January 30, 2008

I was quite surprised that Life Bookshop in Suntec had closed down.That was 2 weeks ago when I went there.

Not only Suntec,the Life Bookshop in Jurong Point closed down too.That was 1 week ago.

It's not a coincident that both the bookshops in different places had closed down.After asking William regarding this matter,I found out that the bookshop had officially closed due to poor sales.

Looks that we had 1 less choice of store to choose when comes to buying christian books and bibles.The 2 places that I can think of going will be Mount Zion and Tacman.Speaking of Mount Zion,I wonder if the store in Westmall has closed down.Maybe I should go check out one day.

January 28, 2008

Just joking.

Anyway it doesn't take me 2 weeks to get myself recovered.After talking to the pastor about it,I'm slightly recovered from my craziness.

But then,I'm still suffering from some writer's block.Wanted to do some coverage of stuff like DOTA,but I don't think 4 out of 10 readers will understand it(unless they play).I need to post my blog in a way people will understand,not spending time asking what on earth is that.

But then again,my fingers are itchy to post this.How ah?

January 22, 2008

I don't feel like blogging right now.Had been thinking quite a handful of issues which was not yet settled.

1. Jobless for almost 2 months.Send lots of resume,but no reply.Went for interview,no reply too.It may means 2 things:

A) The resume is not good enough

B) The interview was screwed up

I may have to work on more for my resume.It may be something to do with it.

2. University course fee.I went for some consultation from SMa(School of Management)regarding some engineering course offered.The fee is around $27000 for 2 years.

Even if I were to pay by installment,I'll be struggling with it.I don't want to rely too much on my parents,because they're somehow out of job.

I didn't slept well yesterday,thinking about the course fee,my job and I had to force myself to sleep around 3am.Oh shocks.

3. Insanity.The above 2 issues made me kinda go insane.Very soon.VERY SOON,the Wei Liang that you see is back to his extreme extrovert Wei Liang.I suspect I got split personality.

Maybe it'll take me 2 weeks to recover from this symptom.Meanwhile,just do whatever I can.

January 18, 2008

Went to JB with Ming Keat,Kelvin Lee and William.At first,I had a violent objection against staying one night over there,because JB is somehow famous for theft and robberies.But then,in a 3 vs 1 situation,my objection failed.

So I had to be extra careful when going there.But never fear,we have God who will protect us from all dangers.Anyway thanks for those who prayed for our safety.

For this post,I'll emphasize on food,food and more food.Yeah,thanks to food,I think I've gain a kg or 2.Okay here goes:


First off,we had our lunch at Fig & Olive in City Square.They were suggesting Manhattan Fish Market,but I strongly against it(I don't like going to the same restaurant twice in a month),so we'll have to settle over here.Phew!Wei Liang very troublesome hor?

William had a chicken chop with ice-cream-like mash potato.

Kelvin Lee had potato and vegetable salad.Super healthy choice.

Ming Keat had a steak.

I had fish and chip with cheese on top.That was $#%^!*? lots of fish and chip.I can't even finish the coleslaw.

I had my favorite guava juice...

While Ming Keat had a Mocha smoothie.Check out his big bloated belly.

For dinner,we have:


If anybody asking me about the dish,it's sambal sotong.

Fried Sambal Kang Kong.Spicy spicy.

Heavily floured(with oatwheat)crayfish.It's still the same freshness as what I had 2 years ago.

Sting ray.It's another must-order dish.

Hot Plate bean curd.I love to eat tofu.Hohoho.

Herbal chicken.I like the soup base,it's not too salty.

William with his oh-my-goodness face.

With 6 dishes and 4 person,can we finished it?

Yes we did!

What,it's still not enough?They are ordering pizza for supper?!

Pizza Hut,oh Pizza Hut,Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.

William is in a photowhore mode right now.

The 2 pizza cost only RM$25(If I remember correctly)!It's kinda small anyway.

We had Japanese food for lunch the next day.According to Ming Keat,the food there is nice.

If you're wondering where the place is,it's located at the Crystal Crown Hotel.They had another branch at City Square too.

Green tea is good for your health.

William had tempura udon noodle set.

William once again with his spastic looking face.Wah lao buay tahan.

Kelvin had a wheat noodle top with fish flake set.

I had a teriyaki chicken with handroll sushi set.

Ming Keat's one most ultimate.It's tempura don with wheat noodle set.

Last but not least,we had green tea ice-cream for desserts.

Kelvin with his electrifying look.

William is feeding the monkey Kelvin

Ming Keat helped us to a photo for the 3 of us.

Ming Keat is my godfather.Horhor.

The two protectors of the restaurant.

Overall,the food is very nice(except for the green tea ice-cream and some breakfast food).Perhap is our "the grass is greener on the other side" mentality?I don't think so.

Okay,enough of food,let's proceed on to some random photos:

The lobby of the hotel where we stayed.

Nice bed we had here...hey,what the...?

William kena squashed by Ming Keat(80kg+++)and Kelvin(50 something kg).Poor William.

We killed William,so we had to drag him out of the room to rot.

The shower room is so exposed!I like.

Bath tub.

Our air-con was so cold that even Ming Keat with thick fats can't handle it.As for us,we slept very peacefully on the bed.We are so evil!

Kelvin had a leg cramp during a game of dai dee,so we gave him some "proper treatment".

That's all for our Johor trip.I hope to go to some "relaxing" countries like Tioman Island,Kuantan or Phuket.

January 14, 2008

I have no problem with my surname.In fact,I feel proud to have such a unique surname.It's better than Chen,Lee or Lim(you can even have Chen Lee Lim as your full name!)where you can easily find it on the street.

However,sometimes having this surname may not be very good.

Take for example,today I went to IMM to shop for my shirt for my coming interview.I was about to pay for my shirts with my debit card.

The transaction was kinda slow,simply because the credit/debit electronic device had a problem with the signature part.Well,anyway that's not our main focus of the true story.

After the transaction,the counter staff looked at my debit card,smiled and said,"Thank you Mr Chee.Bye,thanks for coming."

I believe she was not doing it on purpose.I know it was supposed to be her job to be courteous to the customers.But I feel kinda insecure after that.

I should have put nickname on the debit card,like remotecarrier,so that next time she'll call me Mr Remote.

January 11, 2008

After much planning,I have finally made up some resolutions for 2008.But before that let me sum up the resolutions I've made in 2007:

1. Pick up guitar skill(failed)

Until now I have not pick up any skills,probably because I'm lazy to commit?

2. Reduce error in blog post(unchanged)

Think the mistake is still there,maybe not so obvious bah.

3. Go for at least 1 trip beside Malaysia(failed)

Due to some problem with my job here and there,it's somehow hard for me to even go Bangkok or Taiwan.As for Malaysia,I've been to KL and Muar.

4. Better hairdo (passed)

People may find it the same,but I find it way different when I woke up.Hah,the after bed effect is still the best hairdo.At least the effort counts okay?

5. Made up my mind for degree course (Passed,yet uncertain)

I made up my choice to go back to engineering.But is SIM good for me?

6. Compose a song (failed)


7. Lose at least 5-8 kg.(passed)

Before: 71.5(As of August 2006)

After: 66.5(As of 1st December 2007)

Hmm...think I've shed 5kg of fats.But after the feasting during December period,I don't dare to touch on my weighing machine.I think I've gain 2kg out of it.

That's all for 2007.Let's go on with resolutions for 2008:

1. 60% in my daily bread and quiet time

I should set a goal for myself when comes to quiet time.I confess I've not been doing my personal time with the Lord regularly.It's like stealing the time with Him to do other stuff.I hope to at least aim for that 60%.The reason why I choose 60% is because I want to start with small numbers first,then gradually improve on that.

2. Shed the love-handles

Oh the love-handles simply decrease my sex appeal.It's time to get rid of it!

3. Pick up guitar skill


4. Going overseas other than Malaysia


5. Sub 12 minutes for 2.4km,do 10 pull ups

Sub 12 minutes for 2.4km shouldn't be much problem for me.But as for 10 pull-ups,never in my army life have I did a pull-up reaching 2 digits.I want to break the number!

6. Finish 5 Novels

Other than Christian books,I've not been touching novels for don't know how many years.It's time for me to read to improve on my English.

7. Pick up archery

Something which is rather optional to achieve,because I'm sure whether if archery is a "high maintenance" sport?In simple term,expensive.

That's all for my resolutions for 2008.How about yours?

January 10, 2008

Edmund will be serving the nation tomorrow.Think time really flies,if only I can.

Okay,without further ado,I wish him all the best in his future.Edmund,if you're still reading,do aim yourself to become an officer.

If hor,Edmund went to army and becomes like this:

Junwei,can I take him?Can I?Hohoho.

January 06, 2008


Alright,I know it's very late to post this,but I have to post it still.

It's now day 6 of 2008 and thing turns out to be quite rushed.I know I have to get prepared for the better or for worse for this year,be it in my family matters,or be it in my spiritual life.

As for 2007,well,I have been through alot of ups and downs in my life(obviously!).I would say I've been through more downs than ups.Everything doesn't seems to be quite right last year,but I managed to overcome most of it.

I suddenly realized that I have not been talking much about my spiritual life to anyone for quite some time,other than my HGC leader,brothers and sisters.Thank God for their encouragement for me during the times when I become mentally emotional.

The most down point of my roller coaster ride would be the death of my grandmother.Although I may not be close to her,but during the time of her wake,I hide at home crying non-stop thinking of lots and lots of regrets.1 week later,I decided to move on and stop thinking about the regrets.I thank God for his comfort during this time.If not for Him,I may have suffered depressions.

Edmund and Eugene will be serving the nation this year.Time move so fast.When I knew them 5-6 years ago,they are still a secondary school student.Looks like I'm going to be ancient soon.

That's all the reflection so far.Will be posting my new year resolution soon.

January 04, 2008

Last Saturday I had a mini HGC Muar trip with You Seng,Yan Yi,Clara and Pamela.My father was worried that the place is flooded,and warned me not to go there.

But then,the sun is ultra strong when we went there.How about the rain?It must have been vaporize by the orange ball.

We started our journey at about 10am and we reached there around 1.30pm.It's almost a 4 hours trip there.

Before going there,we bought some colorful donuts at Dunkin' Donuts.It's actually located at Larkin(bus station).

We ordered 6 donuts.Nobody wants to try pink,yellow and green donuts eh?

It was a super long journey to Muar compared to Malacca that I went to last year,despite the fact that Muar is near to Malacca.I was glad to have my ipod with me to kill the boredom listening to some random musics.

Bus station in Muar.So old,yet so simple.

Outside the station,we saw even more simple buildings.


A cat sleeping on a chair in an awkward position.It reminds me of Oat Wheat.I wonder how is she now?

Journey to the coffee house in search for food.


The 2 bak kwa shop located side by side.One selling chicken favored while other sold pork.Anyway,their signboard do attracts the people.

We need to learn how to cross the road safely before going to other countries.

After 30-45 minutes of walk,we arrived at the coffee shop.

It's hard to find such coffee shop with all those retro poster in Singapore.

We bought some yummy otah to satisfy our hunger.

For your information,the otah is not bought from the coffee shop.We bought it before going there.

The otah tasted very different from what we eat in Singapore.You can actually eat the fresh meat out of it.And yes,it's very spicy.

To bring the heat down,we had ice kachang...

As well as 八宝汤.It just looks like 清汤 in some way.


Each of us had char kway teow which You Seng recommended.At his hometown of course he knows where the good food is.

I got to emphasize on the char kway teow,instead of having regular stuff like bean sprout,hum,fish cake and vegetable,it also have otah and some cai po in it.Very nice!Oh yah,not to mention the egg on top.

My egg yolk kinda oozed out.I'm so sad.



In the coffee shop,they also serve zi char,noodles and many other stuff.The shop looked like those that can push around kind.Maybe after the business,they have to push back the cart to their place.


Before we proceed to other places,we took a photo with the char kway teow uncle.I was forced to take a photo with them.

But then the uncle quite handsome hor?Haha.

Blue blue building.

The cars are parked in a very nice way...to disallow smooth path.

The school where You Seng used to study.How come bo lang one?

3 girls posing for the Fat Babes shop.

We went for a shopping spree(especially the girls!)at 2 of the shopping centre in Muar.Didn't took any photos there.

A series of food cart.

Another view of the food cart behind the scene.

Otah is Muar's specialty.I can see otah everywhere!

I had a fish porridge.It's basically teow chew porridge in my opinion.

Wanton Mee.The noodle tasted like those magee mee and it's very nice.


Or lua(fried oyster).Unlike normal or lua,it contains less flour and more egg.In Singapore you are like eating flour all the way.

Auntie making you teow in front of the people.

Yan Yi bought a you teow from her.Due to a minor incident,the you teow dropped on the road without her getting one bite from it.

I bought 2 box of otah at a price of RM$5 per box.Reasonable eh?

Well,that all for my day 1(and their day 0.5).I had to go back to Singapore because of some family matters.Damn,I missed the seafood and the fellowship bonding which they had after I left.Well,maybe next time we'll go there again.