical instruments helps to control your emotions.

But I beg to differ.

September 20, 2006

Today I was taking a lift back to my house with a bunch on kids with their parent.Since I was the last to go in,I have no control over the buttons.One of the kids (which happens to be the most obedient ones)had the power.

He was looking at me trying to hint me which floor should he press.When I told him 9th floor,he was like quite hesitate to press the button.When he finally pressed my button tht I want,he looked at me again.Ehhh,little boy,my face too handsome is it?

When the door opened at the 5th floor,he gave his one last glance at me.Few minutes later,I realised what was the problem.Probably I did not thank him for pressing the button for me.

Oh dear,seems like I teach them 坏公民 instead of 好公民.What a bad uncle am I.

What if he went back to school trying to complain to his schoolmate that the cute looking uncle did not thank me for what I have done?Or maybe his parent may think that I will teach them bad stuff.

Maybe I just think too much.

September 18, 2006

Nowadays we have alot of tv stars endorsing for some slimming company and products.You may just wonder how effective all thing really are,consider seeing your favorite tv actors/actresses slim down into a beautiful figure thanks to XXX or YYY.

It's hard to trust any of them,but it's just too good to be true.One thing for sure:If all these slimming company is that effective,then there no point selling health products (or vice versa).

Even if you can slim down from all these,you may not have the fitness with you.So it's better to slim down in a natural way by doing exercise regularly.It helps to strengthen your body's immune system rather than just slimming down.

Well,for those who are super overweight type of people,you may consider taking the pills first before going for some exercise.Me?Contradicting?Hah.

September 17, 2006

Ming Keat gave me a so-called bad news to me:

Ming Keat: Eh,Wei Liang,bad new.The december trip to Hong Kong has to be cancelled.

Me: Huh?Why?

Ming Keat: Because I got a course to attend.

Me: Oh it's ok.(Sian)

Well nevermind,I know how he feels.This course is essential for him.

I may be under a curse of going overseas trip with my friends.There no chance I can go other countries with them,other than the church camp and army exercise.

September 13, 2006

Simply can't believe it!This is the second generation of iPod shuffle and this time they make it even smaller.There's even a clip for you to clip on your pocket.It weighs only 14 grams which makes it ideal for those going for jogging or marathon.

Yah,the only disadvantage is that there's no screen to check on the song list,but it's quite a simple design for simple person.

iPod nano,with colour just like the iPod mini.

With new iPod shuffle and nano introduced,iPod video started to drop its value.A 30Gb iPod cost only $428!It's $12 cheaper than what I bought in comex!Somemore they even introduce 80 Gb ipod video and it cost less than $600.Quite worth buying.

Should not have bought the iPod video,since the new iPod has a newer software.Grrrr!!!!!

September 12, 2006

Went to watched a local production "Singapore Dreaming" yesterday.I did not spend any money for the movie,it was a company sponsorship to watch the show.

The whole movie was made in a kind of artistic view.The plot was kind of like those typical Jack Neo style which basically talks about living in the Singapore society.I find some of their saying were rather logical and meaningful,for example talking about finding jobs in Singapore and the degree from other country not recognize.

Other things that I've learnt:

1.Money indeed makes the World go round.We will try means and ways just to get money and inheritance from our parents,be it to cheapen ourselves or by acting self-righteous.

2.We persue 5C (Car,Credits,Condo,Career,Country Club) which eventually will end up in the 6th C(Coffin).Yes,people may die one day,and whatever wealth you have may just brings up point 1 from your next generations.

3.Having an 'O' level or Diploma certificate brings us nowhere.We may just end up being the lowest lifeform in our career.Simply because the people above us are all Degree,Master and PhD holders.

4.We love to dream of having a status in Singapore,but we did not do something about it.Dream is cheap eh?

5.We buy car because we don't want to squeeze with the people inside the bus and MRT.

The only flaw that I've spot is that winning a toto of 2 million only by oneself is impossible.Other than that should be just fine.

Anyway,I give the whole movie 7/10 for having a good plot and having the realistic in the show.

September 10, 2006


Should I get...




The problem with browsing the Apple website.Or should I look for something even better?

Yesterday Ming Keat approached me and said:

Ming Keat: Wei Liang,This December(tentatively 26th-29th) we go to Hong Kong steady boh?

Me: Eh?I thought we're planning to go Taiwan?Isn't Hong Kong very cold during the December period?

Ming keat: You go Taiwan also the same thing one lah.It's 11 degree celsius.If we go Hong Kong we can eat the "Ma La Huo Guo"(Spicy steamboat?).Steady steady?

Me: Hmm....ok loh.

And so we have changed our plan of going Taiwan to Hong Kong.

No more Rainie Yang spotting exercise for me.IF we were to go to Hong Kong,I can go look out for Miriam Yang!Woohooo!Yang's the beat!

September 08, 2006

Being an observer I should know my friend's character well.

However today,I've failed to do it.From this failure,I must learn to be more thoughtful.

Speaking of being observant,even though I may know the people well with what they like and dislike,what I can't do is know their problem in their life.Only through a deep conversation will you know more about this person.

Anyway,tomorrow I'll be going for the SIM open house.Got to check out what courses they offer there.I'm eyeing at the Bachelor's at Mathematics with Phychology.Just wonder will this phychology helps me to know the person well?

September 05, 2006

Continued from the topic "With Sunburnt,Sweat and Fatigue".

Last Saturday I went to the RSAF open house with Glenn.This is my second time going to the plane exibition with him,except that we can get to "interact" with the place during the open house.

The weather was freaking hot at that day,thus the result of getting sunburnt on my hands and nose.The feeling is not really good,especially when you have to attend the 7pm service on Saturday.

We faced a hugh traffic jam on our way to Paya Lebar Airbase by the shuttle bus,all thanks to the construction of a new expressway.Because of this,we missed the air show and the lucky draw to take a free plane ride.

Anyway,here's some of the photos taken by me:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The entrance to the RSAF open house.The Paya Lebar Airbase is big,so there's no worry having a human jam.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The stage where they annouced the lucky winner who can get to take a free plane ride.This is also a stage for performance from stars like Junyang.But I don't want to see Junyang,I want Fiona Xie!Why must she come only on Sunday?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Artillery display.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My "artistic" shot of Pegasus.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me posing with Chinook.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Inside the Chinook,where the specialist explain the detail about this plane to the people.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me inside the Chinook.Actually I rode the Chinook before,it's good but not that fantastic.I prefer UH1H(Bell),where the chutes are open and you're like going for a thrill ride.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Superpuma.This is the only helicopter I haven't rode before.Apache?You can wait long long.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
E2C.The design of the plane looks kinda funny.Anyway this plane is so-called a classified one,so no photos were taken inside the plane.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Front view of Apache.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Took a picture with the Apache once again.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me taking picture inside the Apache cockpit.Actually the pilot did not really take a good photo.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Glenn inside the cockpit.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
KC-135!It's a huge plane that is used to help top-up fuel for the planes.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A garang uncle with a fieldpack and a jungle hat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Check out the space.Imagine you hold a party inside this plane with DJ inside.

Glenn and I were the lucky ones who is able to be the last to take photos with the cockpit.Shall not post inside here,or else I may violate any RSAF laws.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A series of static display of air defence vehicle/equipment/stuff.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
F-16D+,only available in some airbase.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A demostration of how the Chinook bring the artillery to the designated area.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photos of Apache doing stunts.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
2 Superpuma showing how the soldiers do the heli-repelling.If you look carefully at the rope,you'll see small dots(soldiers doing repelling).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chinook which was taken on my way to the shuttle bus back to Eunos.I know it was not really well taken.

Last note:Finally my ipod worked well.Yesterday I thought my ipod went up the lorry because the screen always display some unknown error.Anyway I managed to get fixed with the help of the people in Wheelock Place.

September 03, 2006

I am so crazy to have done some impluse shopping at the Comex Fair.

I didn't know my colleague has 2 MacBooks during the house-warming visitation.It seems like the whole Singapore is moving towards a Mac society.That's what I think.

Friend A: Check it out!I got myself an Apple MacBook.

Friend B: Big deal.I also have one too.

Friend C: Did you say MacBook?I got a MacBook Pro at home.

Friend A: .....

Okay,I'm just envious.

Speaking of impluse buying,I got myself an Apple ipod.The original price was $518 and after asking the sales assistants (some said $488),I made up my decision to buy it for $440.That is exclusive of leather pouch and the power adapter.Anyway,I tell myself:Take it or leave it.

The only main concern is I'm afraid that I may be buying the rejected goods.Well,I shall try out the gadget later.

Oh,the next time when you approached the Apple booth during any computer fair,please check the area properly.There may be only 1 Apple booth,but there are 2-3 different shops trying to compete with one another,all in just 1 booth.

September 02, 2006

Finally came home with a shag look on my face.It was a jogging,RSAF(Air Force) open house and Saturday service all in one day.I tell you,it was so tiring for me,especially the morning job was the main killer that gave me the fatiguness.

Saturday night at 7 somehow gave me the very different feel from the service we had every week.I just couldn't get used to the kind of format they're doing.It may take some time for me to adjust to this kind of settings.

It's just like you eat your mom's cooking for over the 20 years and suddenly came a maid that replace your mom's job of doing the home dishes.I must be patient.

Anyway just some feedback about today's service:

1.No communion,no Tab weekly

Feel kinda weird when these 2 were absent today.Another settings perhaps?

2.Praise and Worship

Ignore the screw-up at the starting,it's fine with me.But it was in a way of praise-announcment-offering-presentation-testimony-worship.It's strange that they separate praise and worship part.

Other feedbacks will have to cut.Just don't know if I can share.

Maybe one day I have to go back on sunday for service for the gospel message.From there I'll be able to learn more God's Word.

Well,after the service ended,we had a fellowship together at Pasir Panjang Market for dinner.Tried the Gong-gong,the "cheaper" version of Escargot and anyway is called conch in English.It good to see 2 newcomers joining us for dinner.

Escargot (Ewwwwwwww!!!)

Gong-gong aka conch (Ekkkkk!!!!!)

The taste not bad,except that I need to remove the shit if I happened to dig out some.

With Sunday morning free,I can go for a swim anytime.Tomorrow will be another busy day with swimming in the morning,Comex in the afternoon and house-warming visitation in the late afternoon.SONG BOH!!!!