November 01, 2009

Going For The Mood

Sylvy told me yesterday about my lack of blogging nowadays.That was during the time of our ex-TIPSian BBQ session.And yes,we did had a wonderful time catching up with one another updating the current self situations.

It's time for me to get back to my blogging business.

As you have noticed,I have not been blogging for the month of October,reason is because the lack of mood to blog.Facebook may be one thing,but there will be time I will stopped playing because it's getting nowhere.

Facebook may cause a lost of your social life and behavior.Period.

So therefore,in order to cut down on Facebook,it's better to do blogging and meet up with friends for coffee session.

There are quite a number of things I want to blog,that would be:

1. Church Retreat

2. Combined birthday of Elvin and Raymond

3. HGC Special

Maybe I should just tackle the retreat part on one of this week.I'm kinda busy with things this week(Tuesday and Wednesday Rally rehearsal,Thursday prayer meeting,Friday to Sunday Actual Rally).

Does it mean that I have only Monday to catch my breath?!Oh shocks!