June 29, 2008

Bionic Memory

Can't really remember how the story goes.The songs is kinda cheesy and campy,but this cartoon has been a craze during the late 80s(which was between 1988 and 1989).

Well,with the help of Youtube,we can watch those series without any problem.

During my kindergarten days,almost everybody is talking about Bionic Six.Since I got their stickers given by my brother,I boost around telling them I got their stickers.

Then there was this male classmate of mine wanted the stickers,so I promised him I will bring it.However,I'm a very bad promiser during that time,plus I always forget thing,which still happened to me now.

Then he kept pestering me about the sticker until I got fed up and I finally "remembered" to bring it to class.When I gave few of my stickers to him,everybody simply swarmed at me asking me for the stickers too.

As a result?The teacher confiscated it.The whole craze died down and I only got a......color paper in exchange for the stickers.

I got my stickers back from her and I told her I will not do this again next time.

Did you think this is the end of the story?No way.The next day that male classmate still dare to ask me if I brought my stickers along.Grrr......Good thing this is the last time he asked from he.He must have given up.

Too bad the only memory(the stickers)has been thrown away during the spring cleaning.

June 26, 2008

Spiderman is not always alone.

He used to have 2 companions: Iceman and Firestar,who helped Spiderman with his work to bring peace to the city.

He,unfortunately,is not one of them.As both Iceman and Firestar are "special mutant forces",Spiderman is like...err...bitten by a spider?

I remembered there was one episode whereby He saved the "special force" and was eventually welcomed at the end of the show.Wolverine was kinda Buay Gan during those time.

Perhaps the only inconsistency about this cartoon would be his means of traveling.Sometimes he travels using web swing,other times he needs his companion Iceman to generate ice path(with him sticking web on Iceman)to travel.

After all,it is a very nice show.It's better to see teamwork cartoon(Justice League or Fantastic Four)rather than those one man show cartoon.

June 24, 2008

Last Sunday was Diana and Martyn's wedding.If I'm not wrong,this is the 1st ex-Tipsians wedding ceremony I've attended so far.

This is also my 1st time attending the ceremony in the afternoon for lunch.Most of the time,the wedding took place in the evening,but this one is more special.

It was drizzling on that day.Junwei and I had a hard time finding the place(CHIJMES Hall)without getting our hair messed up by the rain.


I like the hall very much,especially the tainted glass and the lightings overall.Oh,not to forget the regal background.

Kinda screwed up this picture because my hand was shaking.That's Diana and Junwei.

Me and Diana.

Eugene,Jingyi and Sylvy.Oh yes,Jingyi looked soooooo gorgeous last Sunday.It must be the make-up that does wonders to every girls ever since it was invented.When I first saw her,I thought she was one of Diana's relatives.

Eugene and Junwei.It's so hard trying to make Junwei smile nicer.Opps.

Our table number 14.The flower petals are for us to throw(not on their face)at the wedding couple.

I like lightings alot.Next time if I have a house,I'll be particular about the house lightings.

Junwei and Jingyi.

Me and Jingyi.I looked much better far away.

Junwei and Richard.Richard slim down quite alot.

Our wedding souvenir.Since it was rather bulky,I asked Richard to help me put it at the PA room.

Who's that smart looking guy?

Here comes the wedding ceremony!

The 2 children are so cute loh!

Wrong timing when taking the photo.It looks like Diana kenna hit by the hand from the picture,actually she wasn't.

Lunch is served!

Ever since shark fin is banned from the wedding dish,we have crab meat/scallop/sea cucumber/fish meat soup instead.No fish prawn also can.

The yam paste dessert that Junwei and Richard missed due to worship practice.The yam paste is super thick.

Not a good shot of Diana and Martyn pouring champagne.

How can we possibly forget the traditional 3 toast "Yum Seng"?

A group of table number 14 people.

Lastly,the hall before I go.

Overall,the food is good,except for the salty scallop and maybe my chicken meat(they didn't served me chicken breast).Loved the 4 piece band playing melodious music minus the singer who sang flat in almost all the songs.

Some fun facts during Diana and Martyn's wedding:

1. Black shirt with strips is the most popular clothings

I shouldn't have wear black shirts with color strips.20 over people wore it at the wedding.

2. 50% of the people in table 14 are left-hander.

Surprise surprise.And I thought left-handers are uncommon.And I am so observant.

Well,I'm done with the 1st ex-Tipsians wedding.Next will be Richard and Sylvy's wedding.When will it be my turn?Another 10 more years perhaps?

June 21, 2008

There are so many one hit wonders during the 80s and the 90s.Take for example Aaron Kwok's 对你爱不完 or Sammi Cheng's 舍不得你 .During those time we will have this 4 heavenly king thingy and everybody went crazy with those 偶像卡片 where you can simply get it for 20 cents per card at the small vending machine at the bookstore(deep breath).

Now in our current life we're living,the vending machine is no long available anywhere.The 偶像卡片 is still available,in which you can get this from Comic Connection in a form of laminated photos or even poker cards.

My brother used to keep those old 偶像卡片,but we threw it away long time ago,since it doesn't serve any purpose but biography and song lyrics of that particular artists.

During my primary school times,I got this female classmate(who sat next to me)singing 王馨平's 別問我是誰 like as if she got broke up with someone or seems troubled with love relationship.She sang quite frequently until it started to haunt me.

Check out her hands signal at the chorus part.Damn,she can dance during the mambo night or maybe at "Fire",if that club is still exist.

Oh one more thing,the last line chorus part,does it sounds like 情非得意's last line chorus part?

Another overplayed song I heard came from my brother's cassette tape.The song is 天天想你 by 张雨生.Supposedly 五月天 re-sang this song,but I find the former is nicer,more passionate.

Sadly he died at a young age of 31 in 1997,which was 11 years ago.

I'm trying to find this song sang by 黎明,but I can't find the song.The reason is because I can't remember the title of the song.the only thing I know is that the song is featured in an old Hong Kong drama show,which goes like a child running away from home due to some conflict,his brothers and sisters grew up,brother from good became bad,mother became the scapegoat of the bad brother's crime,mother gets death penalty and died,the runaway child seek revenge oh his brother,brother died.

Alright,I know the paragraph is long,but I hope to find that song soon.

June 18, 2008

Pictures from SBS website.Wonder is it safe to upload here?

I still remember the days when bus ride is only 25-35 cents(or even 20 cents).As not many people owns a car during my time,they would rather choose a cheaper means of transport.

SBS/SMRT bus seems to provide everybody's need of cheap transportation during the 80s.I remembered we had to try our best to squeeze inside the bus.Moreover,the bus is not those air-conditioned so we had to open up the top window to allow air circulation.Imagine how cramped the situation was during that time.

Normally this old bus will bring some thrills in our ride.Take for example the famous "roller coaster" slope near the Jurong Library.As the old bus lack of some suspension thingy,it will actually makes you feel like going for a roller coaster ride when the bus drove downslope.Talk about cheap-thrill.

As time goes by,the new bus is much more improved and the "roller coaster" ride becomes boring now.Maybe it's my age that is catching up.

But the old seats are very hard for our butt.Not only that,the back of the seat is made of wood.One hard lean from a very heavy person would have break the seat.I've encountered it many times before.

You won't get to see all these in our modern life.Maybe try finding it in the museum,Discovery centre or some bus factory.

June 14, 2008

I first learned to ride a tricycle when I was primary one,thanks to my neighbor who had moved away many years ago.

Tricycle was an easy and fun thing until my friend wanted to challenge himself by removing the 2 little wheels.I had a hard time trying to balance myself with 2 wheels and I had falls with almost every attempts.

With much perseverance and practice we managed to catch the technique and started challenging the outside world:Our neighborhood park.We roamed the place for 3-5 years until we call it quit.That brings back memory.

I remembered there was one time my English teacher wanted us to write the things that we like to do.Alot of things came to my mind,but the stuff that gave me the most impression would be riding a bicycle.

But I don't know how to draw a bicycle.I'm still primary one okay?

After concentrating on how the bicycle looked like,I finally had the idea to draw,as I remembered the triangular joint and the saddle.So with a pencil,I drew something on an exercise book.

After 18 years of "haunting" picture of men on a bicycles,I'm surprised that the teacher didn't say anything about my horrendous drawing.That's the power of a young kids,I suppose,as you expect your 6-year-old child to draw a perfect skyscraper.

Until now I still can't draw a perfect bicycle.I need the help of a good artist,maybe William will help me with this.

June 12, 2008

Another children show which I still remember will be "Rainbow".Simply love the introduction part(folk-y music)and also the guitar part(plucking solo).

Although Rainbow may not be one of my often watch show than "Electric Company" and "Sesame Street",this show seems to be good in song singing.

Another part which I like will be their random doodling with only a line and a dotty spring,just like this:

Good thing that sometimes memory never fail me.

June 08, 2008

Part 2 of "The Electric Company".

The first short skits which I had the most impression will be the director.As you can see,the director is trying so hard just to tell the actors to say the right thing.Tried so hard to find some other skits,but sadly there only a few of it.

It's funny to see her pissed off reaction when the actors/actress just don't follow the cue card.

The second one will be Spidey Super Stories.This is my favorite skit I'm always looking forward to whenever I watch "The Electric Company".I got disappointed when they don't show it sometimes.Note that their songs emphasize on the deep bass and the drum rolling.Rock-and-roll indeed.

It's funny that this Spiderman heavily rely on the speech bubble to express his feeling.

And as for the video...Blowhard...hmmm......

Maybe will consider buying the DVD from Amazon,but I doubt I'll have the time to watch it.

June 05, 2008

One of the educational TV shows which I grew up with is "Electric Company".During my childhood time I didn't even know what the title is,until the conversation with my brother regarding TV shows during the childhood times.

Morgan Freeman(whom Jingyi likes)was one of the casts in the show.Man did he looked so charming during his young days.Yeah,this is the only intro video I know,while the rest I don't remember watching them.

There are so many skits in this show,but the one that I remembered most is the soft-shoe silhouette,whereby 2 person(in cast shadow)forming words together.This simple skit is so famous that there are so many spoof/parody imitating them,such as "The Family Guy".

Watch out for part 2,while I reveal 2 of the skits I still remembered.

June 03, 2008

Last week I mentioned about have a special post(s) in June.Let hope you all remember and I don't forget.

So for this month's topic,we'll be doing the "back to the old school post"!Oh yeah,retro stuff to be posted.

I'll not do a total retro topic for this month.In the middle of this month I'll also cover some other stuff like Diana's wedding and such.But mostly I'll be posting more of old school thingy,such as cartoons,songs and others.

So do stay tune once again,as new post will be coming as soon as possible.