July 26, 2009


Last Saturday a we had our own stay-cation at the Hangout hotel.This is the first time a group of us stay in a hotel which is within the area in Singapore.

I was actually very tired after all the point to point trip on that day.First of all,I didn't really had a good rest on Friday(after my ICT).Secondly,I need to go for my PA duty on Saturday.

To make things short,here's my situation:

1. Went for my PA duty from 11am till 12.30pm

2. Rush down to Douby Ghaut to meet Ming Keat and William

3. Check in at the hotel under my name,then rush back to church for choir audition.

4. Was late for my audition(3.30pm),proceed to do my PA duty.

At this point of time,my energy level is slashed by 75%.

To replenish my energy,we had a dinner at one of the restaurant around Little India.

Recommended by Ming Keat and Kelvin,it must be something good.

For starter,we had Tandoori chicken.The meat is well marinated,just that it's kinda salty.

Then we had fish head curry.Very spicy.

Last,we had chicken masala and shell-less crab.The crab meat is very addictive,just because it's nicely shredded.

Their famous filter coffee.I did have my intake of coffee in the morning.But since Ming Keat recommended this drink,I must try it.

They have a special way to process this coffee.FYou need to pour the coffee into the saucer,then back to the cup.Repeat that for 3 to 4 times.

The coffee is very sweet and creamy.I love creamy coffee,but I prefer it to be less in sugar.Anyway,it's a good drink.

Overall,I love their food,especially their special rice.It's very soft and easily digestible.

Going back to the hotel,we have Kelvin and Yan Liang to fill up their name at the counter.

The light goes out and I can't be saved.Tides I tried to swim against.

Activities on display.

Hello?Anybody here?

The room is very simple and clean looking.No TV,no fridge.Who needs them anyway.

Toilet.Alright,nothing special.

Cheers for our brotherhood!

We had a sharing session with one another.We shared our personal stuff and we actually heard quite alot from William and Ming Keat.

I shared with them my personal problem and was touched that they're willing to help me overcome this problem.Many times I shared with my friends and what I get from them is just acknowledgment.

The next day:

We went to the top floor for photo taking.The place is just full of plant.

Our group photo.It's been a long time we took a photo as a group.Ming Keat do looks different with his funny face.

Hangout Hotel is a very nice place for accommodation and chills.We booked the room at about $178 per night for 5,which is relatively cheap for a stay in Singapore.Maybe I'll recommend this place for a group gathering.

July 22, 2009

The difference between they and us.Why must it always rain on my work day?

July 18, 2009

Came back from my high key reservist training and was so tired after that.It was not due to training,but of a long waiting time during out process period.

Anyway,thank God that He had pull me through the tough training and combat shoot.If not,I won't be here typing my post.

Some of the thing I would like to share during my 2 weeks of training:

1. Tackling study and training at the same time

Going for bridging course and training simultaneously is tough.Firstly,the insufficient time to study for my exam.Secondly,the tedious cycle to get myself out of the camp(need to talk to OC,CSM and PS).But thank God I managed to study for my Principles of Accounting during my combat shoot and outfield training during my little free time that I had.

POA paper was kinda okay,it's just the balancing that gives me one hell of a headache.Anyway,it's over.Just cross my fingers and wait for the result to release.Hopefully I can get a Credit or maybe a Distinction.

2. God actually provides

I got 2 souvenirs for my in-camp training.One was a shoe bag and the other was a toiletry pouch.I didn't actually think of how should I use both of it until I realize it when I took a shower the next day.

I desperately need a toiletry pouch because the one that I currently used was in a bad condition.I searched high and low for a suitable pouch but there was none available.The one closest to it was in the form of a medic pouch.

As for the shoe bag,I always wanted a bag to contain my shoes without the use of a plastic bag.I was withdrawn from buying the shoe bag from World of Sports due to no particular reason and was surprised when they actually gave me this as a souvenir.

God,indeed works in a mysterious way.

3. Combat shoot and Instinctive Drill

Combat shoot was very scary.First of all,it's been 4 years since I've fired live rounds and my skill might be getting rusty.Secondly,the commanders are not really well trained for SAR21.

But still,the combat shoot ran rather smoothly.No people was injured during the shoot but there are people who misplaced their bayonets.Till now,I don't know who's the joker who claimed for the lost bayonet which was found by the officer.

Back to the combat shoot,I was hoping to get the marksman for the shoot because it was an easy money(of $200!).I realized that our detail have 2 Bobo shooters who brings down the overall score with more than 5 ammo left untouched.OH MY GOODNESS!

For me,I did alright for my day shoot and was shocked by my night shoot.I scored 15 and 18 for my day and night shoot respectively.I didn't expect to have scored 18 for my night shoot with 2 ammo left untouched.

We had "Iron Lady" for the last day of ICT.This is the first time I did this and the feeling was quite fun,but combat shoot was better.I did okay for the shoot(6 out of 8).Looks like I'm not really that good at doing day shoot.

4. Rambutan and Durian Session

Not really a fruit session,I get to eat the rambutans during our outfield exercise.Most of them were sour and the meat sticks onto the seed.If you want to know which rambutan is sweet,look out for the ants.

I missed the durian session because of my POA exam.Damn!I have to wait for the next year of ICT.

That's all for my ICT.No information was given for the next ICT.I really hope it won't falls on my exam period.

July 07, 2009

Came back from a nights out granted by the officer.May be going through this daily book-in/book-out everyday except for next Tuesday due to some exercise.

My third cycle is kinda boring this time.Not much of interaction between the old commanders and new troopers,perhaps no refresher training = no communication?

Anyway,I'll be going outfield next week with the old troopers next week.Hopefully,we'll be able to gain some bonding out of it.Sounds gay,but I love listening to stories from each one of them.

But then,will the OC let me go for time-off from outfield exercise to take my exam?It'll be rather tedious I would say.

July 05, 2009


Yeah sorry for the lack of updates recently.It was due to the fact that my processor fan actually spoils instead of my power supply.Really felt my heart broked when I wasted $59 for that power supply.

Alright,let's just say it's an investment to make my computer performs better okay?That old power supply is kinda...up lorry pretty soon.

I'll be going back for reservist tomorrow.This will be my third cycle and it's gonna be a 2 weeks of stay in camp.Really hope that they will release us everyday just like the previous 2 cycles.

After my reservist,I'll be going for a stay-cation with Ming Keat and the rest at Mount Emily.It was recommended by Ming Keat but I actually knew this place from Glenn.It was said to be a cozy and rather quiet area and judging from the website it looks good.

That's about all.June indeed is a boring month for me.