August 08, 2009

Sorry people that I neglected my blog once again.It was due to the fact that I'm busy hooking on to my facebook playing Mafia War,Farmville,Pet Society and going for my bridging course and taking my exam.

You know,ever since I'm having bridging lesson,my time duration at home has been shorted.Even if there's no lesson during the weekend,I was tight with all my church activities and other stuff.

Oh yeah,going for the SAFRA run next week.Another weekend gone.

Swimming?That was like 2 months ago.

Oh crap,I miss my breakfast around my area.The Tiong Bahru curry puff,the bee hoon and the fried carrot cake.

I seriously need a break from all these thing.I need a deep sleep from 11pm until 11am.Arrrggggg!!!!!!

Study may cause you to stress and makes you looked old.That is why I need to take care of my health.

But then,I got people telling me that I looked young.This means that I actually preserve my beautylooks.

Perhaps,all the ex-TIPSian looks young.That will include Junwei

More photos coming soon!