January 30, 2007

I decided to go for a change of style just before the Lunar New Year.With a simple hairstyle like mine,going to any hairstylist salon is easy...maybe.

To start off,I went to the salon in Jurong West,since it's a convenient area for me.Actually,I was kinda nervous when I try to book an appointment to cut my hair.I was thinking: Cut hair also need to make reservation one meh?The only situations when I made my appointment would be the dental and physiotherapy appointment.

An uncle in the early 50s attended to me.Turn off.I thought got chio bu attend to me then I can have the chance to make my conversation goes further.Oh wait,I just want to make a simple appointment.Damn it,just book the time lah.

As it was my first time booking an appointment,I was like don't know what to do.Every reservation I made has a time slot sheet that makes booking easier,somemore everything is computerized nowadays;a simple click on the mouse and you're done.In this case I was shown only a piece of paper with a simple table WITHOUT the days clearly stated.

Since Thursday I'm free,I shall put it in.Oh yes,the space where I wrote my contact did not have the word Thursday stated anywhere.Simplicity at its best.

He asked me which stylist I prefer.Well,a first timer just goes with anyone will do.Just hope you'll end up with a good one.

This is it,I'll be coming back 2 days later.Just why the hell am I so nervous?Is it because I'm thinking of the outrageous hairstyle they would make for me?Maybe.

And also 2 days later there will be 2 new staffs coming in to join us.One of them will be sitting beside me.Yes!No more loneliness!

January 29, 2007


I don't know Clara well until yesterday.

She is a cheerful girl(that's what I think lah,your may have different thinking)who likes to smile or laugh(whichever you put it),especially when I made some silly expression.My face very funny meh?!Okay lah,as long as she's happy,it's fine with me.

Pamela,Clara and I had a nice conversation over at the Prata shop.All I could say is that the standard of this store dropped tremendously.I didn't like my slow delivery Nasi Lemak very much.

Though the lunch may be a short one,I did enjoy the fellowship very much.

I felt quite bad when Clara treated me breakfast yesterday.I shall treat her back one day.

Now that she's freed from the hands of her "tigress boss" and found a new boss,I wish her all the best.To Clara,if she would have bothered to read my blog,just don't worry about your new job lah.I believed God will handle the situation well.

January 27, 2007

It was 6.30pm on Friday.I rushed down from my workplace and board the MRT to Jurong East.I was fortunate to grab a seat despite the crowd of people who are taking the train back home.

The journey was smooth at first,but when comes to the mid-journey,something rather unpleasant happened.

The little kid who was sitting opposite of me took out a bar of chocolate out of his pocket.Man,that bar looks delicious.I could see from his face that he's enjoying his snack very much.

Oh such temptation.No,Wei Liang,you need to cut down on your diet.That bar of chocolate may just add fats to your tummy.

After finishing his food,he proceeds with taking out blueberry tea from his bag.Damn!You makes me wanna buy that drink from 7 eleven.But no,that bottle of drink is high in sugar.I must endure!

When the train arrived at his station,he simply threw the chocolate wrapper on the floor,simply ignore how the people threw their glare at him.

I tell you,if I were to go crazy,I would just grab him by his neck and slam him repeatedly on the window.This kind of ill-discipline kid should not be tolerate.

Don't bother posting it to stomp.What's the point doing it when the people don't really care?Don't bother telling the kid off either,he won't even listen.

Other unpleasant thing would be the kid(rocky wannabe,when his entry to the MRT is a white "robe") playing noisily with his parents,but it's so much better than kid treating the train like his canteen.

Anyway,I'm getting used to it,especially when you had to take the train almost everyday.

January 25, 2007

Nowadays my brain is not working very well when trying to pen down entries.This results in irregular and inconsistent postings.

Is it because I've been losing touch?Let's hope not.

Maybe is there's not much of a happenings in church these few weeks.People there are in their study mode,especially for those in Polytechnics and University.

Oh speaking of University,I shall just take a chance by applying for accountancy in NTU.If that place don't accept me(fingers cross and touch the tree),I shall just settle in UOL.

Hey,hope I can meet some interesting people over there,maybe someone to be my gym buddy perhaps?Gotta choose wisely or else you'll end up working out with a gay.Hah.

Oh well,what am I crapping?

January 22, 2007


After a night of jogging,I was "delighted" to see my weight dropped from 71.5kg to 68kg.Well,this is nothing to be happy about.

Logically speaking,when you exercise,you'll lose alot of water,which will helps you to lose a weight or two.This explain the reason why there's a slight drop on my weight.

Looks like I'm cheating myself once again.

January 21, 2007

Yesterday was a great match between Liverpool and Chelsea.Ming Keat and I decided to watch the match in Robertson Quay,but was eventually changed to another place near Hotel Rendezvous,because Kelvin Lee was there.

The place sucks big time.Wet chairs,people crowding(and surrounding) the big television trying to watch the big thing,smoky environment,small leaves flying all over the place.Arrggg!!!!

Well,let's get back to the big game shall we?

few days ago when Ming Keat told me about the 2 big matches (Liverpool vs Chelsea,Arsenal vs Man U),the first thing that was on my mind immediately was Liverpool will sure lose to Chelsea.I always have the belief that Chelsea is a very strong team all the while,having the good players,strong attacking blah blah blah...

And yesterday Liverpool defeated Chelsea 2-0.All the anti-Chelsea fan in the area cheer,perhaps they're the Red Devil's fan in disguise.Poor Chelsea,the defeat has been a huge difficulty in catching up with Man U.

Hmmm...if Liverpool was to maintain this standard,they could have been a threat to Man U.But then,Liverpool is lousy at being a "guest",if you know what I mean.

[Edited 22/01/2007]: Arsenal won Man U 2-1!This stops the devils from further extend their leads to 9 points!MUHAHAHAHA......I mean,oh dear.

January 16, 2007

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Situated around the Bugis area distant away from Sim Lim Square,the flea market is a place full of old junks and items you hardly find in Singapore.

Almost everything that they sell came from those garung guni men,whom they collect and sell those stuff for a living.If I'm lucky enough,I'll be able to find my monitor that I sold to them.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The market is crowded with collectors and people trying to dig cheap stuffs.As you can see the man in yellow is William.And speaking of him,he just invest on a new camera(Panasonic Lumix FX-07) last Saturday that cost him $510!Reasonable price eh?

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Check it out!The retro looking Coke/Pepsi bottles you hardly seen in Singapore,except for Esplanade where they also sell this kind of bottle imported from other countries.

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One of the best find in the flea market would be the stamps/phone cards/coins.This seems like a paradise for collectors.

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Amulets from Thailand.As what my brother says,this kind of mass productions don't really work.

I find the LED flashlight a steal at $4 each,but I decided not to buy after looking at their quality.But $4 is cheap for this kind of torch.Maybe I'll come back here one day.

From what I've seen so far,they sell items like shoes,old toys,laptops,CDs/DVDs,collectible items,CPU processor,microscope(!),army uniforms(!!) and even helmet(!!!).Yah,so many things to list out if I were to continue.

So if you're looking for something retro,or if you're budget tight,this place is one of the best place to go.

January 15, 2007

Watched this show "Pan's Labyrinth" last Saturday with Ming Keat and Kelvin Lee.Heard from Kelvin that the review was not bad given that CNA gave them 5 stars.

It was a Spanish film about this little girl Ofelia who travelled with her mother to meet her stepfather.Near a castle where they settled on the little girl uncovered a mysterious Pan's Labyrinth and from there she's into a world of reality with a twist of fantasy.

The film portraits the cruelty of civil war,of which Captain Vidal (Ofelia's stepfather) cause the life of the innocents.The film also shows the sacrificial love of Ofelia to her stepbrother,who was chosen by the Faun to be sacrifice for the innocent blood needed for the final task.

Overall,it's a beautiful yet a tragic film of a sad ending "fairy tale".Who say fairy tales are always happily ever after?The only problem is I the trouble of understanding Spanish,so an English subtitle is a must have for everyone of us,unless you're a Spanish or language trained.I gave the show 8.5 out of 10.

January 11, 2007

1. One of the actors has a Bachelors/Masters in USA/UK.

2. The ABC(American born Chinese) will always had a hip-hop accents that goes "Yo!Whatsup?!"

3. The family/relatives/friend is a gambler who always borrow money from the main actor.

4. There must be a 2 guys/girls falling in love with a same girl/guy.

5. The little kids will always ask for fast food and ice-cream.

6. Ah Bengs and Ah Lians is easily identified by their hair colors of red,blue,green and purple.

7. The heavy rain,busy schedule or traffic jam will always prevent the couple to meet up.

8. The main actor process one or more talent.

9. The actor and actress have at least one interest in common.

10. The taxi is always there when they flag it.

11. The class rep is always a female.

12. The drama will always end with marriage in church.

13. Their chasing speed is our jogging speed.

14. The aunties gets 13 odds easier than we did.

15. It took a patient less than 1 month to recover from lost of memory/coma.

January 10, 2007

This is the new iPhone that is coming soon from Apple.The overall appeal simply attracts me.

For more infomation,go to http://www.apple.com/iphone/.This phone is known to release in US in a few months time but will only be available in Asia next year.

January 08, 2007

My life was kinda struck when all my contacts were lost in a process of formatting my handphone.

Here's how the story goes:Last Thursday when I was busy scanning some documents in my office,I took out my handphone while waiting for the scanning process to be done.I was shocked(a numb shock,by the way) upon seeing the screen display that is not functioning well.So I do what I normally did:Restart my handphone.

However,when the phone switched off and restart,it just flashed the logo 3 times and off it goes.

Panic,I rushed home to charge my handphone,hoping that the problem will be resolved.

But it didn't.

I decided to seek an advise from the Nokia Care Center tomorrow,since this is my only last resort.

The next day,when I told the help counter about my problem,she told me it was probably due to battery or hardware problem and she charged to $150 if I wish to repair.I immediately reject and told her I'll consider.$150 repair fee for this kind of phone?If I were to trade-in after repair,I'll suffer a loss.

Then I decided to search inside google for some remedy.After a minor search,I managed to find some result.It was from the Hardware Zone forum that teaches me to press 3,* and answer call button together to format my handphone.

I was hoping that once the phone finished formatting,it will get back to normal.Thank God it did!

However in the process of doing that,all the memory inside my handphone,including my contacts were all washed away.

I blame myself for not keeping a backup copy of my contacts.See lah Wei Liang,some of the important contacts,which you don't know how on Earth can you look for them,were gone.You gonna pray hard that this contact will message you or something.

That was a close shave indeed.I almost thought my handphone had obtain Nirvana,but I saved it from doing so.Now be a good handphone while I busy browsing the catalog for some Sony Ericsson offers.

January 04, 2007

Since it's the 4th day of 2007,I got to motivate myself with a target,say,a 2007 resolution.After a deep thoughts,I've made some constructive resolutions for this year.

Resolutions for 2007:

1.Pick up guitar skill.Just need to master some of the basic chords like C,D,E,G,A and their minor.It's good not to just learn to be a show off simply by playing guitar solo and when comes to playing simply song,screw up big time.

2.Reduce error in blog post.I got to check first before posting.I noticed I left out alot of missing words most of the time.Good thing I didn' commit any mistak on this paragrah.

3.Go for at least 1 trip besides Malaysia.I want to experience the air from different countries as well.

4.Better hairdo.Yeah I know I've been stuck on a same hairstyle for 23 years.

5.Make up my mind for degree courses.Accountancy?UOL or NTU or SMU or NUS?

6.Compose a song.If I were to master my guitar,composing shouldn't pose a problem.

7.Lose at least 5-8 kg.More running,swimming and gym.I want to get myself a 6-pack.

These are some of the resolution so far.Hope I can achieve at least 80% of it.

January 02, 2007

Swim Fan

Since it was my last day of holiday before I work,I decided to build up my body by going for a swim.

The swimming is crowded with people,which seems to be a norm thing during a public holiday.The majority of the swimmer would be the Bangladesh working and Malay teens and lastly the PRC(no pun intended).

It a good thing to have crowds in the pool,your eyes will be eating ice-cream all day.No joke.

However it's kind of difficult to swim in an Olympic pool filled with people.You have to be a good navigator to swim from one place to another.What spoils my day would be a bunch Indian swimmers who wore a beachwear doing "human water bomb",causing difficulties to the people who want to go for a proper swim in the people.In the end,the day is saved thanks to the lifeguard on duty.

In conclusion,it is advisable not to swim in a public pool(Including beaches in Sentosa) during public holiday.If you want to build up your body,it's good for you to go for a morning jog instead.

January 01, 2007

2007 is a year where you will start your life anew.

Will it be a year where you press the reset button and go back to how you start your 2006?

Will it be a year of peaceful settings and wonderful outcome?

Will it be a year where you'll be fruitful?

Or will it be just another normal looking year?

Let 2007 be a year of breakthrough.