February 21, 2010

Just in case people don't know that I've shifted:


December 05, 2009

I've thought of moving to a greener pastures.

No,it's not my job,but of a better place to do blogging.Maybe I'll move to Wordpress,where I can simply do a password protected blogging without people knowing all my personal stuff

This should be it.Will do a move next year.

November 01, 2009

Sylvy told me yesterday about my lack of blogging nowadays.That was during the time of our ex-TIPSian BBQ session.And yes,we did had a wonderful time catching up with one another updating the current self situations.

It's time for me to get back to my blogging business.

As you have noticed,I have not been blogging for the month of October,reason is because the lack of mood to blog.Facebook may be one thing,but there will be time I will stopped playing because it's getting nowhere.

Facebook may cause a lost of your social life and behavior.Period.

So therefore,in order to cut down on Facebook,it's better to do blogging and meet up with friends for coffee session.

There are quite a number of things I want to blog,that would be:

1. Church Retreat

2. Combined birthday of Elvin and Raymond

3. HGC Special

Maybe I should just tackle the retreat part on one of this week.I'm kinda busy with things this week(Tuesday and Wednesday Rally rehearsal,Thursday prayer meeting,Friday to Sunday Actual Rally).

Does it mean that I have only Monday to catch my breath?!Oh shocks!

September 23, 2009

For many months,Wei Liang has been away from the World.

Until now,Wei Liang is trying to come back to the World,but he's stuck in his World.

So how do Wei Liang come back from his World?Probably to do some room tidying,housekeeping and spend some time with his family and friends and less time with his bloody Facebook.

Yeah,this should be his way.It's time for him to meet his friends for supper till the midnight!

September 13, 2009

So Why?

Aren't you blogging?

I must admit,facebook is way too addictive.I must try to restrict myself from playing too much of the games and applications inside this website.

But frankly speaking,facebook instead of becoming a place of community and expending a social circle of friends,it became a place of fun and games whereby you make friends just because you want to expend your mafias,vampire friends or whatsoever.

So what is the real purpose of facebook?What makes it different from friendster we used to have?

Anyway just to keep you people update:

1. I finished my Army half marathon 1 month ago and the feeling is super tiring.I short-circuited my handphone(and it was back again by buying another new set of battery),having some kind of painful abrasion around my you-know-where and my leg is kinda un-walkable the next day.

I didn't managed to take part in the Standard Chartered run this year due to budget constrain,which mean I've only achieve 50% of one of my New Year Resolution.

2. My camera went hay-wired 2 weeks after the Army Half Marathon.When I tried to take a picture,the camera gave a beep sound and the focusing lens is unable to retract back to its original position.After several minutes of troubleshooting,I finally made it retract.

However,this camera is unfit for shooting.Think I have to take this to the service centre before my brother went mad seeing the faulty camera.

3. August is a really bad month for me.Every single misfortune is caused by water.Rainy days to be exact.

4. Indeed God provides.I wanted badly a guitar to practice playing with it(if I have the time)and behold!A guitar rested gently inside my parent's bedroom.I has only 5 strings and it requires a fine tuning.Perhaps William can help me or something.

5. 1 down 11 to go.If you know what I'm saying.

6. Oh when do we get to celebrate Elvin and Raymond's birthday?Waiting for Glenn to come back?

That's all for now.For those who want to get more updates about me,do check out my facebook or twitter.

August 23, 2009

Have not been doing some online t-shirt shopping recently because either the shirt is expensive or the design is not appealing to me.

It was until I saw this design few weeks ago and I decided to buy this t-shirt.The cute mischievous Mr Fox!

Actually I do love fox,I love all sorts of furry cuddly animal,that will include wombat as well.If I have a chance to go Australia,I would like to hug the wombat.

Let see if I could get the 10th t-shirt before the end of 2009.

August 08, 2009

Sorry people that I neglected my blog once again.It was due to the fact that I'm busy hooking on to my facebook playing Mafia War,Farmville,Pet Society and going for my bridging course and taking my exam.

You know,ever since I'm having bridging lesson,my time duration at home has been shorted.Even if there's no lesson during the weekend,I was tight with all my church activities and other stuff.

Oh yeah,going for the SAFRA run next week.Another weekend gone.

Swimming?That was like 2 months ago.

Oh crap,I miss my breakfast around my area.The Tiong Bahru curry puff,the bee hoon and the fried carrot cake.

I seriously need a break from all these thing.I need a deep sleep from 11pm until 11am.Arrrggggg!!!!!!

Study may cause you to stress and makes you looked old.That is why I need to take care of my health.

But then,I got people telling me that I looked young.This means that I actually preserve my beautylooks.

Perhaps,all the ex-TIPSian looks young.That will include Junwei and......me?

More photos coming soon!