July 29, 2006

Can't believe that I am feeling so energetic even though I slept at 4.30am and wake up at 9am.Could it be that the computer becomes a main reason for waking up early?

Not really.I thank the early phone call today from the Republic Polytechnic for telling me to go for my job interview.

Job interview in Republic Polytechnic as an administration assistant?Woohoo!!!If I'm able to make it I will be able to flirt around with the RP girls try out the food over there.

Oh the reason why I slept late is because of the midnight movie in PS.Well,my mistake actually for buying the late tickets instead of the 8.50pm ones.Sorry guys.

We watched the show "Pirates of the Carribbean",which is another show I watched without knowing what the hell part 1 is all about.Anyway,the show is rather long to me because the movie seems to be going in a slow pace.

The show is quite gross,having to see all the "undead" pirates fighting with prawns/lobster/fishes/octopus attached around their body.Once we kill them all,we would have no worries about having no food on our ships.

POTC watched.Next will be watching "Dragon Tiger Gate" with my long lost secondary school contacts.

Will be visiting my friend soon.He suffered an injury due to bike accident.

July 26, 2006

Yesterday was one of my worst interview/day ever.Nothing seems to be right at all.

As for the interview questions,what interested me is that the interviewer is giving me several IQ questions.

There were this 2 questions that goes:

1.You have 8 identical balls.1 of the balls is defective and weigh slightly lighter than the rest.You are given a balance to measure the 8 balls.With only 2 tries,how do you find the defective ball?

2.You have a worker who is working for you.He was to received 1 gold bar at the end of each day of his work.You are given a 7 pieces of gold bar joined together into segment.Given only 2 breaks,how do you pay your worker?

I came upon the first question before on the internet,but I can't remember how they solve it.Even though the interview may not want my correct answer,but I just want to solve at least 1 IQ question.

In the end I failed to do so.

The interviewer also asked me some SQL questions and also general questions like "what is your goal?".Anyway I kinda butchered it.

I had to wait for their reply once again.I shall keep my fingers cross.

Perhaps you all can try answering the 2 questions I posed.Will give out the answers next week.

July 24, 2006

I'll be going for the interview tomorrow.Just pray that the interview will be a smooth one.

And yes,I want the job!

July 22, 2006

Brain Power

You dream that you're in a fantasy world fighing monster,bring peace and justice,buying items,exploring towns.

In the middle of a game you suddenly felt uneasy.You can't fight well,you are vulnerable to every single hit a weak monster can do.

You decided to go back to one of the town's Inn to take a sleep so that you can recover your weakness on the second day.

Out of a sudden,the town that you went in have a big new building called the toilet.

Flu bug invasion again,can't blog much today.

July 21, 2006

I received an unknown phone call from my handphone.

Me: Hello?

???: Hello,is this Wei Liang?

Me: Yes?

Roy: This is Roy.Remember you went for the interview last Friday?The company wants you to come for an interview for the IT job.Are you interested?

Me: Oh yes!(Duh!)

Roy: Okay,we arranged the interview for you.You are to come down next Tuesday for another interview.I'll remind you again on Monday.

Me:Okay,thank you.(hang phone)


July 17, 2006

Wedding Days

Not today,but yesterday.

Yesterday was Weiling and Eng Chai's wedding ceremony.Like what everybody say,we have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

I forgot to bring my camera along to take photos of the wedding couple.It was so rush for me because I'm late for choir.Oh well,I have to take photo from my handphone instead.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is the part of the wedding matrimony.

After the matrimony,we have Eng Chai and Weiling to do the thanksgiving speech.I didn't know Eng Chai was even more emotional than Weiling.Every sentences he said he was like almost tearing.What a touching moment.

As for Weiling,she tried her best not to cry.If she do,she'll be shedding black tears (mascara make-up).

Anyway,wedding couples do cry when they did a thanksgiving speech,if you think of how the Lord blessed them throughout their relationship and how your parents taking care of you.

I afraid I'll cry even more when I get married.It will take a pretty long time for me to get started in a relationship.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The food is nice.But I don't like the scallop because it taste kinda wierd.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The wedding car.Check out the design.It's very retro.

I like the orange feeling of this car.Everywhere is orange,except for the tires of course.

Next time I want my wedding car to be yellow in color.As I notice,our church don't have yellow cars.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Wedding car front view.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Look at the vintage looking interior design.This car is auto drive by the way.

Everybody were so fascinated by the wedding car that most of them want to take photo with it.

We also celebrate Jerlyn's birthday at Coffee Club.We had a wonderful coffee talk session together drinking coffee and eating mudpie.

(No photos taken from me.Just imagine on the table there is my banana smoothie and a chocolate mudpie.)

By the time we're done with the coffee talk,I was so late for the soccer game.Sorry that I throw aeroplane at you all.

July 15, 2006

I went for the interview this morning at Tuas.

As usual,I felt very nervous when I went there.There were around 10+ people who is going for the interview,but with different vocation.I was assigned to be the first to go the interview,since I'm the first to arrive for that particular vocation.

I was interviewed by a middle aged person.He looked rather stern,so different from what the person from GMP told me.Is it because his impression on me is a person with an attitude problem?

Cannot be.I've already done my best to show the friendliest face a person can get.

He looked at my application form without uttering any words.Then he started off with,"So you've ORD..."

"Last year December.Then I took up a temp job at..."

He showed me the application form and told me to fill in the empty box,which is the job history.

I apologised to him,then proceed to fill in the blank and in the same way curse and swear the person yesterday for not letting me finish up this particular.

Interviewer:So what did you do in your previous job?

Me:I was assigned to be a blah blah blah

Interviewer:What type of job are you looking for?

Me:Ehhh....(Since this company deals with computer related stuff,I shall try this...)I'm more of a computer guy and I interested in the parts of the computer system and...

Interviewer:Okay,I shall put you into IT department.I'll circulate your application to the IT department and see if they're interested in recruiting new people.


Interviewer:You looked like an IT person to me...that's what I think.

Gone liao lah!

Me:So basically what is the job scope of an IT personnel?

Interviewer:I don't know.You may need to do programming.

That's it lah!Digging my own grave.

Interviewer:We'll call you once the IT department needs person and we'll arrange you to go for another interview here.

End of the interview for me.Will there be another interview for me again?Or maybe the interviewer is trying to make me happy by saying this?I'm yet to receive any update from them.

Anyway,I don't mind having the IT job.It will be a challenging task for me and will helped me to get some experience on programming.

Now my main concern is will they call the GMP person?Better to find other jobs in the meantime.

July 13, 2006


I received a call this morning.It's the job that Raymond told me about which is located in Tuas.I was told to come for an interview at their place today.Since they did not specify the timing,I shall go in the late afternoon.

The place I need to go is at 57 storey....57 STOREY?!

Sua Ku enough,I've never been to building so high before.I love looking down from the top of a very high building,enjoying the scenery of the city area.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I see many small buildings from the top.I'm like a giant trying to step on it!

I've waited for the 1st interview for quite some time.30 minutes later,It's my turn for the talk.

He go through with me briefly what my job scope is about and ask me questions the interviewer normally asked.

I did not answered well because I was not really prepared.I didn't expect he asked me this type of questions at this point of time.

Well,I had to go for a 2nd interview at the place that he mentioned.It will be in the morning.Why can't they put it in the afternoon instead?

I pray that during the interview,I will not have butterflies/marbles inside my mouth.It's time I potrait my confidence.

July 12, 2006

Been jobless for the past 5 days is a very torturous thing for me.Without a stable job,I have been staring at the computer all day playing games and surfing the Internet for jobs and update to my knowledge base.

Today's interview for the job in Life Bookshop was a total disaster.Firstly I made a mistake in my timing.It should be 4pm instead of 3pm.Because of that,I didn't get myself well prepared for the meet-the-interviewer session and total screwed up on my conversation part.

Secondly,there's alot of situational question that I can't answer well.Another minus mark for poor answers.

Thirdly,I didn't even prepare my questions to ask the boss.There's alot of things I want to ask him,but I totally forgot what is it.

Well,that's it.No more Life Bookshop job.If he wwas to call me tomorrow,it has to be:

God works in mysterious way....Always!

Watched the Singapore Idol top 12 finalist performance today.Well,a not bad performance from them.The judge's favorite Jonathon didn't do quite well for this week,but he okay enough to get to the final 11.

What I find something conspiracy will be what Ken Lim judged the finalist.All were negative except Jonathon.Smelling something fishy?

Not all of them did well tonight.Emilee's singing is rather mediocre and it doesn't brings up the audience.Norman's singing is just way too soft and karaoke.

I personally think Norman will be booted out tomorrow.

July 10, 2006

I'm Not Dead

Italy won the World Cup this year.It may be something as expected,even though I really don't like Italy very much.And hey,Italy's defense is strong and throughout the World Cup they only conceded 2 goals because of own goal and penalty.

What I have predicted to win the World Cup somehow didn't win.It became the opposite instead.

Well,World Cup's over,we might have to wait for another month or so for the EPL to come.

Sometimes I wish I can be a girl.By stating this I'm not trying to tell you that I'm gay,rather to tell you that girls tend to be well treated.

When things doesn't get into her way,she will manja the guy to gain the advantage.However if guys were to did that,she may have kick your "spawning pool" goodbye.

Girlfriend:Eh...how come you buy for me bak chor mee?

Boyfriend:Dear,just eat lah.That bak chor mee is best selling in Singapore one okay.

Girlfriend:UHHHH!!!I don't care!I want your western meal!!!!

Boyfriend:Okay lah!You win.I'll eat your bak chor mee and you eat mine.

Yesterday my 2nd brother and sister-in-law with their 2 sons (my nephew) came to visit.It was like once in a blue moon kinda thing,say 2-3 visits per year?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My 2nd nephew.My mother is helping him to stand up.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Z monster invaded the baby.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Trying to play with the toys.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photos of the 2 brothers.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Eh?Where you wanna go?

Truthfully speaking,their presence simply brightens my day.

July 08, 2006

I asked my boss:How do you convince somebody that the white chair is black,or a black shirt white?

He answered:

One day me and my wife will be in a deserted island with my child.When he/she is still small,I'll keep on telling my kid that my black shirt is "white",until his/her age of 21.When it's about time he/she go out to face the society,you advise him/she that his/her is always right and the society is trying to trick you by twisting the fact that the black shirt is "black".

Good answer.We've been blinded by the false fact by the society and that cause us to lose our belief in something.

Let say someone is selling a new product.They're trying to trick the people from buying the product by claiming things that is not true.Yet people choose to believe and when they try to use it,it's not really what the seller claims to be.

As a result,when another person wants to sell a same product,who will buy it,even when the seller is stating the truth?

I quitted my job.1st reason is because of my family objection,2nd reason is because I didn't believe in myself,3rd reason is I decided to choose a difficult path.

I may have regretted joining here,but I also regretted leaving.What a undecisive me.

Anyway,what's done is done.No turning back,I tell myself.

I earned nothing out of the 7 days,but I've learn a lesson from my boss.

1 year ago,I asked God to give me direction.1 year later I ended up in this company with him.I believe it's God's arrangment.And yes,once again God works in mysterious way.

The next journey I take may be tougher,but I believe God will make a way.

July 05, 2006

After joining the company for nearly 1 week,I was asking myself whether to continue working for these company or not.It's be a dilemma for me right now.

I didn't expect myself to come back to LTA just to help my ex-colleague to find some documents.After searching for some time,I managed to find the document out of the waste paper.Case closed.

It's good to come back once again to visit my fellow ex-colleague.I miss the time where we talk about soccer and everything cock-ish.Seeing that all my ex-colleague is still doing fine,I was relief.

After this I took a free ride from my used-to-be client.After quitting this job,we have become friends.I told him what my job is about and he advised me of what to do,since he went through this company before.

Being a soft-hearted self,I'm easily been convinced by anybody.I just hope to make myself a stand,a correct one of course.

Maybe I should continue to work and observe this company further.I got to be positive!

July 03, 2006

England and Brazil,Singapore's 2 most over-rated countries lost by the hands of Portugal and France.

For England vs Portugal,I really don't think England can proceed any further,because they lost 2 striker:Rooney sent off thanks to his Man U team-mate Ronaldo.That's what we call the act of betrayal!Good guy turn bad guy!

Beckham kenna injury and so left the not so good Crouch doing the striking.Even if they do,they may have a hard time dealing with the next team.

Brazil can't get their sweet revenge over France.That is rather so sad.Well,the ball is round,anything shitty may happen.Try more harder 4 years later.

And so far my favorite team to win the World Cup:

1.Germany (My supporting team)

2.Portugal (I'll say I wanna see this team won the Cup for the first time,even though they are the villians for 2006)

3.France (Let's see their comeback,even with the old players)


It's been a long time since we played soccer inside the church compound.It may be a small place for kick out,but it brings back the memory where we played soccer 2-3 years back in the same place.

Hope we can still continue playing soccer inside the church compound.

I had dinner with my church member in Old Airport Road.According to Richard,it's a place full of good food,especially the pumpkin cake,carrot cake,ginseng herbal chicken,desserts,garlic tasted chicken chop etc...

With just a simple $5 from each person,we can eat until our stomach cannot take it anymore.It's really a worth it kind of offer,not to mention Richard bombarding us with food from their side whom they can't finished.

Out of all the dishes,I like the ginseng herbal chicken the most.I like the soup out of the essence of chicken.Yummy!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
pumpkin cake!It taste like yam cake actually.

The food I'm yet to taste may be the Wanton Mee,fried kway Tiew and the Prawn Mee.Maybe one day I can go and try out with my polytechnic friends.

July 01, 2006

I thanks God that I managed to find a job through the Straits Time Classified.

The new job proves to be a new challenge for me,as once again I had to deal with sales again.But I hope that I can work long because this may be the job to train my confidence in myself.I want to break the barrier of me being so lack of confidence and as an introvert.

I kinda like the people over there.At least it takes me just 2 days to mix around with me,or should I say they're trying to enfold me?We had a good time learning things together and I've learn alot of business stuff there.This may be something that guide me when I went into SIM,provided that I can get in.

We played pool together,and with my boss somemore.It's rather surprise that a boss may find such time to hang out with us.

I just want to make some sales,so that I can prove to myself that I can really do it.I must develope my self-confidence!