October 28, 2008

Yesterday's South Ridge walk was an enjoyable one,with people ranged from young and old joining us for this tiresome trip.

It's a pity not many of the HGC members turn up for this event.Most of them have their own commitment and some overslept.Simply speaking,it's very hard to gather the people for HGC outings.

(It's better not to post anything further than this,because it's not really my edifying thoughts.)

Anyway,we hope to organize even more HGC outings before we end this year 2008.

October 25, 2008

Alright,the 7th t-shirt was bought out of a 10% discount,that's why I can't resist buying it from online.

The t-shirt was sent to me 2 weeks ago,but due to laziness,I didn't get to post it online.I kinda like the t-shirt design,simple yet funny in the sense that the lost turtle has some special abilities.Maybe if I wore this out,I may caught some attention from the people.

Now that I have a green t-shirt,I'm now short of a yellow one,which I have already aim one of it 2 weeks ago.However,because of the recent economic crisis,I had to hold back.Let's hope the t-shirt I want will have Christmas sales so that I can buy it.

October 20, 2008

Never call Airasia's customer service hotline.

I waited for 20 over minutes just to wait for that bloody lazy hotline people to just answer my simple question.All I can hear through the phone is the automatic voice system that has been playing over and over again.

Stupid plain lazy people just don't bother to stretch out their hand to answer my phone,or is it because they have only 1 phone to pick up?Sibeh bloody low budget customer service!

Thanks to you,I had to do my booking for at least 3 days just to book a flight from Johor to KL,return air from KL to Langkawi and KL to Singapore.Such a super tedious step.

If I have a choice,I rather take Tiger airway or Jetstar,but they doesn't seems to provide a flight to Langkawi.If they do,I'll BLACKLIST AIRASIA!


And yes,I'm controlling myself from using the F words.

October 16, 2008

I shall dedicate my 400th post by doing a review of Jay Zhou's latest album "魔杰座".

First of all,when I bought my album,the itune actually read my CD with all the wrong titles(for example "女儿红" instead of "给我一首歌的时间").The only correct title would be 稻香 and the rest are wrong.My speculation would be that the record company already foresee the music leaking problem,so they purposely changed all the title of the songs.

Alright,let's get back to the review.

1. 龙战骑士 (魔杰座)

Rock song by Jay Zhou which sounded very upbeat and very RPG-ish.Nothing impressive actually,not much of a breakthrough from his previous rock song album.

2. 给我一首歌的时间 (女儿红)

His usual R&B style of music.Strange enough,it sounded like some compilation of all his previous album,cut and paste and form into this one complete song.

3. 蛇舞 (东方之殿)

Oh no!Middle East music style!Nooooooo!!!!!!!

4. 花海 (红楼梦中)

I love this song.It's actually quite meaningful if you check out his lyrics.At first when I heard the chorus part,he sang until one part he went "zao sia".But when I heard it over and over again,it's actually...the style of this song.

5. 魔术先生 (失恋的青蛙)

Another of his happy cheerful song after his annoying "牛仔很忙".In fact,this song is way better than that cowboy song which sounded very corny.If you listen to his ending part,you will hear a part taken from "牛仔很忙".

6. 说好的幸福呢 (失落非主流)

Alright,WHO came out with the funny fake title?Anyway,this is one super emo song by Jay Zhou,with the piano intro abit like "蒲公英的约定".Perhap this will be a "handphone blasted loudly inside the bus" song.

7. 兰亭序 (从新爱)

Oriental song with is a must have in his compose list.I personally love this song more than his previous oriental song "青花瓷",because the previous song will put you to sleep and the new song brings out more power to the 中国风.However,I still find "菊花台" his overall best.

8. 流浪诗人 (大灌蓝)

Notice the tremendous difference between the real and the fake title?*roll eyes*

The music seems to be rather weird,creepy and dark at the same time.Maybe not my kind of song.

9. 时光机 (达芬奇的画布)

Pop-ish song.Not my type.Next.

10. 乔克叔叔 (小丑)

Ermmm......Bossanova music?Doesn't grew on me either.I'm sorry.

11. 稻香

I loved the guitar introduction and the song is simply meaningful.It gives us some meaning in looking life in another prospective.I wonder why did he place this song as his last song when this song is his first EP?

October 15, 2008

Sometimes a simple English sentence may contains other meanings.We call this sentence ambiguous.

Take for example,Mr A is a jerk.Even Mr B says he's a jerk.

From this simple sentence,we derived 2 meanings:

1. Mr A is a jerk and Mr B agrees with it.

2. Both Mr A and B is a jerk.

So next time when you start a conversation telling your friends how ______(fill in the blank)this person is and your friend agrees with it,never use the word "even my friend says he's a ______(fill in the blank again)".You may give your friends another impression that your friend is no worse than that particular person.

October 11, 2008


Last Sunday we celebrated Raymond's belated birthday with the usual dinner after the usual game of DOTA and an unusual KTV session.It was quite a rushed celebration being the fact that some of us have some event of our own in the morning.

We had a difficult time trying to find a restaurant to eat.Frankly speaking,it's hard to find an English restaurant that offers reasonable price to dine in.

As we became hungrier,we decided to forget about finding a nice English restaurant and went to a Chinese restaurant instead.


We settled at a place called "Chen Fu Ji",a restaurant famous for their crabmeat fried rice,which was recommended by my colleague.

The place was kinda quiet,probably because it was already 9am when we went there.I rather prefer the place to be somewhat noisy.

A beautiful scenery.

The hungry us ate the snack like a bunch of barbarians.

纸包鸡.It looked as if the paper can be eaten.

The meat is very juicy and the mushroom is well marinated.Most of the time I hate eating the black mushroom but this is one special case I ate it.

铁板豆腐.Taste rather normal to me.Not very special.

Sweet and sour pork.

三杯鸡.I loved the way how the prepare the chicken.

Oat Wheat prawn.This is one of the dish we really can't accept its price.6 prawns for $24!Is there any gold filling hidden inside the prawn?No!Then why is it so expensive?

Singapore Sambal fried rice.The rice is well separated and it doesn't taste so dry when I ate it.Somemore the spiciness of it is damn shiok.

Pineapple fried rice.Glenn regretted ordering it.

Japanese fried rice.I loved the ebi roe on top of the rice,but the bad thing about this dish is that,for the cost of $22 it contains only seaweeds,ebi roe and some chewy black stick.

Mango pudding.Something smoothing after a heavy dinner.

The four of us actually played a game of "Fear Factor".Raymond challenged us to eat a lump of onion and garlic inside the 三杯鸡.Glenn and I don't dare to eat it because we know that if we did,we probably get to puke out what we have eaten.

Then we challenged one another to eat a piece of chilli from the sambal fried rice.This should be easy I thought.When I put the whole piece inside my mouth,my tongue sting like mad.I tried drinking cold water to neutralize the taste but failed.It took me some time to get my taste bud recovered.

Glenn,on the other hand is worse.His eyes became bloodshot red after chewing the chilli for 10-15 times and then swallowing it.He had a hard time trying to get his tongue recovered and yes,he had to drink 5-6 cups of tea.

The total cost of the whole thing is $200!It's a super expensive meal I should say,and the birthday boy is sort of kenna carrot chopped by the restaurant.I think this will be the last time we eat here.I should have swap my Japanese fried rice with crabmeat fried rice instead.At least there's crab meat for me to enjoy.

I think next time we should never come to Clarke Quay for meals anymore,except for Central which is nearby.

October 07, 2008

The wrapper stated: I always wish you every happiness with my whole heart in the distance.

The English seems to be abit wrong in a sense,perhaps the sentence phrasing part?Anyway,the biscuit is from Japan and it tasted...milky.Let's hope the content is not from China.

Anyway,more photos coming soon!

October 02, 2008

2 weeks ago,I went for the Super Import Night with my Poly friends.It happened to be the last day when we went there.

We started off with watching the drift outside the exhibition hall.The thing just started when we reached there.

But seriously,the drift is not as entertaining as last year.At least the host from last year knows how to bring up the crowds.

Alright,let start off the Super Import Night with...cars!

Yellow Lamborghini.

We have the gunmetal color as well.

A mixture of black and yellow too.

Can't remember the brand of this car.But the design do looks funny.

BMW 888 = Huat ah!

This white car looks very cute.It looked as if the car is smiling.


A white Ferrari...

as well as a white Audi.

A Panorama view of all the cars.(Click on the photo to enlarge)

Honda "Pink Butterfly" Intergra.

The back view.

The whole car show is based mainly on 4th Generation of Nissan Skyline GTR,as well as Mitsubishi Evo X,as I've seen many of them in almost part of the exhibition.

That will be the new Mitsubishi Evo X.

Nissan Skyline Batman Version?

Check out the reflective front view.

GTR white version.

GTR black version.Check out the price above if you want to buy it.

GTR 1st Generation.

Taking a photo with the latest GTR.

A panorama view of all the GTR from 1st to 4th generations.(Click on the photo to enlarge)

Next,we shall proceed to...showgirls!

They are rathertired after 4 days of work.

Like the way this girl do her cold stare at people.She just looks hot!

Sweet pose.

Yeah! ^_^

The girls from USA are back!

Nice legs you have here.

Left or right,you decide.

This years Super Import Night focus on Thailand babes,which is why there are even more wolves photographers than last year.

Hot pose by the Thai girl number 1.

Another hot pose by Thai girl number 2.

What a dreamy seductive eyes you have here.

I managed to capture 5 in a row.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8!Scores!

Thai girls number 3 and 4.

Thanks to the camera lights,I managed to capture her without any problem.

Simply love her smile.It looks very genuine.

Another Thai girl.She got a nice pair of......eyes.

Well,that all for the Super Import Night 2008.Hope to see more from the Japan or Korea side next time.