February 27, 2009

You need to listen to "Touch My Body" by Mariah Carey in order to know the song lyrics.However,for those who don't,you can still watch it anyway.

This song was sang by a Korean,and the way the English subtitle phrase his word is......Super Funny loh!Words like Gong Li and Rape me on my thigh really make my day.

But still you have to really admire his courage to even sing this song.It's not an easy song to learn,especially the fast pace at the beginning.

February 23, 2009

Interviewer: So tell me,why do you want to work as a administrative assistance when your current job is an assistant engineer?

Wei Liang: Oh,because I'm 26 this year and I'm still single.Therefore I'm switching back to administrative assistance to try my luck here.

Interviewer: ......

Sometimes I wonder why 70% of my colleagues in the engineering sector is still single and available?Or is it because they're hiding it from us and choose to do everything underground?

February 19, 2009

Recently Airasia had a new traveling destination with a airfare promotion from Kuala Lumpur to London for only S$311(one way ticket excluding airport tax and other surcharge)!This is indeed a great offer not to be missed.

I hope to go there someday,but right now I had my other priorities,which is going for further study,getting a driving license and making braces for my teeth.IF I were to go there,I'll visit the London Bridge,the Big Ben,getting a Mohawk hairstyle,and and and (I can't think of any).

The only thing I don't like about this advertisement is the slogan.Maybe there's nothing wrong with the Now Everyone Can Fly Xtra Long,but who on Earth wants to fly a very long journey from one place to another?Perhaps it's just me.

Maybe they can put Now Everybody Can Fly Further,but it will make the slogan rather dull.

February 16, 2009

I thought of going for my weekly jog but I had to cancel it when I smelled smoke.

Strange enough,I don't see any haze around my area,but the smell of the smoke is strong,really strange.My Mother told me it was due to the Indonesia forest fire.When I checked the website for more detail,it was because of the fire in Bukit Batok.

Looks like I have to stop my jogging session until further instruction.

Will stop jogging today makes Wei Liang a fat boy?Not at all.I went for a swim yesterday and managed to complete 15 laps(to and forth = 1 lap)in less than 1 hr and 15 minutes,1 stop and a bloody sunburn.I'll try to swim again this Thursday without stopping.This shall be my aim for this week.

February 15, 2009

Just a summed up conclusion before ending this Super draggy Langkawi post.

1. I really enjoyed myself for this trip,especially at the last day we actually shared with one another what we're going to do in future.It's been a very long time since we shared,so it's all good.

2. We missed a lot of nice scenery in Lnagkawi.The Lae of the Pregnant Maiden,the waterfalls,mangrove swamp,the cave,the cable car and the eagle feeding.

3. Bring lots of money when going Langkawi.Average spending in a restaurant is around RM$25 to RM$40 per person.Don't forget,this island is a touristy area.

4. Rent a car.This is a must to those who wants to travel around the island.Bring along a friend who knows how to drive.

5. Our hotel sucks.The shower just cannot make it and the toilet bowl had a weak flushing system.Say no to budget hotel.

6. Ask the islander for recommendation.They are a bunch of friendly people who would help you with getting good food,accommodations and places of interest.


7. Kelvin is always sleepy.Period.

That's all for the trip.For our next trip,the places that we're going next is as below:

A. Cameroon Highland

B. Mount Kinabalu

Lastly,here's a group photo to end this post:

From Kenny Rogers.

February 12, 2009

Colleague: Wei Liang,can you help me carry this box to the office?

(Proceed to carry the box to the office)

Wei Liang: That's a very heavy box I'm carrying.Man,I'm still feeling tired after the jog yesterday.

Colleague: Aiyoh,young man.做一点东西就喊累。我不嫌累你更不应该喊累。

Wei Liang: ......

Just a simple idea of how the young people suffered during their working life.Maybe it's because your colleague failed to understand what you've been through,or maybe it's just you.

Truthfully speaking,young man like us do have their tired point.We're not god.We don't have godmode in us.So please try to understand our feeling.

Don't try comparing your tiredness to our tiredness.Different people have different issues.You have yours and I have mine.Tiredness is still tiredness.

End of rumbling.

February 07, 2009

Day 3 of Langkawi: Woke up very late for breakfast.We were supposed to go to one of the hotel for dim sum breakfast,but since the dim sum starts at 10am,we decided to move off around 9.30am.

The restaurant is kinda empty when we get there;not a single customer was inside.We started to think that we got our timing(day and time)wrong for the buffet.It was until when we were served by the floor manager when we went in.

As we can see,no customer.

Fried rice with some dim sum.

I like the yam puff.It is stuffed with yam and some meat.Other than that,the rest are so-so.

Chee Cheong Fun and fried wanton.What a weird combination.

Some colorful display of dim sum.My favorite siew mai!

The desserts.The jelly in a cup is very sweet.

Next up,we went to explore the rest of the uncovered places(waterfalls and beaches).We were supposed to go for the mangrove swamp and eagle feeding tour,but due to budget constrain and lack of interest,we had to give the tour a miss.

William knew I'm kinda disappointed,so he told me that he'll dress up like an eagle so that I can feed him.What the...

Kelvin and William with the cowboy hat.


We continue to move on to another jetty,where we had our lunch over there with all the nice looking yacht.

didn't this picture reminds you of those pirated English MTV that you saw when you went for the karaoke session?

For lunch,we went to The Loaf Bakery & Bistro where they served very nice bread and sandwiches.

First off,we had some freshly made bread.The taste is so different from what we had from breadtalk;this bread actually melts in your mouth.

I had a prawn sandwiches.I like how they use herbs to add fragrance to the food.

The Loaf's Club Sandwich.

Kelvin with sandwich.

Durian and Chocolate cheesecake.They had a special name for it called U-hu-hu.

Loaf's Deep Freeze Latte.The hot milk is used to melt the ice cube latte.

Overall,I loved the sandwiches and the ambiance.I checked from the website that there is another one in KL,so for those who wants to try out their food,you can go to The Pavilion.

Kelvin and Yan Liang posing outside the restaurant.

Super act cool pose.

Cool man number 1.

Cool man number 2.

Ming Keat looks better without the sunglasses on.

Showing the power of the macro function.

Surprise Jam.

We proceed to look for more beaches and waterfall.We came to a place where we encountered many sharp bends along the way.It's like playing a game of initial D,but this one is real.Ming Keat tried doing drifting and it left us almost vomiting.

Welcome to Pebble Beach,where we see many small crabs crawling all over the place.

Pebbles everywhere.

How many pebbles can you spot?

Another typical "everybody jump" photo.

Seriously,I don't know why the hell are we doing those corny poses.

Another super corny jump pose.

Night Time

Back to the resort,we played a game of asshole daidee before we went for our dinner.

For dinner,we had Northern Indian cuisine.We wanted to go to the Italian restaurant(next to it)but it was fully occupied and had to wait for another 45 minutes.

The ambiance is so dimly lit that my camera is unable to capture the place with the flash on.Even William's DSLR can't do any tricks to capture it.

A wide display of naan,chicken masala,lamb,beef,etc...

The food is very nice,especially the beef.The beef is so addictive and it's well marinated.The only problem about this place is the long waiting time for the food to come and the poor service.When Ming Keat asked about the detail about the coffee,he got the reply of "oh this one very long one".

What very long?You mean the cup very long or what.No lah,it's the long waiting time for the coffee to come.I wonder if they're really lazy to prepare this coffee or what.

Another thing: The fruit juice just sucks big time.The carrot juice is REALLY carrot juice with no added apple or orange in it.Good for those who are going for diet.

End of part 5

February 06, 2009

One fine morning,you are taking a long nus journey from Jurong to...say,City Hall.The journey was quite until suddenly you feel the pain in your stomach.It was very unbearable.You blame the laksa that you ate yesterday.

You wanted to get out of the bus when you see any shopping centre/MRT stations nearby.

The problem is:you're in the middle of the expressway.

You decided to endure the pain.Think about the happy things,about the wonderful movie you've watched,just to forget about the pain you're having right now.It works,but for a while.

Finally,you saw a MRT station.You alight immediately.

The toilet you're about to go shows "under renovations until 15th February 2009.Sorry for the inconvenient caused."

You cursed and sweared after reading the signboard.With a sense of urgency,you quickly rushed to find a nearby shopping centre.

But there was none to be found.

So what you gonna do when this happened?What you gonna do?!

It happened to me sometime when I'm waiting for the bus to work,not to the extend it's so drama like the situation stated above.It's rather torturing for me to just endure the stomachache from my journey to work.Is there something wrong with my digestive system?