May 31, 2007

2 public holidays in just 1 month,which means there will be no more holiday for the next 2 months (Please do not quote youth day,school holidays and teachers' day,I'll kill you,si ginnah!!!!UHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!)

Anyway,today will be a rather special day because I'm going for my HGC outing in Bishan Home.Let's hope that I can take their culture shock over there.The past experience when I was in primary school makes it think this way.

Will take lotsa photos over there.Make sure the battery life is enough for me to take it.

Oh and I really sounded secondary school nowadays.Am I getting younger?Hohoho.

May 28, 2007

I was told by Kelvin to recommend his video in my blog.Well,here goes nothing.

The video is inspiring in the sense that how the guy in this video was transformed by the grace of God.The film combines love,struggle and victory all into one and you can see the amount of effort made in this 5 minutes of short film.

Love - Family and friends

Struggle - The bondage of sin and the temptation

Victory - How he overcomes all obstacles around him

Do check out this video and send your vote by clicking on this website here:

May 23, 2007

Sandra actually called me yesterday to gather all my guys(and gals)to do another presentation in June.And I was like OMIGAWD!Not again?!Pardon me,I was actually trying to sound blonde.

This time round it was my turn to get the people to join me to perform.Oh great,everything is so sudden and I don't know what to do.She expected me to give her the list of people who will be performing by this Friday.Cannot lah,I'm suck at recruitment.

Anyway,if I were to make a daring move,I'll put Junwei as the drummer,Eddie as the bassist and William as the guitarist.To make the group not so "manly",I'll put one of the girls as the lead singer.As for me,I'll do the backup singer.Maybe this will work.

By the way,any female singer volunteer to sing with me?Pleasssssssssssse.I promise I won't bite.

May 22, 2007

Yesterday my Mom quarreled with my second brother because he didn't came back for a visit for the past few months.

If I remembered correctly,the last time I've seen him was like during the Chinese New Year period.That was 3 months ago.

The reason why he did not come back is because of the workload he was carrying right now.Is this the only reason he had for not coming back?

Come to think of it,I kinda angry with this situation.Because of his "seldom come back home" attitude,my 2 nephews don't even know who's the other grandmother.

My parents had gave so much for him,yet they get nothing in return.I am worried that this situation will fall upon me someday.Is this how we'll be when we get married?

May 18, 2007

One lovely sunny day in the office...

Colleague A: Hey I got new song in my phone.Wanna hear?(took out handphone)

Oh no!!!!!Handphone mp3 endless symphony begins!

"What Hurts The Most" by Rascal Flatts

"Summer Love" by Justin Timberlake

"Wind It Up" by Gwen Stefani

"What Hurts The Most" by Rascal Flatts...again!

"Summer Love" by Justin Timberlake...I can't wait to fall in love...with you.What the heck?!I'm chained to the lyrics?!

"Wind It Up" by Gwen Stefani...Wind it up *dum dum* Wind it up!Wei Liang,stop it!

"What Hurts The Most" by Rascal Flatts featuring 2 lady colleagues (backup singing remix version)

"Summer Love" by Timberlake featuring 2 lady colleagues (loud chorus version)

All I want to sing is "Save Me" by Zero Remy.

However,the office will be boring without them.There's a saying that goes "No music,no life".Am I right to say that?

May 15, 2007

That Singapore domain website is everywhere.You can see it at the bus stops,in TV commercials,magazines,newspapers,etc...I was wondering what is that website doing here?

Out of curiosity,I decided to browse that website and out come some flash interface.It was asking me what I really wish for,so to try out this system,I try to wish for "Wii".

In the end,the website told me wait until the 19 May.Come to think of it,got so good meh wish for anything.If like that I won't need that GST offset anymore to buy that Nintendo Wii.

Maybe it was just trying to sell some gimmicks or something like that.Perhaps tissue paper?Or classy enough,electronic goods.Sorry,electronic student will only think that classy things = electronics.

If there's no limitation to what I wish for,I'll wish for a private landed property in Orchard,with my own personal swimming pool and a helicopter where I can take to go China eat steamed crab in the morning.

Scally hor...if they were to send Wii with DHL packaging to my house then I'll be beating my chest for not wishing something bigger.No wait,one shall not be too greedy okay?

May 13, 2007

Yesterday was such a tiring and a dramatic day for me.Having to travel from place to place after work simply drains out the energy in me.

Raymond and Glenn was late for the show.For Glenn's case(in which he was late for 45 minutes!),it was partly my fault because I didn't correct him when he said that he'll look for me in Golden Village.Anyway,the 3 of us didn't really watched the whole movie.I missed 5 minutes of the show while Raymond missed 10 minutes(plus another 5 minutes for finding Glenn).

I felt sorry for the couple that is at our row.We went past them 4 times and we stepped on their shoes 2 times.Raymond stepped on the ladies shoes while I stepped on the guy's shoes.I must have caused them to write some bad entries inside their blog right now.Probably inside their post they must be cursing and swearing at us for giving them the bad experience yesterday.

However it was not totally our fault.They might have placed their feet too far out that cause great difficulty while moving in.

Anyway the show Spiderman 3 was fantastic.It's more of the drama and emotion rather than the actions and the fighting.The plot was good and the pace was just right.I don't really like rushing movies,whereby you know the whole story after watching it for just 30 minutes.

The action/fighting was kinda unreal.How can the green goblin,after felling off from a great height,can still survive with only a temporary brain concussion?How can spiderman still feels alright despite the fact that he smashed the building for don't know how many times?

I like the new green goblin in the whole show.He was such a versatile character with so much weapon to choose from(sword,hand blade,bombs,flamethrower from his flying device,etc...).Second will the Venom,even though in the whole show he was kinda "Buay Gan".Black is the new red!Oh yeah!

After the whole show,I rushed down to church for my presentation practice and the real thing.The harmonizing for the show song was a bit of last minute to me.You Seng,Belinda and I was so nervous when we walked up the stage to sing.When it was my turn to sing solo,my heart was beating as if I just finished my 2.4km.I think I sounded horrible during the solo part.That was an inconsistent volume I gave.

The stone inside me was lifted off after our performance.It was actually not bad after all.I can feel the sense of satisfaction in myself.Alas,no more worries.

Halfway through the service,I rushed back to meet Raymond and the rest.I look as if I went for 2 dates at the same day.Zzzzzzzzzz.

We have Ding Tai Fung again for dinner.Ever since we went there for birthday dinner,Elvin became the "regular customer" here.Hah.

I had gastric pain while I'm on my way back home.The kind of feeling was not so good.Imagine having to endure the pain until the bus stopped at the place when toilet exist.Fortunately,the bus stopped at Commonwealth MRT,if not,I'll be shitting in my pants.Ewww!!!!!!

May 09, 2007

6.30am - Handphone alarm rings.Hand press phone.Proceed to sleep.

7.00am - Wakes up.WTH?!7am already?!Thought of doing some simple exercise!

7.05am - Brush teeth,eat breakfast,serve Internet.

7.30am - Toilet break,get myself changed,prepare for WAR!!!!!

7.45am - Went downstairs and wait for bus 198.Wah lao eh,why is the bus always crowded?!

8.30am - Book in.Get myself prepared.

8.35am - Answer phone calls.Stop calling lah!!!!

12 noon - Lunch break.Phew...

1.00pm - Answer phone calls again.Stupid callers!!!!!

5.30pm - Finally the day is over.Time for exercise.

6.15pm - Jogging time.Today I shall run 15 laps round the Clementi Stadium.

6.45pm - *pant* What the %#$@#?!This is only my 5th lap?!Okay,I'll stop at the 6th lap. *pant*

7.00pm - Let's do some sit-ups and pull-ups.I can only do 5 pull-ups.Sian...

7.30pm - Leave this place with a tired look.

8.00pm - Home sweet home.What's for dinner?What?!No soup?!

9.00pm - proceed to serve the net.Check my mail,look for nice t-shirts,blog,if possible.

11.00pm - *yawn* Time to sleep.

11.30pm - Officially asleep.

May 07, 2007

Yes,I admit myself for being lazy in updating my blog.There are so many thing I want to say,yet I choose not to write it.Something bothering me?Maybe.

Yesterday's practice for the performance item this Saturday went quite well.This was our second practice before the real thing and I know it's gonna be a "okay" performance.But I believe we'll be able to put our best for it,maybe with a bit of pitching error.

We managed to find ourselves a pianist,a guitarist and a......tambourinist?Oh cool!I will be worried if we didn't get somebody to support us with music.I can't do Acappella you know.

Alright,5 more days to go.I got stage fright,how ah?

May 03, 2007

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The Courts delivery truck that was parked at the car park.Check out the green light underneath it.

I have never seen this kind of zhng truck before.Tell me,am I so suaku?

May 01, 2007

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There you go,my accidental click-to-buy t-shirt.

I didn't blame myself for doing it,except that I felt the pain of having my money deducted from my bank.

The packaging is as small as the previous one and it even smells like......Ikea?Yeah,Ikea.It gives out this woody smell.

The design of the t-shirt is kinda geeky and......engineered.I was quite amazed that it does not have any sewing line at the side of the shirt.I wonder how on earth did they do it?

I love shirts with nice design,so can anybody here sponsor me some designers' t-shirt?Pleaseeeeee,I promise to get myself shape up.Hah.