November 30, 2008

8 posts in total for this closing month of November.That's kind of sad for me.I do hope to make a revival in this blog,say,for next year.

Anyway,this post is not about whining of my blog post,but of something interesting encountered few days ago.

3 days ago,my colleague and I were having dinner at MOS Burger restaurant.We got a table just at the corning which happened to be a very bad location.

We were surrounded by 2 groups of people: The PSP brothers and the photowhore sisters.

The PSP brother spent their time playing with their PSP,without any food on the table.It may be:

1. The finished their food long time ago and they refused to get up and go.

2. They just needed a place to play their PSP only.

But then spending time busy playing with PSP inside the fast food restaurant is simply a no-lifer.I'm not trying to say all those who play hand-held console is a no-lifer,but they should have spare some considerations for the people who needs the seat.

Oh talk about self-control when comes to playing too much electronic games.I need one too.

The photowhore sisters,which happened to sit next table away,spent 45 minutes of their time taking photos with their camera(phone).Same place,same position,almost the same pose.Think they might have taken 100 over photos for the past 45 minutes.

Maybe if you're good enough,you will find their blog post entitled "Day at the MOS Burger",with 50 over same shots with cutsy-dutsy pose.

*roll eyes*

Well,another usual day with me posting as if it was something unusual.

November 25, 2008

It's been long since I last posted part 2 of Guitars and Pianos.For part 3,I'll be posting all the songs by Jason Mraz.

"Make It Mine",from his recent album "We sing.We Dance.We steal things".I supposed to post another better version of this song but the person humbly removed the video.So sad.

Anyway,I like how the beat goes.It's catchy from the beginning to the end,with a jumpy chorus to add spice to this song.

"Curbside Prophet",from his album "Waiting For The Rocket To Come".Yes,the guitarist is very entertaining indeed.Be sure to tune down the volume because the singer has a very loud voice.

"Love For A Child",from his album "We sing.We Dance.We steal things".It's kinda sounds like a lullaby song,especially when the singer has a sleepy eyes that adds the effect of this song.I like how he hits the high note easily because this song has lots of high notes.

"Lucky",from his album "We sing.We Dance.We steal things",featuring Colbie Caillat who was well known for her song "Bubbly".This is a very sweet song which needs very good coordination and blending with each other.I fall in love with this song after listening to it for a few times.

That's all for now.Stay tune for the next "Guitars and Pianos",which I'll be posting pretty soon...I guess.

November 22, 2008

Few days ago,Sylvy organized a birthday surprise for Richard at her place.It was quite a sudden information to me,as she announced it 2 days before the actual day.

Meet Ashlea,the lady-like dog.She's much more active compared to the last 2 times I met her.

The chicken,the pizza,the fries and the pie...yummy!

Placing so many candles will reveal Richard's age.

Federick playing with Ashlea.

Give the dog something to chew on.

Good doggie.Now give her a pat.

Richard came home later than we planned,thanks to the diversion from Sylvy's request.With the clock ticking fast and the preparation getting rushed,we hope that the plan to surprise Richard will be a success.

And there he is,the birthday boy!

The surprise seems to be a success except for Daniel's shoes that is a giveaway to Richard.Oh well...

Can I cut the cake now?


Richard trying to cut the cake into equal sizes.

My piece of durian cake topped with white chocolate.It's a wonderful combination with a mild taste of durian.

We played Wii at their place.This is my first time playing with it and it's super addictive!Boxing gives the highest energy consumption in the whole Wii sport.It lefts me with a slight arm strain after that.

Tennis is addictive with 4 players in game.I want to buy Wii!

And lastly,an exclusive video of Jingyi vs Daniel in boxing.

Man is she a tigeress in this game.

November 16, 2008

The Ipoh Hor Fun I had at the Old Town Kopitiam near to East Coast's Big Splash.I would say I don't really like the hor fun very much.It's so full of MSGs.But then,MSGs is everyone's favorite food.

Mushroom Chicken Cabonara together with my ice lemon tea.I had it at IMM and the price is reasonable(around the price of Pasta Mania).

I like my pasta to be creamy,but not too thick.The cream is just nice for me.Maybe next time I'll try the claypot pasta.

November 15, 2008

Yes,this ends the 2nd cycle of my reservist.I would say,thank God for blessing me with a smooth in-camp training,other than the long waiting time during training and out processing.

In what way is God blessing me?By showering us with rain so that we wouldn't get cooked and allowing my team to skip the intensive team battle movement evaluation test.

We got recon 1 for our 1st evaluation test,thanks to the removal of carrier boat and underslung test.This is another reason I would thank God for.

Out processing is rather tedious and tiring.This could be because of the long waiting time and also the lack of automobile(four-wheel car).

After I went for the second cycle for my in-camp training,I realized that over 70% of the reservist personnel owns a car.It is very convenient for them to put all their heavy fieldpack into their car boot without any problem(maybe other than finding parking space).

As for some of us without cars,the pain of waiting for a taxi outside the bus stop with 15kg worth of heavy load.For then on I know that owning a car is a must for a reservist personnel.How slow am I to realize this?

I may have problem buying a decent car.First of all,I got to go for a driving license and secondly,saving up cash for it.With me trying hard to save up money for further study,it would take me 4-5 years to own a car.I would have finished my 7th cycle by the time I got it.

Now the one and only solution will be hoping for someone who owns a car staying near my place.

November 09, 2008

1 more week before we end this high key in-camp training.

It was quite a relaxing in-camp training we had here.I would say that our CSM and OC provide good welfare for us by allowing us to book out everyday.Well,except for Saturday where we had to stay in camp till 3.30pm just to do our medic refresher course.

This in-camp training is in fact a refresher courses for all of us.We had to go through courses such as tactical movement,medic course,artillery(canceled due to renovations)and even engineering recce.So does it make recce a jack of all trades,master of none?

Heard from my senior that in their times,they had to go through POW trainings and jungle survivor course,where they had to kill chickens and iguana for food.I didn't managed to go through all these courses due to issues of past accident.If you ask me whether if I would want to go for all those "sadistic" course,I would say I won't dare to do it.

But then hor,the courses sounds fun to me leh.How ah?It would be good if I were to go through these courses as it's a once in a lifetime experience.

November 02, 2008


*insert some tragic music here*

After witnessing the water baptism(in which I have not been there for 2-3 years),it's time for me to go where I should be going.

No prize for guessing where I'm heading to.It will be good to just keep in touch with the rest during 2 weeks of training.I hope to see some other familiar faces over there.

November 01, 2008

Feeling insecure about my current figure,I took my army uniform to wear.To my horror,the pants that used to fit me nicely becomes so tight that I had to unbutton the top button in order for me to fit in.

I decided to ask my colleague to lend me his medium pants so that I won't have any difficulties when trying to book in for my in-camp training next Monday.

I did a measurement on my waist and it shows a shocking 34 inches!!!!!I didn't know my belly can become so big after joining this company.Seriously,the canteen food is just to oily for consumption.

However at the end of the day,I should put the blame on myself.Who told me to eat so much and sleep so late?I should switch back to my regular diet routine and back to the time of 10.30pm sleeping time.Perhaps this will do the trick.

Maybe my next in-camp training will help me shed some fats,perhaps 2 kg or so?