March 29, 2009

Make Minimum

I'm so happy that I've passed my IPPT with an incentive.However I'm sad that I didn't managed to get silver for it,mainly because of chin-ups,SBJ and 2.4km.

I don't know why,whenever I went for my IPPT,my heart beats faster than usual.Maybe it's because my test window is closing in another 2 days time and I die-die have to pass it.If only I calm myself down,I would have sub 12 for my 2.4km.

After looking at this result,I wanted to find a buddy that can help me with improving my chin-ups.I don't think I can do 5 chin-ups next year.As for SBJ,I shall start doing tuck jumps.

The new running route was boring,but it's good because you can say goodbye to the 3x800m running route under the hot sun.I didn't know I was one of the slowest runner for the 2.4km.When the timing starts,I can see 5th and 6th detail(me being the 3rd) people overtaking me.Those athletic runners are killing my morale!

Lesson learned: Go invest in a proper light-weight running shoes.

I think they should some encouragement remark on the result slip next time.This should help them when they went for their IPPT next time.Maybe remarks such as "You should eat more chicken drumstick to improve your running","My girlfriend runs faster than you" would be good.

March 28, 2009

After a series of busy schedules,I've managed to find a free time to blog.It's time to blog about the birthday celebration with Glenn and yours truly.

You know,March is the period whereby me and my polytechnic friends will spent money like crazy.Where does the money goes?Birthday presents and dinner.

Without further delay,I'll start off with Glenn's birthday celebration:

15/03/2009 Soup Restaurant @ Paragon

Finally I am spared from eating Dan Ryan!Yeah!!!!!!!!

We were supposed to had dinner at Imperial Restaurant,but it was not what Glenn wanted,as the restaurant served Teochew style food.To Glenn,Teochew style is all the steamed fish and watery porridge.

In the end,we settled our dinner at Soup Restaurant.


It's been a long time since we had Soup Restaurant.The previous time was somewhere 4 years ago.

Samsui ginger chicken.

Beggar Bowl Tofu.

Meat Patty with Preserved Egg.The black sauce is very addictive.

Sliced fish.The taste is kinda so-so.

Sambal Kangkong.Very salty.

Yang Chow fried rice to go with our main dish.

Glenn and I had Gui Ling Gao for desserts...

while Raymond and Elvin had Xue Ge.

I had a hard time enjoying the dish as I had a terrible flu.It's so bad that I had to go to a nearby Guardian Pharmacy to buy the flu pill.I would say,the yellow pill did wonders to my nose.It actually stopped me from sneezing after some time but you'll feel drowsy afterward.Say goodbye to those overpriced Panadol that doesn't help when I had a sensitive nose.

A group photo,taken before I went to the Guardian Pharmacy.Don't be fooled by the lightings that gives you the idea that I'm okay.

Glenn's birthday present: An Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers.He loves it so much that he even wore it to the airport.

The side view.

20/03/2009 Sushi Kikuzawa @ International Building

It was a very bad move planned by me.I didn't know 2 of my friends,Elvin and Glenn don't really like eating raw sushi.

Anyway I always wanted to try this restaurant,after hearing alot of nice feedback from my friends and colleagues.

When we found the restaurant,we had a shock: The restaurant is very small.It's those small restaurants you normally see in manga or drama where office people go there to have a drink and eat ramen.Elvin was kinda regret going there.

I kinda like how they prepare the sushi and how they used flame torch(don't know what you call that)to cook the unagi in such a way it was semi raw.

The soup base is light for the heart.

If I'm not wrong,swordfish sushi.


Scallop sushi.

The disgusted Elvin.

Check out how he roll.


Ekkk!!!!!Raw fish!!!!!!!

Overall,the sushi is good and the raw fish is quite fresh.Other then that,I don't quite like the menu display(no pictures)and the meat-rice distribution of the sushi(90% rice,10% meat,we ended up like eating 2 bowls of rice).Oh another thing would be their customer service:it's rather badddddddd.

Another group photo.

I was actually demoralized when they actually gave me a contact lens for my birthday.But since it was the thought that counts,I had to accept it.They passed me the deposit receipt and told me to collect it within 7 days.

In fact,it was the receipt that give everything away.

The real present happens to be an Adidas jacket,which was what I wanted in my wishlist.Materialistic me.

Anyway thanks for the olive green jacket.I really like it very much.I shall wear it during my church retreat or KL trip.

March 23, 2009

You probably won't be seeing him for another 2 more years,maybe his short visit during the end of every year.

Celebrating birthday will not be the same without him.It's left with me,Raymond and Elvin.

No more free car ride home.That is to say,going back home by bus.

1 less person to listen to Jay Zhou's album with me.Anyway who cares.

See you soon in another 2 years time.Enjoy your trip in Arizona.

March 18, 2009

Ever since the stormy weather happened in our Jurong Area last Sunday,the lifts had been working strangely.

It seems like the first 2 lifts are malfunctioning.Despite undergoing some lift maintenance for the past few days,the lifts doesn't work well.I suspected that the lift technicians are not doing their job well.

Anyway,the lift goes like this: When you pressed the button to where you want to go up to,say,5th floor,the lift will go up as per normal.But when it arrived at the 5th floor,there's a 70% chance that the door will not open by itself.You had to press a certain "cheat code button" to open the lift door.If you failed to do so,the lift will continue to go up to the max level and went back to the 1st floor.At this point of time,you probably had to take the stairs,cursing and swearing at the stupid machine.

Only the 3rd lift worked normally.However the chance of getting it may probably be 10% because most of the time the priority will go to the 1st lift,which is the crazy lift.

I don't wish to take a flight of stairs back to my home,especially in the middle of the night.I hope the technicians will do something about it.

March 15, 2009

Finally a 8th t-shirt after 5 months.I would say,it was bought at quite a reasonable price and the shipment came earlier than what they stated.

Close up shot of the t-shirt.I simply loved the design of the bird:very cute.If that designer were to print the lion t-shirt,I would want to buy it.You probably won't be able find this design anymore as it was only available for 24 hours.After that,it's gone forever.

Seems like I'm checking on their website almost everyday for nicer design of clothes.

March 12, 2009

My company was discussing about the scheduled leave almost everyday without fail.That leaves me thinking: why do we have to force ourselves to take leave when we're not happy with it?

After talking to several of my colleagues,I've realized that having a scheduled leave is better than getting your pay cut.

Take it this way: when you go for scheduled leave,you'll be able to spend time with your loved ones and maybe your friends whom you really want to meet up long time ago.Moreover,you'll still get the same pay with lesser working days and this also helps the company to cut costs like electrical bills.

However,when you go for a pay cut,you'll eventually had to work as usual without lesser working days.This,in fact,is a out of the box common sense I failed to see.

Speaking of spending time with your friends and loved ones,I may want to visit some of my old friends and also to watch movies that has been collecting dust for quite some time.

March 07, 2009

I don't know is it just me,but everything around me seems to be falling apart for the past 2 weeks.

Firstly,my daily job.What could I say?Everything slow down,no much of a task to do,task that was assigned to me doesn't turns up well.Well,that's sort of the usual stuff you had to go through almost everyday.

Wait,it doesn't stops here.One day I was having a deep craving for milk and I decided to buy it from the canteen.I was shocked by the price of the 200 ml milk.It cost me $1 for a freaking small amount of lactose!I believed that it's much cheaper to buy it from outside until I went to the minimart to check out the pricing.

Indeed,it cost $1 for one small packet of milk,$1.85 if you buy 2 packets with promotion.With this amount of money,I rather suck the nipple of a cow.

Secondly,my HGC.I realized that the members are getting lesser each week.Some of them had their own work to do,few of them had their unsolved issues,not much of a good communication was done so far.Was it because of the financial crisis?

Oh yes,one more thing.The HGC is getting quiet because the neighbour next door stopped their weekly mahjong session.It kinda distracting when the sound of the mahjong tiles makes your mind goes elsewhere,thinking of the hand motion and the set you're going to make.Anyway,it's all good that the session has come to an end for now.

Thridly,Glenn's leaving to the States.The farewell party went quite well,apart from some minor issues.There's so much things I wanted to do for Glenn but was stumbled by the lack of time and supporting manpower.The JB trip for tomorrow was cancelled due to Elvin and Raymond not free.

With Glenn's flying of around the 21st and most of us doesn't had time to spare.I would want to put a big STOP to what I want to do now.It's kinda faustrating when you had to let go of your plan and went for a normal celebration instead.

I would say no to going Dan Ryan.How many times do I have to show you the pictures of Glenn's birthday celebration at this restaurant for the past 2 years?!Please,go for something asian.He could have all the Dan Ryan-like food over at the States.

March 05, 2009

Here we can see,a luxurious fat cat enjoying its whole afternoon sleeping on a wooden beach.How I wish I could do that one day.

After looking at the cat,I kinda miss Oatwheat.

March 03, 2009

To form a wonderful rainbow after the rain.Nice nice.

God,bless me with a good weather so that I can go for a jog tomorrow.