April 29, 2009

I really don't know how should I phrase it.I think I have not been doing a regular blogging for this month.It's basically all the little bits of here and there that look as if you feel reluctant to blog.

That's the end of April for you,and I'm feeling kinda tired during April.Not in the physical sense,but of mental tiredness.I really hope that the retreat tomorrow and the trip next week will lighten me up.

I realized jogging is not only a good form of exercise,it's also a ways that helps me not to think too much of the things happened around me.The more drained you are,the lesser you think.However,that doesn't mean you don't need God to help you.

Halfway done packing up my stuff.Can't really wait for the trip tomorrow.

April 27, 2009

First of all,the egg-citing race.The plan is kinda rushed to me and I was appointed as the event committee only 2 weeks after the race.Well,there's still more things for us to plan this year.

We had a fun time with the egg-citing race with all the HGC groups trying hard to find clues to the next stop or something.I was stationed at the upper room to "tekan" the bunch of people by asking them to spell out the word with their butt.Nothing amusing,but it's fun to "tekan" people once in a while.

The clue,to them,is rather easy.One of them sound out that people actually sabotage the clue by placing it in another place.People,where's the sport integrity?

Didn't take any photos for the event.Everything just moved so fast with all the groups finished the race within 20 minutes.Must be the empire giving to much of a clue.Hor hor...

Anyway hope that we can organized a better event.The next event would probably be during the National Day.Maybe event like car-boot sales is good.

I realized that my commitment to the church is getting more.First,the PA duty.Second,Singing group for Saturday@5.Third,the event committee.But I won't wanna complain too much about the suffocate-me-with-piles-of-responsibility-to-me,instead I should thank God that I can serve Him more than just a PA crew.

Oh really?

Yeah,think it in a positive way...for now.

Next,the star award 2009.Not much of a upset,only things like the time limit speech buzzer and the "president star charity" lookalike performance while announcing the winner.

The time limit speech buzzer is something new.It limits the time for the winner to give their thanksgiving speech so that the show will end at the right time.Who's cock idea is this?

The "president star charity" lookalike performance?Just another creative way to present the winner.Do you REALLY need magic tricks to announce the winner?After watching the model helicopter trying to deliver the card to the announcer,the thought in my mind was: Will they send in the SOP to pass the envelope to the announcer by heli-repelling down to the stage?

Once word to describe this year's Star Award: Fanciful.

April 22, 2009

Egg-citing Race - 26th April (4 more days)

HGC Retreat - 30th April to 2nd May (8 more days)

KL Trip with company colleagues and others - 9th May to 11th May (17 more days)

Further study - ???????

Sometime I really hate the waiting game.

April 17, 2009

I just bought a new monitor today(sponsored by my brother).It was a 21.5" wide screen LG monitor.

When I got hold of the new monitor,I was like a child holding on to his new toy.I immediately setup the monitor and see how the resolution of a wide screen looked like.

I was shocked by the wideness.Even my blog looks kinda small and there was a huge wastage of space.It looks like I got to find a new blog skin that can really hold this wide screen so that it won't look ugly when I look at it.

I started to love the new monitor very much.Very sleek,very...wide.

April 16, 2009

My monitor died on me 2 days ago.At that time I was happily surfing the net for some untrustworthy wikipedia information when suddenly the monitor just went black and I smell a burning smell coming out from the monitor.

At that point of time,I had a sense of lost in myself.No DS(exchanged with Ming Keat for PSP),no PC and no net surfing.I had to find other entertainment(such as PSP and handphone)to ease the boredom.

Should I repair my monitor?It may takes a very long time for it to get repaired.The technicians takes a long time dragging the case.Should I just buy a new set instead?Maybe.I'll have to go Sim Lim Square to take a look.

Meanwhile,I'll have to update my blog through the company's computer.

April 13, 2009

Missing Word

Me: The cake sure looks nice.Can I have some?

Friend: Why don't you just cut yourself?

Me: *Slit wrist and bleed profusely*

Wonder how many of us really do made the Singlish mistake of not adding something before himself/herself/yourself/anyself?

April 10, 2009

2 weeks ago we had a wonderful dinner at Ming Keat's house.He used to boost that he can make nice dishes and what he did and how.As a half skeptical(on Ming Keat's skill)person,I decided to give it a try.

When we arrived at his place,his table was filled with 3 weird dishes.Thing I had never seen before.1st,we have the asparagus and golden pin mushroom wrapped with bacon.

Apply some gravy on it.

2nd dish: Ming Keat's creation.Golden pin mushroom with asparagus.The moment I looked at the dish I thought it was magee mee.

3rd dish: A salad-like dish with carrot.It was known to be well known food from another country.

4th dish: Came when we arrived.Cream of mushroom with...golden pin mushroom.3 dishes filled with mushroom and that's a wow.

5th dish: Main course dinner.Pasta with mushroom cream sauce and bacon.The spaghetti is rather soggy,due to the fact it was soaked for too long thanks to us.

6th dish: Potato salad.I loved putting bacon bits in it until very "gao gao"(thick).

7th dish: A dessert.Caramel jelly-like thing with condensed milk.

Dessert,or birthday cake?

Smiling with the birthday cake.

Make a wish: Canon DSLR!!!!!!!!!!!


At first the told me that they wanted to get me an Oktomat for my birthday,but they can't find it.I can't possibly blame them for all this.Firstly,it was the thought that counts.I won't want to go around begging for presents,but it's better to give lah.Ironic me.Secondly,it's very hard to find this camera.It's not those typical digital camera you can find anywhere in the city.It's a camera meant to take 8 images at period of 2 seconds.

then they presented me a present.I was shocked!

Damn they got me this time!It's the camera I'm looking for!

Finally a group photo.Dark background,un-seen-able hair.

I'll bring this toy for Good Friday to try out.Maybe people may think I got it from a mama shop.

April 05, 2009

6 days passed since my birthday and I've not been updating.Looks like I'm only doing this every weekend?

Anyway,last week was a great week for me.Firstly,my HGC celebrating my birthday.Secondly,my church friends celebrating for me and lastly,just 5 days ago,my company friends.Not trying to be a showoff here,but this is by far one of the best celebration.

Every year I always think for myself: There's a curse sealed in me that when my birthday is there,it doesn't end up well.But hey,God has never forget about you during your birthday!So lesson learned from Pastor Chee Khim(last year):Count your blessings.

I don't know what to say,but God,thank You for blessing me with friends that cares for me,rebuking me for the wrong things I've done and not to forget a wonderful HGC that has all my former HGC friends.

That's about all.Pictures of last week celebration will be coming soon.